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Friday, May 18, 2007

Toilet seat covers

I wish I brought my Urinelle!A friend recently asked me if I used those little paper toilet seat covers or if there were some ecological alternative that I knew about.

Depending on the restroom, I'll either use the paper seat cover, hover or go bareback. But it got me thinking, was there an industry for take-along handsewn fleece toilet seat covers made by SAHMs? I know you can buy disposable covers for your kids, so I went on a search. And lo and behold, I found a reusable one (it's not fleece, mind you).

In the process I came across an article discussing the merits of even using the paper covers. They state that the seat covers really only mentally separate your backside from those that have visited before you and that you have more to fear from the door handles and faucets than from the toilet seat.

Another thing I found which is, alas, also disposable is the Urinelle (this one's for women only). Please do make sure you watch the video, I don't know where they found the actress for this one. Due to it's disposable nature, I can't exactly recommend it, even though the marketing for it is quite entertaining.

In spite of a few other products out there I can't really find any suitable environmentally friendly alternative that isn't a pain in the ass to carry around and use. So, I can only suggest that you skip the paper seat covers and save some resources. If the seat is too disgusting, then work on your quadriceps and hover.

Here's a tip for those of you who hover and have terrible aim... lift the seat up (you won't be needing it anyway), do your business and put it back down. That way you won't leave a damp seat for the next person who may choose to ride it bareback.

[I just now noticed this pattern of Friday's posts seem to involve women with their underwear around their ankles. I'm sure some of you don't mind, however... but, what will I come up with next week?]


Anonymous said...

Years ago, I read an article about how women could urinate standing up. I never could get the hang of it, but if others want to try, here's the website:

Oldnovice said...

I can't pee standing up, either, but I really hate to sit on someone else's pee because they couldn't control their flow and didn't want to sit on the damn seat.

Sit on it! There's pretty much NOTHING that can be transferred to your body from the remnants of someone else (as much as I hate to feel yourpee on my butt cheeks).

I came over here to announce that my No. 1 daughter actually expressed an interest in that diva cup concept you mentioned earlier. She's thinking that she might not want to use it when she goes to work, but that if she uses it only 50% of the time...

I'm post-menopausal, so can't recommend based on experience, but options are options, right?

oopuy said...

Crunchy, the irony! Just two days ago I was wondering about those damn paper covers. They're so thin they can't really do anything and it's a waste...use a big piece of paper for a minute or less and it's gone. Let's work out those quads through the squat over the seat. It's like yoga... :)

April said...

I hover because I don't want my arse to touch the seat....surely you don't expect my hand to touch the seat....puhleeeeease!

Marieke said...

My legs are too short to hover. I'll have to think about whether or not I'm ready to stop using paper covers. I generally wipe the seat down with a little TP if it

Christy said...

Many studies have been done showing that there are very few germs on a toilet seat. Elevator buttons have many, many more germs. I teach college biology and every semester the students swab different areas of the building to see which will grow the most bacteria. Toilet seats always grow the least, elevator buttons always grow the most. Just sit on the seat, even if there are germs on the seat they aren't going to crawl up your anus and infect you!

Crunchy Chicken said...

oh man, you guys sure do paint a pretty picture!

Anonymous said...

Stunned! However, I think I will be making a purchase from your suggested shopping site, for my mother. (I hover). She buys her own paper seat covers because they aren't always available, and she has terrible knee problems to do the hover-thing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Crunchy - I watched the video of the 'paper penis' That was probably one of the best laughs I've had this week -
As for me - I'll hover - or hold it till I get home!!