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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Whatcha plantin? - April 28th

Things are slowing down for me planting-wise as I've already got most of my veggies in the ground for now (see sidebar "In the garden..." for an exhaustive list). If the weather cooperates I may plant:

*Black Beauty zucchini

How about you guys? Has the weather improved enough to start planting?

I'd also like to plant some fruit trees, so I'm doing some research on that, but I won't be buying anything anytime soon. I'll keep you posted on any forays I have into the apple or pear world.


QT said...

Still no planting for me, but I am starting to see signs of life outside. A few tulips bloomed in spite of our late snow. And I have some seedlings started inside - tomatoes, hot peppers, basil.

Eva said...

I've been researching fruit trees too. I'd really like to have a Rainier Cherry Tree, and some type of peach. Trying to decide on one that will grow in region. And... finding a nice spot to plant. What would you like to plant?

Sandy said...

I have my tomatoes planted, and some radishes. I have to prepare another raised bed for lettuces, and it is still to early to find eggplant starts in the Portland area.

Chile said...

I tend to kill plants, not on purpose of course, but my plant starts from the CSA seem to be thriving so far. (2 weeks and counting...) We've got 2 heirloom tomatoes, Thai eggplant, and a "mystery melon". The CSA basil has also now officially survived for a month in my care! I hope to get some seeds for microgreens planted indoors soon. Too hot in Arizona to plant them outside now.

Bryan West said...

It is truly planting time here (northern Australia). We're coming into winter with warm days and cool nights and no rain means almost the most productive time of year. Corn, tomatoes, beans and capsicums, zucchinis, herbs, chinese greens,'s either all in or will be by the end of this week.
Thanks for your blog, by the way, most enjoyable and motivating - such as to transplant the seedlings that are bursting from their trays..