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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is McCain green or brown?

Campaign StumpingI really don't like to bring up politics and I generally don't. But, I keep seeing news headlines about John McCain's stance on the environment and global warming and how he's trying to reach out to the green crowd.

Yesterday, McCain was in the Seattle area and even went on a little promo hike. Ehrr.. I mean a "short nature walk". This brings a whole new meaning to the term campaign stumping. Anyway, I guess I really can't criticize since I don't see Hillary out there wobbling around on her cankles.

McCain's talk, to a group of about 100 green businesses, centered around the idea that promoting "green" business practices would be good for the economy because it will encourage ingenuity and new products.

McCain stated, "I just firmly and steadfastly reject the notion that this is going to be something that's harmful to our economy." He also stated that the wind-turbine company in Portland, OR that he visited is employing thousands of people and is "contributing to probably as clean a technology as you'll ever find."

He, apparently, spent some time haranguing the CEO of REI regarding what ideas she had towards greening up businesses, even going so far as to asking her, "What do you want me to do?" Maybe she should have suggested some more suitable hiking boots? Might I suggest some McKeen's?

So, has John McCain suddenly gone green or is he just full of shit?


Robj98168 said...

He is Full of SHIT! Cans you say BUSH to the third power? McCAIN is just deliviring the green message for the washington green vote- How did he get to Seattle FLEW in on a chartered plane... and how many SUV's drove him to North Bend from Boeing Field? I dont mean to get on a rant here and I firmly believe that no presidential candidate, Barack, Hilary or McCain really gives a ratass about the enviorment< ANd notice he wasn't talking on his views about Drilling for Oil in ALaska wilderness- Or that our dependance on oil is the cause of IRAQ War...but John McCain as the Enviormental President? Please DON'T PEE ON MY LEG AND TELL ME IT IS RAINING!

Sam said...

I don't know if McCain is green or brown (he's certainly white)...but at this point I would like a candidate to stand out somehow in anyway possible. In fact I am so sick of this mediocrity and this insistence to not stand out that I'd happily vote for Kang and/or Kodos if they decided to run.

Natural Louisville said...

I agree with Rob ... none of them seem to care about the environment enough to actually take much of a stand, especially Old Whitey.

Though if you give him time and someone tells him it's hip, Media Darling Obama might come through and at least make an empty promise.

equa yona(Big Bear) said...

According to the League of Conservation Voters
McCain's 2007 voting record on pro-environment issues was 0%
Obama 67%
Clinton 73%
While the Democrat's scores weren't perfect, and I suspect no legislators would be, they are vastly better than the right wing Republican's. This is shameless greenwash pandering on McCain's part(what a surprise). As far as the "empty promise" accusation goes, at least Obama had the prescience and courage to vote against the war in Iraq and has fulfilled his promises to his constituents with energy and intelligence. I trust that ANY Democrat would be a huge improvement as far as the environment goes.

Natural Louisville said...

When Obama shows for a Senate vote, I agree it's a vast improvement. He has my vote in November; however, on this particular green issue, I've yet to be impressed by him (or any of the others).

Greenpa said...

John McBush's outstanding ability, so far as I can tell, is his skill at FLIP-FLOPPING and not having the press call him on it. He cheerfully bends whichever way the wind is blowing at the moment.

My bumper-sticker for the coming event-
"Vote Republican in 2008!! No Flips!! Only Flops!!"


Howling Hill said...

Over the fall I saw John McCain -- and the rest of the candidates -- a number of times due to the fact that I live in New Hampshire.

McCain thinks global warming is a myth. He does not support greener initiatives. And, if I remember correctly, he likes nuclear power (same with Obama who takes money from nuclear power plant companies).

While NH Peace Action's blog is about the War in Iraq, you can see how he stands on the issues of war, terrorism, and peace. Throughout the blog, you can read about his nuclear stance, a huge environmental issue.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you would have to mention that Hillary has cankles. Is that necessary? Is that even true?

If you don't like her, don't like her, but resorting to sexist juvenile pot shots like that isn't necessary.

Kristin said...

Full of shit. No doubt about it.

DC said...

Well, at least Mccain bikes to work. You have to give him some credit for that.


Anna Marie said...

It's interesting, because I've read that he was much less of your typical republican before he started running for president; voted against his party, said un-popular things, etc. Now that green is in, he's trying to appear environmentally friendly.

He defiantly changes his behavior to win approval.

That said, I don't like any of the candidates, really. They all have their lies and short comings.

Connie said...


Chile said...

By the very nature of the process, all politicians are FOS. I interned on Capital Hill in DC as an idealistic young college graduate. I came home jaded.

Crunchy Chicken said...

Anonymous - No nothing is necessary in this post. I like the fact that you take umbrage with my allusion to cankles by responding with your own anonymous name-calling. Nice!

