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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Dental makeover

Eco-DenTNo, nothing cosmetic. I'm talking about our dental products here.

I was at my favorite co-op store getting a few things and ran across some ecologically sound dental products made by Eco-DenT. I've been wanting to get a recyclable toothbrush (where you mail back the toothbrush for recycling) for a while now, but the fuel costs turned me off (see "Lone Ranger" Recycling for more info).

The Eco-DenT toothbrush has a replaceable head which is an improvement as you are only throwing out essentially the bristles and a tiny bit o' plastic. They even have kid sizes.

In addition, I picked up some Eco-DenT tooth floss. It's packaged in a recyclable cardboard box of sorts, so no more throwing away so many of those non-recyclable plastic boxes. Plus there's really no extra packaging except a little piece of cardboard at the top that you tear off.

I wish that the major brands of dental floss would offer a cardboard alternative. I like Eco-DenT enough, it has some other happy features too (like the wax is vegan if that matters to you), but it would be nice to have other choices. And its not like the technology to switch to paper is so hard.

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Miss Kris said...

Have you tried the Preserve line of goods? I've been using their toothbrush for some time now. I love that the packaging it comes in is reusable as a travel case and you can send the whole bundle back to them to be recycled. I just spotted the razors at Whole Foods so I'm going to give those a try.

Too bad they don't do dental floss!