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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Y tu madre tambien

Although no one has accused me today of having balls, like Sharon, it could certainly be applicable.

My Mother's Day was quite uneventful. Since I have given my husband strict instructions not to get me anything, there wasn't a whole lot of wiggle room there.

I made dinner for everyone. Well, it was more breakfast than anything - corn waffles with lavender whipped cream. My husband spent most of the day at the clinic going back and forth for labs, a clinic and a platelet transfusion. His second this weekend. At least it wasn't the marathon blood transfusion like on Friday (10:00 am to 8:00 pm). He is in an incredible amount of pain which doesn't exactly make it much better.

So, I can't say this has been the best Mother's Day, but at least I have my kids around me. My Mom, on the other hand, is being entertained by my brother, knowing that this weekend was going to be crazy for us.

Anyway, while all of you readers may not exactly be mothers (especially you guys out there), we all have mothers. Or, at least someone gave birth to you.

So, what's your favorite memory of your Mom?


rosiegirl said...
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Theresa said...

My best memory is food related too, although like rosiegirl I have lots to pick from. My mom always made the best lunches when we came home from school. The lunches always had a variety of things, like a tasty sandwich and then some cut up fruit and veggies and a piece of cheese, and maybe some pudding or a home made cookie or piece of Dutch "boterkoek" torte. Along with a pre-poured glass of milk. She'd pour the milk just as we'd come in the door from school, and have a tasty lunch while watching the Flintstones. Good memories!

Grad Green said...

My mother passed away almost 5 years ago, and it's hard to think of just ONE memory that's my favorite. I remember laying in bed with her eating a box of chocolates, I remember her making homemade oatmeal bread that I still can not replicate (even though I have the SAME recipe!), I remember scaring my brother with pictures from her nursing books, I remember crawling around the house playing pig... (yep... all of us!). But what really strikes me now that she is gone is that the things I miss most are the things that used to drive me crazy. Now it's hard for me to hear other people complain about their mothers because I always think -- that's what you're going to miss. My mom used to call me every day. She used to insist on good mother's day and birthday presents. She never spanked me, but she could give me a lecture so long that I wished that she would just spank me and get it over with.

I miss the calls, I miss the stress about good presents, I even miss the lectures....She was a great mom.

Robj98168 said...

I had to think... after all I have known ma my whole life! I guess it would be whenever someone would mess with her kid. Even her own sister! Talk about Bitch from hell! My ma would show her fangs and god help you if you where her target!

equa yona(Big Bear) said...

My mom was a deeply flawed person(unlike my own oerfect self) but the thing I remember with fondness was that she never judged me after I became a man. It took me nine years to get through college(night school, part time, screwin' around) and she never gave up on me. No matter what new foolishness I was into, as long as it was legal, she was supportive. I guess that's a fine memory to have of mom.

Lynnet said...

My best memory was a special trip she arranged when I was ten. I was horse-crazy, and my favorite author was Marguerite Henry, who lived in Illinois. My mom arranged a visit with Marguerite Henry, which was on the way from our home in Colorado to visit my grandmother in Rockford Illinois. My mom made me a cute skirt and vest outfit out of yellow fabric with a horse print.

I got to shake "hands" with Misty the Chincoteague pony, and meet Brighty the little burro. I had written a 3-page horse story to show Ms. Henry, and she was very gracious about that and the visit.

My mother suffered from depression, and often barely dragged herself through the days, but this time she really went all out to set up this special event I will never forget.

Crunchy--my best wishes and love to your family in the ordeal you are going through. I am praying for a good outcome from the treatment.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of and praying for you and your family, Deanna. Stay strong and hug those little ones and the big one, as well!

pink dogwood said...