For the record, I was going to remove that line for the obvious reason as I would get this kind of response, but I had a truly horrible, shitty day yesterday and just felt like leaving it in. So sue me. Hillary has cankles. Neener neener!

DC said...

According to his campaign spokesman, in addition to biking to work, Mccain enjoys nurturing wildlife in his spare time. Still not green enough for ya?

Crunchy Chicken said...

Oh, DC, I'm not going to get myself into even more trouble today by mentioning what that really looks like.

Theresa said...

It's your blog Crunchy - you write what you like! Hope you have a better day today.

cheflovesbeer said...

IIRC, All three candidates have proposed cap and trade policies. It is what you do with the auction money that differs. McCain wants to give the money back to industry. Obama/Clinton want the money to be used for renewable energy and tax breaks for consumers putting in their own solar wind or hydro. I'll see if I can find a link latter.

DC said...

McCain's campaign has even taken to advertising his greenness on billboards -- though I'm not sure everyone's buying it.

I'm done now.

I hope you have a better day today, Crunch.

Crunchy Chicken said...

Fartsy, I'm sorry to inform you that McCain does in fact love nucalar energy.

Anonymous said...

My vote can be purchased with liver treats. Lots of liver treats.

TheNormalMiddle said...

I'm sorry...but if they're a politician, then they're full of shit.

Obama isn't any better, for the record. Nor Hillary. No politician is for one big reason:

When you jet-set six different cities across the country in ONE DAY on your airliners, being whisked around in one SUV after another after another, any "green" message falls on deaf ears.

When Oprah did her whole "go green!" series last year I just laughed. Here is this woman who I really like to watch---but---she owns how many houses, airplanes, and so on? She is as green as I am purple.

The real "greenies" are the folks like me and you who live NORMAL lives balancing our checkbook and thinking about tomorrow for our kids.

jayedee said...

"The real "greenies" are the folks like me and you who live NORMAL lives balancing our checkbook and thinking about tomorrow for our kids."


Anonymous said...

I don't see any name-calling in anonymous' post. Unless you mean "sexist" which is a description of your statment, not you. (You've got kids, you know that is "bad behavior" isn't the same as "bad children.")

Does she actually have cankles? She seems quite a slender lady to me, but I've been paying attention to what she says and what she does, not to her legs.

It isn't important if our next president has good legs or not. She might be a terrible choice for tons of reasons, but cankles aren't one of them. Bringing her legs into the equation *is* sexist, whether you like the term or not. (Unless you spend a lot of time looking at Obama's backside to make your voting choices?)

None of your post was "necessary," but the mention of Clinton's legs wasn't related to your point at all. Therefore, "unnecessary."

It's your blog, say what you like. And heaven knows your bad days are really terrible right now. But that doesn't mean I won't tell you that I think you've been excessive.

Greenpa said...

DC- hilarious, as always, thanks.

Regarding "all politicians are fulovit" - sure. We hope, hope, that for some of them, they can revert to sanity once elected. Sort of the way we hope appointing Supreme Court justices for life frees them from external influences. We hope.

The astonishing part is- so many theoretically sentient humans continue to BELIEVE what politicians say.

In the NYT today; there's an editorial that actually closes with this sentiment :

"Assuming that Mr. McCain and the two Democratic candidates mean what they say..."

I cracked up!! The funniest thing I've ever read in the NYT, I'm sure.

EcoBurban said...

I have to say all politicians are FOS. However, whomever has the "D" in front of their name has my vote in November. But, I do agree! Hillary has cankles - and terrible family values... So, that's why I just don't feel bad about her cankles. Really.

I agree with thenormalmiddle - true greenies are the ones writing the letters to lawmakers after tucking in their children at night, sending back filters to corporations that would rather sweep it under the rug and driving past the Kroger to support local economy and fresher veggies at the Farmer's Market. Anyone living in a 7000 sq. ft. home with a private jet and twin sub-zero refrigerators does not qualify. Find me a policitican living in a Yurt and then I will concede!

Chile said...

Sorry to burst your bubble, Greenpa, but they don't return to sanity when elected. It gets worse. Everything they do, and I mean everything, is geared towards one purpose: getting re-elected. No matter how earnest the person may have been when campaigning, no matter their intentions, that's how the game is played and if they don't play it, they're outta there.

Greenpa said...

Chile- ow, you really did get clobbered. :-)

I've worked on the Hill, too; part of an old job. So I know that for MANY politicians there, what you say is totally true. I know.

But- the other kind do exist. Right now I've got a Congressman who's so clean he squeaks. I know him, personally, and I KNOW he cares, and tries.

There ARE some- there really are.

I DO believe in fairies, I do, I do.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is a serious presidential contender has sold their soul to the devil. You just can't get there any other way. Are there some politicians who don't compromise their values and really work for what they think is best for their constituents? Sure, but they don't have the money to run for president. And they're still few and far between.

ruchi said...

