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For those of you not following me on Facebook, as of the Summer of 2019 I've moved to Central WA, to a tiny mountain town of less than 1,000 people.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Travel and carbon comparison

Ahoy matey, we're settin' sail!We're taking a little family trip for spring break. Nothing too spectacular, the destination is relatively close to us. Well, if about 300 miles is close.

I got to thinking about the impact of flying versus driving. We'll be driving in our Honda. I just looked up the gas mileage on our car and it's a paltry 25 MPG. I won't be employing any of the fancy mileage increasing techniques of the hypermilers so I guess 25 it is.

According to the carbon footprint calculator (which doesn't take into consideration make and model), our drive will output about 100 kg of CO2. However, if we were to fly, it would be more like 300 kg of CO2.

So, although I feel bad about our low MPG, it's better than flying. And since we haven't taken a vacation in a year, I guess it's not too bad.

So, in the spirit of poll week...

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QT said...

I wish I could have checked motorcycle, but it will be a car trip. I have a Subaru Legacy, I think my MPG is close to yours.