One of my favorite memory is of us laying on the marble floor together one scorching summer afternoon in India, because it was too hot and that was the only way we thought we could cool down - I must be 6 then. Another memory is of when my sister and I used to come home from school and mom used to feed us, alternating between the two of us, giving us a bite of food and querying us on what went on in school. Of course we were old enough to feed ourselves, but mom feeding us was the best thing. Now, I do that with my daughters sometimes and they love it as well :)

DC said...

I remember her smile, her gentleness, her compassion, her fathomless love for her family, her courage and grace. She was a great saint who always thought of others first, even while going through unbelievably difficult life challenges that would have crushed most people. She rarely complained and never let the adversity she faced overcome her.

I can't think of just one "best" memory. Just sitting with her and talking about nothing in particular was such a joy. Just being in the room with someone who you knew loved and cared for you so much was priceless.

jenny said...

It's hard to pick one memory of my mom, but ONE of the things I love about her is that I could always tell her anything and everything and she would never judge me.

When I was 17 and I told her I was smoking pot, instead of getting mad or punishing me, she asked me why, what for, what does it do for me. So I whipped out all my "equipment" and showed her and even lit up in front of her. I remember another time when a black boy had asked me out, but I wasn't sure about interracial dating. Mom would ask me what I thought and told me that anything I do has consequences and to think about those consequences and if I was willing to accept that. Then she proceded to tell me about her own brush with interracial dating back in the 60s in DC! Wow! MY mom?

To this day, we still have a very open relationship and it is one I cherish and try to do with my own children.

Anonymous said...

I'm about to have my baby daughter anytime when my water breaks. My husband and I want to raise our daughter with the outdoors and sustainable living. Alot of memories I've had with my mom and grandmothers involved with watching them bake or cook something. I want to use all my memories from my mom and grandmothers in the garden or kitchen on my daughter to get her hands dirty by food or dirt.

Walking Green said...

My mom is wonderful. She was barely a child when she had me (17!) and my sister when she was (19!). After she and my father divorced, she worked full time and went to nursing school full time. We had help from my grandparents, but she was still there. I admire her determination and stamina. It wasn't easy caring for 2 budding teens when you have so much on your plate.

I love her because she accepts me for me and wouldn't change for anything in the world

Allison said...

My mom owns an antique shop in Maine, and I have many wonderful memories growing up and following her and my Dad thru fleamarkets, estate sales, garage sales, you name it--scrounging for that next great find!

homebrewlibrarian said...

My mom passed away in March 2004 but I hadn't lived near her in decades. Still, we had a wonderful relationship of trust.

It's not so much memories I have of her but what I miss most isn't that she was always there for me in times of trouble (which,of course, she was) but that she was my very own, personal cheering section. If something cool happened to me the first person I told was my mom and she would be so happy with me it made me giddy for days.

That she got a doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology at age 53 and became my personal professional counselor didn't hurt either. When I accepted a management position and was suddenly faced with personnel issues I'd never even dreamed of, she was there to interpret and advise.

Happy Mother's Day, Crunchy, even if a day late. Thanks for being mom for the whole Crunchy family.

Kerri in AK

Wendy said...

My mom died 11 years ago. On Mother's Day, I posted a note that she left me, out of the blue on one visit. It's just a little reminder that we all need to tell the people in our lives how very much we love them... all the time.

Happy, late, Mother's Day to you, Crunchy.

Melissa Anderson said...

I remember getting up early in the morning and joining my mom at our kitchen table to help her grade papers (she is a first grade teacher). We drank coffee and enjoyed the quiet of the morning.
I will graduate in Dec with a degree in secondary ed and I'm looking forward to sharing early morning with my kids too.

Anonymous said...

My family is a bit estranged.... so Mother's Day is on hiatus in '08. I can live with that, with different seasons in life, and having a Mom who cares as much about other days and we'll have them.

Posting now to say, Deanna, your family is in my prayers and I wish prayers could make everything right. It just doesn't seem to work that way.

kate in NY

Miss Sub said...

With the picture and that opening statement, I thought you were about to announce you were pregnant with a boy! (hence you having balls)