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Monday, April 9, 2007

Federal tax credits for energy efficiency

Energy StarYes, folks, it's that time o' year again. Time for your date with the tax man (or tax program or online tax preparation or whatever you prefer).

I'm sure many of you have already filed, but if you haven't, don't forget to include any purchases that qualify for a federal tax credit for energy efficiency.

First, let me state that I am in no way a tax expert nor am I related to one, so please consult someone who knows better. That said, there are a few things you can claim:

*Home improvements, including adding insulation, replacement windows, exterior doors, metal roofing, water heaters, and some heating/cooling systems
*Efficient car purchase, including hybrid, diesel, battery-electric, alternative fuel and fuel cell vehicles
*Solar energy systems, including solar water heating and photovoltaic systems
*Fuel cells - nuff said

For more information on what you can claim, visit the Energy Star site.

So don't say I didn't try to help you save money on your taxes, mkay?

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