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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sex and Sustainability seminar slides

For those of you who attended my seminar in Eugene titled Sex and Sustainability where I covered alternative menstrual products, green contraception and sustainable sex toys, I've posted the slides up on Scribd.

So, if you want to check them out you can see them here:

Sex and Sustainability

They may not make total sense without having seen the presentation, but you've got the slides for your viewing pleasure nonetheless. Since this seminar was actually filmed, I'll eventually get the video of that up on my blog once it's available.

Oh, and, the slides may be considered NSFW. But, I think they are pretty non-graphic.


Aimee said...

having just gone over some of your slides, I wondered about something. For menstrual products, I have always used OB no-applicator, 100% cotton tampons. It would be cool if they came in unbleached, organic cotton, but anyway...
how about composting them? Seems that an average sized compost bin could handle a few ounces of cotton a month.
Personally, I haven't needed any products in several years (Mirena IUD) so it hasn't been an issue.

Crunchy Chicken said...

Unfortunately, OB isn't 100% cotton (organic or otherwise). Their product ingredient list includes:

Tampon: Rayon, Cotton Fiber
Cover: Polyester/Polyethylene
String: Polypropylene, Cotton, Polyester

I suppose you could compost the Natracare ones or others that are 100% cotton, but I wouldn't want to do the same with the OB, unless the product ingredient list I stated in incorrect.

Sam said...

The entire thing was excellent! If only I had this presentation at my first sex ed class. So much early sex trouble could have been averted.

I love this statement, "best sex toys are what you already have on you."

Not that you need any suggestions, but I love that picture of a tongue from the Rolling Stones cover - for those who need a visual aid on what that could mean.