I'm not an Obama fan, but he's got my vote in November for obvious reasons at this point.

But we will HAVE to hold his feet to the fire. Obama is never going to be as environmentally conscious as we need him to be. The only way we can force change through is if we make it happen.

Chile said...

Greenpa, what's sad is that I came away with this impression even though I interned for one of the most ethical people on the Hill ever and then worked for another one who is very top notch. Perhaps my impressions came more from the staff of each and the staff of others than from the congressmen themselves. A lowly intern/employee such as myself didn't get much face time with the boss. But clean? Yes, both were squeaky clean. The system is set up such that idealism can't get much headway there.

TheNormalMiddle said...

So how the hell do we elect a normal person to office?

Can it be done?

Or is the idea of a normal Joe or ane in office just a fairytale itself?

Greenpa said...

Chile- ah, staff. yeah, I can see how that would be even more depressing. Glad you had a good one to work for, anyway.

NormalMiddle- oh, boy, THAT'S a long discussion! :-)

Years ago, I read a casual statement in a science fiction novel that stuck with me- they were imagining a world where anyone who WANTED to be elected was obviously, and immediately, disqualified.

You know. That makes huge sense to me.

So how about launching a political party whose sole action is to locate good qualified individual who would NEVER run for office- but who would take the job if they had to. And do their best with it.

I think that would be pretty interesting! You could do it on a state level first. See if it could be made to work.

Any takers? :-)

Anonymous said...

It was seriously disappointing when Obama decided to support the "clean coal" power plant that was going to be built in rural Illinois, about 100mi away from me. (I was glad that the administration pulled the plug on that one, though their reasons were total BS.) Granted, the plant would have provided some jobs. It would also have brought jobs to the people who BLOW THE TOPS OFF OF MOUNTAINS TO GET TO OUR LIMITED SUPPLY OF COAL! As a senator from Illinois, he has also been less than wise about ethanol made from corn. Both the clean-coal and corn-ethanol issues really get my goat.

C'mon, folks. Walk, bike, take public transit. This is some of the best soil in the world, and they'd rather use it to fuel a car than feed people?? We have almost constant wind, but they think a windmill is uglier than a coal plant and a blasted mountain?? Obama does his own pandering, just like Clinton and McCain. But I still think he's less FOS than the others. Just less time spent playing the game so far.

Anonymous said...

Glad you wrote about politics. I love politics. Like it or not, politics (or policies) will change out environment in a large scale. So it matters.

During the election season, every candidate pander to some degree, some more than others. To me, the most reliable thing to base my vote on is not what a candidate says but his/her record.

I am going with LCV's big 0 score for McCain.

Sam said...

What is FOS?

Anonymous said...

He could always be both. Doesn't make him a good candidate, but it's nice to see that both sides feel the pressure to at least act green... oh yeah, and I have to agree that I can't stand Hillary's racism and dirty tricks but "cankles" was just mean!

equa yona(Big Bear) said...

"The real "greenies" are the folks like me and you who live NORMAL lives balancing our checkbook and thinking about tomorrow for our kids."
Since we are starting the 'green purity' club, I vote for the folks who live in communes and share vehicles, grow there own organic veggies and live lightly. Or Amish folk! Me,I can't judge people running for president because I do what I need to do to get by, I drive a car, heat a private house. Wat they need to dois get elected in this sick and fucked up society. That includes an obscene amount of travel by air and making compromises with some evil shit heads. All this to say that 'green' is as relative and ephemeral a term as 'rich'(do you have an extra can of beans? You are rich to someone living near to you) so I don't personally care to adopt a holier than thou in determining who is green. But you have a good time if you like.

DC said...

"What is FOS?"

The majority of politicians (particularly those I don't like), most of Corporate America, a few of my relatives, some of my comments, and a bunch of other stuff that would take up way too much time, space and energy to list.

Or was your question some sort of deeply philosophical zen koan like, "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" If that was how you intended it, I'll say, "What, Grasshopper, is not FOS?"

DC said...

Two more things to add to the FOS list, Beany: Greenpa’s potty mansion and
some of Chile’s buckets -- though hopefully not the ones she’s using as a bed frame.

I don't know how I could have overlooked those.


Sam said...

DC: Ha! Ha! That was too funny!

I should have thought to check the urban dictionary.

I was honestly curious about what in the world FOS was. Yoda has killed any desire for me to come up with zen koans.

TheNormalMiddle said...

Equa, you can be as condescending as you want to be (which is kind of funny---being condescending is a form of holier-than-thou-ness in itself, really) The truth is, there are more green "average joes" than there are green celebrities, politicians, and rich folks. Hell, there are a ton of people out there who are green and don't even know it. They can't afford throw away plastic plates and they can't afford a car, so they walk to work, or what have you. I'm by far one of the least green greenies in this world, but I do what I can, and I can assure you it is NOT jet-setting on my fleet of private jets, yachts, homes, and such. It is simply getting by and trying to have something worth having left here for my great-grands one day.

