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Thursday, May 31, 2007

iChicken accomodations

EgluHoly chicken, the Eglu is finally available in the U.S. I've had my eye on this thing for a couple years now, but it was only available in the U.K. Not that I have any chickens, and we've recently moved to a house in a neighborhood where the covenants prevent us from owning the 3 chickens that the rest of Seattlites can own.

iMac or Eglu?Either way, I wanted to let all of you urban and suburban chicken lovers know that this is a pretty tidy little operation for keeping your chickens. It's fairly expensive and I'm sure you super chicken owners out there will scoff at the design, but for those cramped for space but still want chickens, it seems pretty viable to me. This is, apparently, the iMac for chickens.

So, if you're a Crunchy Chicken interested in sustainability and want to raise your own chickens, but didn't think you had the space for it, you might want to check it out. If you're looking for more spacious accomodations, you can get some chicken coop plans as well as other pre-fab options.

And one day, perhaps the manufacturer will make the high end Eglu Cube available in the U.S. too.

Looking for chicks?


Anonymous said...

I think you can also use the Eglu for housing rabbits too.

I'd love to get one of those and keep a couple of Bantam chickens in it.

April said...

What the hell is that thing? That ain't no coop, my chickens would peck each other to death in that little thing. What? Not everyone builds their chickens a coop equivalent to The Ritz? No? Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

That is one tiny little coop set-up! When we had chickens, they had luxury accomodations, not a little igloo.

I know you're busy with the Low Impact Week preparations, but Alina snuck out of her Environmental Closet to tag me with a '7 random facts about yourself' meme. Now I'm spreading the joy and tagging you! Come on over to my site for the details.

Innisfree said...

Personally I love the look of the Eglu, but the price tag is outrageous. I have trouble believing they sell many. BTW they are meant for city dwellers who have one or two small birds and come with a wire frame run I believe.

Anonymous said...

Check it out a truly nice backyard mini coop "The City Biddy Hen House".
Easy building plans and reasonably cost too!

Come on Innisfree! You can get those hens!

No matter what. Having your own hens is GREAT! Fresh organic eggs, lawn insect control and a cool pet to boot! Eat locally and grow your own!