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Friday, October 17, 2008

Your favorite green blogs

When I started writing this blog, it didn't seem like there were nearly as many blogs focusing mostly on the environment, sustainable living and climate change. Since then, tons have started up.

What I'm referring to are personal blogs, written by one individual (not teams of writers - although many of those have popped up too). It's easy to get stuck in a rut and follow the same blogs and not notice all the other really good ones that are out there, either new or ones that have just not been noticed as much.

So, what are your top five or so favorite green blogs (with links)? And, again, I'm not talking about sites like Grist or Treehugger. I'm talking about personal sites.


Robj98168 said...

Besides Crunchy Chicken? Buorban Mom's Going Green blog, and Verde's Justice Desserts, as well as IB Mommy Are all blogs that are on my everyday read list- I like that they incorporate family into their writing, and their struggles to be green. And I of course I like Beth's Fake plastic Fish Cause of her campaign to be plastic free and my cat likes soots and arya. I read Melinda's One green Generation 'cause I like to learn about community.
I read a hole slew of other blogs, but peruse thes daily

Unknown said...

I enjoy green blogs that are family orientated and incorporate raising their children and possibly homesteading to boot. Ordinary folk. Possibly not obviously green but trying to be in their daily lives, much like my own blog I suppose.

These aren't all my top visits but I wanted to share perhaps less known blogs:

The number of personal green blogs out there today is fantastic to see.

Anonymous said...

When you get down to personal blogs the list is short. A Crunchy Life,, and my own, Architect at Home,

Carmen said...

I love Fake Plastic Fish and also
Nature For Kids
and Surely You Nest

ruchi said...

Fake Plastic Fish obviously.

and then a bunch of my favorite blogs morphed into one soon to be favorite blog Green Phone Both.

I also really love Ecoburban and a bunch of others but I'm getting lazy and tired of coding links!

Ashley // Our Little Apartment said...

Allie's Answers is green all the time.

Our Little Apartment is often green with a 20 something perspective. (Hey, that's me!)

Walk, Slowly, Live Wildly is often green with a faith perspective.

Annnd, that's all I got.

Erin aka Conscious Shopper said...

I'm surprised no one has mentioned No Impact Man (

I also like the previously mentioned Burbanmom, Green Bean Dreams, Fake Plastic Fish, and Allie's Answers.

And of course my own blog ( is on my everyday reading list. :)

Anonymous said...

A lot of the green blogs I follow were already mentioned...but I also like Frugal Granola -- -- I discovered this one recently, and I like her holistic take on parenting, food, being green, etc. I aspire to have a "green" blog someday, but for now I have to settle for a "trying to be green" blog, because I have so far to go! (But then again, don't we all?)

Lisa said...

In addition to a few that were already mentioned, Riana's blog is easily in my top 3 favorites (plus she gets credit for leading me to our beloved Crunchy!)

Peak Oil Hausfrau said...

I like


Anonymous said...

While I appreciate blogs that are exclusively about green living, sometimes reading nothing but tips and product reviews for going green gets a bit tedious. I love reading blogs where the green living is woven throughout the various topics, rather than always front and center.

A Homegrown Life

Angry Chicken - a biggie in the indie craft blogosphere!


The Three Little Bears said...

I have about 70 blogs I follow and almost all of them participate in green living. Take your pick!

But here are my favorites, it was hard to choose:

Anonymous said...

Besides yours? I check these out pretty regularly.

Three others I like are Green Phone Booth, Simple / Green / Frugal Co-op and The Blogging Bookworm but these have multiple authors.


Anonymous said...

I found Heather's blog by way of a comment she left here on an "alternatives to commercial deodorant" post. She and her hubby are a couple steps ahead of where we are in our greenness, and I've picked up quite a bit of useful info because of that. I love that they are in Texas (as we are) because discussions about gardens, A/C and heating, what's at the farmers' market, and the like are more in line with what my family and I are experiencing at any given time. On top of all that, I just plain ole like her blog because of her!

Theresa said...

In addition to the ones already mentioned, I like several:

There's lots of inspiration out there!

EJ said...

Throwback at Trapper Creek

Moonlight Chronicles

Sugar Mountain Farm

The Back Forty

Kim said...

A blog I really enjoy, that I don't think anyone has mentioned yet is Although they are currently taking a blog break to tend to their wedding and things such as that...

TDP said...

