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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

She's a very sexy girl...

Photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret"...the kind printed on 10% post-consumer recycled paper!" My apologies to Rick James - the new lyrics don't exactly work.

So, I was perusing the latest installment of the Victoria's Secret catalog when, lo and behold, I see this rather large notice on the back page, next to the hot chick in the "beach sexy bikini set":

"As a values-led organization, Victoria's Secret is integrating the protection and preservation of global resources into our everyday lives..."

Hmmm. Really?

Anyway, I thought the size of the notice was somewhat odd (sorry I didn't get it scanned in for you, so you'll have to make do staring at the above picture and using your imagination) so I did some research, as I'm known to do. Turns out that since Victoria's Secret sends out millions of catalogs there has been intense pressure from groups to get them to start using recycled paper.

Thus, the recycled paper.

And, yes, I realize I'm still getting VS catalogs in the mail. But now I can feel 10% less guilty while I'm picking out some Very Sexy things.

A Crunchy Girl can still be spicy. Or rather, a Spicy Chicken.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I heard about the protests and the models in lingerie wielding chainsaws.

I wonder what the maximum post-consumer paper you can put into a glossy catalog before it doesn't look "right"?

Greenpa said...


QT said...

Well, I guess it is better than nothing but I too wonder if the % couldn't be higher?

P~ said...

.... hmm, what was that, were you saying something? sorry I didn't get a chance to read anything beyond the picture. ;)

Silly post get's silly response.

oopuy said...

I guess it's better than nothing. If every catalog company across the nation used 10% recycled paper it would be a good thing. But, then, talking like I just did is a dream. It doesn't matter what "could" be, it only matter what IS happening.

Anonymous said...

The research you linked to answered the question "why so many catalogues if you have the web?", but your link to the "Very Sexy" URL raises another question: Those panties are spectacular, especially if you look like the models, but isn't it dangerous to garden dressed like that under the solar UV and aren't you afraid of what might happen if you sit down on a fire ant colony?

Crunchy Chicken said...

rc - Ha! If you garden dressed like that, then you end up with a burnt bum like April.

Crunchy Chicken said...

rc - fire ants? Ouch. Even leaf cutter ants would be a problem methinks.

Anonymous said...

Well the very Blanco tourists arrive here at 18 degrees north in February, way beyond white or pale, more like pastey pink and that's at 10 AM, then by 6 PM you see them on the Malecon and they are crimson, look dazed and confused and you worry that they have sun poisoning type hallucinations. They probably had the VS suit on at the beach and not enough sun block.
They've been bitten by crepuscular sand fleas, but they probably have not been doing any gardening.

Anonymous said...

Lately we've had a new ant here. It's about 3/8 of an inch long {BIG}, black, bites aggressively and immediately and leaves a lot of formic acid inside and the next day you have some very nasty marks that do not leave for a month. It lives down inside the Bermuda Grass so it can sneak up on you. Last week 50 of them were up above my sock line before I noticed {no I never wear shorts in the tropics, no one in their right mind would} and the welts are impressive still a week later.
Anyone have any ideas about this? I'm going to have to use AMDRO at that location as it is a luxury villa with a large pool, and adults and children are seminude {in bathing suits} there all the time.
I'd normally use insecticidal soap, which has no actual insecticide, it's just phosphate, but I can't find the nests under the Bermuda grass without trashing the whole lawn. Amdro is hydramethylnon 1% with the other 99% inert. The product is a flake that the ants take back to the nest and chow down on, it's not a general insecticide that kills off all the lawn critters, which, if you must know, here include large amounts of tarantulas {one per square foot of lawn} and tarantula wasps. The tarantulas keep the other insects to low levels, but they seem uninterested in ants.
If anyone has suggestions about other products THAT WORK, and not just knee jerk reactions to my use of a toxic substance, please enlighten me. If your child was bitten by these ants, you would be upset no one had done anything about them.
By the way, this morning as I left the house in the deep woods to head to the office in town, bees swarmed and invaded --they do that in May.
When I get home I will have to smoke the bees out of the house.
It's always something in Low Impact Land.

Anonymous said...

I smoked out the bees, couldn't find an actual queen or the beginnings of a hive though, kind of mysterious. This is the month they swarm though, so maybe this was a group of bees that got lost from the big swarm.
I am serious about my question about ant control when the nests cannot be easily located. I would like to hear any ideas.

Isle Dance said...

Great way to eliminate the catalogs: