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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Getting outfitted for Pioneer Week

Pioneer Week: November 3 - 10, 2008A few of you were hoping that, for Pioneer Week, I'd add in a Pioneer dress code as well. As I said before, you are more than welcome to go all out, but I figured there were many of you uninterested in that aspect of the week.

Of course, you can always use Halloween as an excuse and then, since Pioneer Week is coming up right afterwards, you might as well wear your outfit again, no?

That said, I'm here to help you get geared up for Pioneer Week. Now, there are many places you can buy pioneer style clothes, but there are also several free patterns available online if you want to make or sew your own.

If you want to assemble something from your wardrobe or from a thrift store, here are some ideas of what to put together:

  • How to Make a Pioneer Costume.
  • List of clothing patterns and information about what Pioneers wore
  • How to dress like a Pioneer woman (pdf)
  • How to dress like a Pioneer man (pdf)
  • How to dress like a Pioneer girl (pdf)

    If, however, you are handy with a needle, you can make your own authentic garments using these specific patterns:

  • How to make a Pioneer apron (pdf)
  • How to make a Pioneer sunbonnet (pdf)
  • Another Pioneer bonnet pattern
  • How to make a Pioneer shawl (pdf)
  • How to make Pioneer petticoats (pdf)

    That ought to get you started. I'll be adding a lot more information in the next two weeks on additional, authentic ways to spend Pioneer Week aside from the guidelines already listed in the original post.

    For those of you not at all interested in Pioneer Week, but are interested in canning recipes, my recipe for White Chocolate Raspberry Jam is up over on Mother Earth News if you want to check it out.

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks! I'd like to make myself an apron! Those are some great links.

    Greenpa said...

    So what about the Pioneer BOYS!?? Do they just run around bare??


    Crunchy Chicken said...

    Greenpa - probably, they didn't seem to have a specific link for them. I think if you go through the Pioneer Pack link on what the Pioneers wore page, it discusses what young men wear as well.

    Since you're our official sponsor, maybe you can tell us :)

    Greenpa said...

    Crunch- you rascal you! :-) Official sponsor, hey? When did that happen, and how?

    I'll see what we can do...

    Crunchy Chicken said...

    I'm not sure how that happened, really. But since you live in the Big Woods and all and the closest thing we got to Pioneer living, I figured you had to be listed somehow.

    How are you a sponsor? Well, you do provide the nuts.

    LatigoLiz said...

    I need suggestions on how to make a snake costume for a 5 year old! I have a few spinning in my head, but I need some more ideas please!

    Anonymous said...

    Crunchy. In honor of pioneer week, could you give some line drying tips. I do well for most of the year but the fall is troublesome. This week the temps have been hovering in the high 60s with moderate humidity (dew doesn't burn off until 9 AM and comes back down at 4:30 PM.) In the house, not dry enough nor enough heat (due to freezing our buns off). After two days, the cloth diapers still aren't dry. I had to dry them in the dryer or we would not have had any clean ones for use. Suggestions?!


    Anonymous said...

    Dude, we had pioneer week in grade 4 where we did activities and all the girls brought a lunch and it was auctioned off, and two boys had to buy my lunch 'cause it was the last one. Weird memories.