Down to Earth

Is one that I enjoy very much. The owner lives in Queensland, Australia and has so much practical advice on how to live a low impact lifestyle. She has a huge readership. Over half a million hits w/in one year! :0

I also read Rob's World

And since I am inching towards becoming car-free, I read carfree oriented blogs like Car Free Family Minneapolis (I used to live in Mpls so have an affinity for folks that still live there.)

Farmer's Daughter said...

In addition to the great ones already listed, my friend Jessica's blog

is an everyday read for me.

duane marcus Facebook me! said...

I just found your blog through a facebook friend. I love it and linked to it on my blog. Here are my top 3. I love that the community of green bloggers is burgeoning. We are taking back control of our lives and influencing and encouraging others to do the same. It is inspiring and educational.

GoSustaino said...

My top 5 favorites include:


Lisa said...

Don't think these have been posted-

And I hope you will check out mine as well-

Anonymous said...

many of the ones I enjoy are mentioned our carnival crowd

here are a few you may not know

i adore franke james, her thought provoking environmental essays just floor me -- she's a true original

I love amanda soule and her soule mama blog - to me she's a pictoral essay of living it - she's subtle yet passionate with her messages

her photo's are just beautiful

Seasons Eating Farm blog is about the day to day of farming - it's hard work

I just met this lovely lady and she's an inspiration -- living in dancing rabbit's eco village and a green entrepreneur

And Lill a devoted unschooler, absolutely roaringly funny - she's got a bit of a crunchy side to her

finally the brillant poetry of nadine sellers

Enjoy !!

Karen aka Mother Earth

EcoBurban said...

Only five? Of course, Crunchy you count as one, but here are five others I would have listed Green Bean, Going Green, and Surely You Nest separate, but now they count as one, so I guess I can do this:

'cause these girls are a riot, and not just for austerity either!

OK, so I sorta want to be Ruchi living in London and all, but this girl has some great green thoughts you know?

wicked recipes and great community to boot!

I love her rants, but she also has some great series on how to prepare yourself for life's many ups and downs.

who doesn't love green ideas straight from another mama?

~plantain~ said...


And you know Chile & Sharon!

Erika said...

Add another vote for Sharon...


Florence said...

If you haven't already discovered Path to Freedom, you are in for a real treat!!

Chili said...

Glad to have found all of you -- you ALL inspire me greatly. I'm just learning, so all your blogs are the best. I'm at

Greenpa said...

I'll add one: Rob Hopkin's blog:

If you're not familiar with what they're doing, take a look- Rob is the one who started The Transition Movement- and it's really, really impressive.

Chile said...

There are so many good ones that it's hard to narrow down to just five. My blogroll is pretty up to date. I tend to gravitate towards ones with solid information on "how to" do stuff to live lighter, prepare for peak oil, etc., and that's how I write as well. Others are included because the writing is so good, that I don't really care what they say!

Sharon at Casuabon's Book is the Queen of Preparation.

Frugal Veggie Mama shows how to keep it cheap with a big family and do it vegan.

Melinda at One Green Generation will get your garden going while her sweetie bakes the bread and help you build community, too.

The Peak Oil Hausfrau will make you think about your preparations and inspire you to start cooking with the sun.

Lots of other I love but I don't have time (space) to list them all here!

dixiebelle said...

Some I like to visit when I find time!

Anonymous said...

Oh just so many goodies out there! A few new finds for me that I'm thoroughly enjoying:

Jessica Monte said...

Thanks for the mention Abbie. I love Farmer's Daughter, which is a chronicle of green living with recipes, tidbits on life in general, tidbits on how a farming family continues to care for the environment generation after generation, and is also well written, informed and a pleasure to read.

Anonymous said...

I read many of the blogs already mentioned, but I just have to give a shout out to other plastic-free and zero waste bloggers:

My Zero Waste:

The Rubbish Diet:

365 Days of Trash:

Life Less Plastic:

Plastic Is Forever:

And also can I give a plug to all the bloggers who are joining the Plastic-free Posse by writing about plastic on their blogs and then labeling or tagging those posts "plastic." Right now, they're on my sidebar, but I'll be featuring them in a post very soon.

Laura said...

So many great blogs!
A few I didn't see listed that I like:
Planting Milkwood @, their videos are awesome.
In Seattle, BusChick @

I must now go add stuff to my google reader and close the bigillion windows that are open to blog pages! :D

Katie @ said...

When I decided to start a blog about establishing a home in Germany earlier this month, incorporating environmental decisions in the blog was really important to my husband and me. I know my work can't compare to any of the blogs listed, but I just wanted to share because I've started introducing this topic, one of the most important priorities in our house. My site is

Thanks to everyone for all the new reads.