Sometimes truth is holier than thou. It isn't always pretty or philosophical or zen. It is what it is. Speaking truth isn't always a judgement game, either.

And really, when you get down to it----it all depends on what each of us define as green. Are Obama, McCain, Hillary green enough? Some would say yes, others no.

Robj98168 said...

"So how the hell do we elect a normal person to office?

Can it be done?

Robj98168 said...

"So how the hell do we elect a normal person to office?

Can it be done?

No I am afraid it cannot be done- Look at the facts:
McCain- Wants to be president because it is his turn
Clinton- Wants to be president because Bill was and it is her turn
Obama- Wants to be president because It is someone else's trun
Nader- wants to be president because It should finally be his turn after running 3 times

I really doubt that anyone who wants to do that job should be elected to it as they obviuosly have delusions that they are qualified to do it and they will fall short. Of course I am probably just bitter because I lost the 8th grade Presidential Race in junior high.

equa yona(Big Bear) said...

"And really, when you get down to it----it all depends on what each of us define as green."
Uh, that was my point.

Natural Louisville said...

Like the saying goes, politics is just show business for ugly people.

Sorry, I had to throw that in, just for a cheap laugh.

BTW, speaking of attractiveness, Obama is being criticized for calling some reporter "sweetie" ... he can call me sweetie anytime, unowatImsayin?

Robj98168 said...

Obmama called some reporter Sweetie? He must of been thinking of Hilary!

Okay I am done now!

Anonymous said...

Politics aside, what struck me is McCain's apparent attitude that supporting green businesses will be "good for the economy". There is nothing Green about an economy that requires, by definition, that we consume more and more each year. We cannot buy our way to a healthier planet.

Michelle said...

FYI, do a bit of homework on George Bush's house in Crawford, TX and you will find it very enviornmentally friendly! What can I say, I'm a Rush Baby and I love Bush! Just had to say that because I know most of the comments are anti Bush, and he desrves a little loving from a conservative, yet still crunchy, girl!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm not from around here... what are cankles?

Allison said...

Boy, bringing up politics can really get people going. I won't let anyone know if I am red or blue but I do try to be green. Ha Ha!

FOS= Full of Shit

Cankles= chubby ankles

Anonymous said...

Thanks Allison, glad I don't have them, ahem.

Whoever becomes the president of the USA has a huge effect on the rest of the world, especially little old Britain - who is our spineless leaders going to toady up to next?

surely anyone is going to be better than dubya though?

Anonymous said...

Michelle, I do have to quibble with you about Bush. Most of the actions that he has taken while in office FAR outweigh any environmental friendliness on his ranch.

In some ways, his ranch is just a sham to make him look more like a real Texas man, rather than the son of extremely rich, established New England families. He purchased the ranch shortly before declaring that he would run for president, and was careful to make sure that the word "ranch" was all over the news while he ran. It was all about image. Hardly about going back to the earth in any meaningful way.

Michelle said...


I consider the whole man when I give him my support, not just his environmental stances. And Bush is a top notch conservative, as am I, as well as a Texan, as am I. Yes, he did attend schools in New England, but his family is from Midland/Odessa, Texas. And we Texas do love our own! I just had to give him some loving, because I knew he was going to have people hate on him, people have such an unreasonable hatred of him, like he controls everything, which is just not the case, anyone who has studied the checks and balances in government knows this. You may disagree with his policies (and you have the right to thanks to our military), but there is no reason to hate, not just dislike but hate, such a God fearing man. He is a good person, like him or not. It's plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

I too was sad to see crunchy chicken say that Clinton has cankles. There was no reason to say it. I love this blog, but now I don't know if I will read it any longer. I'm not old enough to vote, but I am old enough to see how much the beauty myth has brainwashed us all, even the awesome CC.

Chile said...

You know, I'm amazed that people are getting so bent out of shape by one stray comment that Crunchy made. For goodness sake, people, you try dealing with this and meet everyone else's expectations of you, too. My guess is very, very few of you have experienced terminal illness and death of a very close loved one (other than perhaps a parent and I suspect many of you are young enough that's not happened either). So, give her a break. She's human.

Lee said...

Doesn't really matter whether he's green or brown does it?

All we know is that, like so many others before him, he'll have a 'green awakening' (can anyone say 'Al Gore'?) the moment he leaves office.

Pity none of these guys ever seem to remember the environment while they actually have the power to do anything.

I'm afraid it is up to the Crunchy Chickens of this world to make a difference. Come on guys, let's all cluck together, and forget the political scum that has risen to the surface once more!