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Friday, April 13, 2007

Ta-Ta Tuesday (warning: silly post)

I know this really has nothing to do with gardening or sustainability or, really, anything of substance, but I feel compelled to share this engaging story with my readers.

BJ & the BearAs we were driving down I-5 in a more rural area of Washington State we came up behind an 18 wheeler truck. The kind that BJ McKay and his best friend Bear would be hauling along in.

But, on the back of this truck were two large white sheets of paper taped onto the doors.

On the first sheet was scrawled:

Be a flirt
Lift your shirt

And on the second sheet, in equally fine penmanship, was written (as if Bear had done it himself from the passenger's side):

Now, after I recovered from my mixture of semi-amusement/disgust I asked my husband if he saw the signs as well. Since he was diligently paying attention to the road, he merely stated "isn't that one of those race car carrying trucks?" Now, I have no idea how my husband, whose only exposure to NASCAR is "Talladega Nights", would know this, but sure enough as we were passing the truck, emblazoned on the side was the big NASCAR emblem.

Of course, if Greg Evigan (ca. 1979) were actually driving this truck he may have gotten a little more Ta-Ta action. But the dude? The creepy 50ish dude driving this truck? Ick. And, he was spending an unsafe amount of time looking in his side mirror to see if any passing vehicles were Ta-Ta enabled. And I know this because his mirror was about the size of our car and I could readily see him checking.

As we passed I merely ignored him, but if I had my faculties about me, as well as a large pad and art supplies, I would have painted him a nice watercolor of a pair of drooping 80-year-old Ta-Tas to hold up to the window for his viewing.

All this led me to wonder, what did he do for the rest of the week? Was there a "Melons Monday" and "Whoppers Wednesday"? Did he branch out with:

Be a dear
Show your rear

Or how about a seasonally inspired:
Happy Easter
Flash your keister

And, since this is Poll Madness Week, I shall finish this ridiculous post with the following poll:


QT said...

OMG - This made me laugh out loud. I have seen similar signs and it is always some creepy dude that has them on his truck. YUCK!

Thanks for the laugh this morning!

Anonymous said...

No, I wouldn't really "dart" him, but I would wish to. Really I would ignore him and fume quietly. Which movie was it where the woman shot the guy's gas-filled tanker truck and it blew up into a mushroom cloud - Thelma and Louise???