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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snuggie Sutra - don't Freeze Yer Bits

I'm going to be on a local news station next week talking about the Freeze Yer Buns Challenge, and I was preparing some information for them to make graphs and whatnot when I stumbled upon this really funny website, The Snuggie Sutra.

For those of you who are lowering your thermostat to save money this winter and to reduce your carbon footprint, you may have run across problems when it comes to getting it on. Given the fact that the ambient air temperature in your bedroom may be a bit too nippy when you're fully naked, the author of this site has come up with some suggestions of how to work your Snuggie into your lovemaking. In other words, it's the Kama Sutra, but with Snuggies.

Now, I'm in no way promoting the Snuggie given the fact that it's a totally unsustainable product and, from what I've heard, really poorly made, but if it keeps you warm enough to lower your thermostat, then go for it! If you are a DIY kinda person, there are tons of patterns online for making your own

And, once you've got your Snuggie or Slanket, spend the rest of this year's Freeze Yer Buns Challenge working your way through the Snuggie Sutra. That's an order.

Image courtesy of The Snuggie Sutra

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Farmer's Daughter said...

Haha! That's great. I have to say, I keep turning out temperature down and keep on sweating at night, even kicking off blankets. I guess that's what the 3rd trimester doest to you!

At work today, I literally felt sweat dripping down my forehead as I read through the syllabus with my new forensic science students. Bet that was attractive. It's only like 70 at school, but I'm HOT!

EnviRambo said...

That pictured totally tripped me out! It's like one of those "what do you see?" pictures. Is it a rabbit wearing a stocking cap or something more sinister??? Hilarious nonetheless!

Robin said...

The picture is a girl (pink) and guy (blue) having sex using a snuggie to stay warm. The woman's legs are up in the air. You can see the woman's shoulders and arms, and legs - but only the man's head.

Pretty funny stuff. I've seen the site before AND I have a snuggie! ;)

Sandy said...

You know how LOL is overused computer-ese for Laughing Out Loud? I really am. That was great! Thanks for the giggle.

Ashley said...

OMG... makes me re-think that whole "let's give everyone a Snuggie for Christmas!" idea we had last month.

Sandy-- I have a picture of my friend literally ROFL-ing.

Robj98168 said...

Must be a nasty site- My computer here ate work is blocked from seeing it! Says it's full of sex, sexual imagery. And damn I needed to find out how to masturbate wearing a snuggie. Where so I put my hands???

Robj98168 said...

Graphs and whatnot- Must be KOMO

Greenpa said...

So the one you chose was on the table. "It's just not a holiday without stuffing."??

Ok, your true identity is revealed for all to see. I've known for a long time; but now, finally, all will know.

Her true name, folks is:

The Raunchy Chicken.

It's really obvious. You know what rhymes with "cluck"??

Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

I also was intrigued by that photo. Can cartoons look naughty? Cause that one sure does lol. Maybe they should promote safe sex with Sutra Snuggle lol.

The Nurturing Pirate said...

I don't have a Snuggie, but a Bucky HotWater Bottle, which is filled with buckwheat. I put it in the microwave, and it helps me, er, warm up. When used for that purpose, we substitute the "B" for an "F." ;-)

E said...

But what about doing a cost/benefit calculation for this?

Totally unsustainable, poorly made vs a few degrees warmer? I'll throw another piece of wood in the stove, thanks!

amanda said...

all i can do is laugh :) thanks!

Chile said...

I returned some pillows to Sears a couple of years ago and they would only give me store credit. I used it to buy a "3 in 1" softie blanket. It can work as a flat blanket or be zipped up to encase you with a place for the arms to come out and be free. (See the pics in the link.)

What's really amazed me is that it is WARM! There have been nights when I've shivered in bed under flannel sheets, 3 cotton blankets, an acrylic blanket, and a down comforter. After putting the softie blanket on top, I'm toasty warm in a couple of minutes. Seems to be well made, too.