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Friday, November 7, 2008

Pioneer Week update and a car accident

Pioneer Week: November 3 - 10, 2008How's Pioneer Week going for you all? It's been a mixed bag around the Crunchy house. Monday started off particularly crazy since I ended up sitting in traffic for an hour longer than normal since someone decided to jump off of a bridge on my route to work.

But, we've been eating homemade meals. I made a fantabulous stuffed manicotti made with homemade ricotta, handmade pasta and sauce. We also are working our way through some soups I made a few weeks ago and froze, one made with home grown pumpkin puree and one made with a carcass and meat from a chicken I roasted plus a bunch of random things we had in the fridge and cabinet.

My husband has been baking like crazy (he's a tad bored at home) and made a bright blue pound cake for election night. I also made some homemade sour cream and we are still working our way through the pumpkin muffins and pumpkin pie my husband baked late last week.

For the energy business, I've been chasing the kids around turning off the lights and keeping the space heater on low. It's been a little balmier around the house lately, so I haven't really been cold, plus I've been bundled up like crazy. My husband's ability to moderate his own body temperature was screwed up during his last stem cell transplant, so he's been colder than normal. I'm trying not to freeze him out, but mostly he's got the heat cranked so I'm sweating my buns off.

Water conservation is going okay. I can't say I'm taking shorter showers - somehow I step onto the event horizon of a black hole when I go in there, because I swear I'm not in there as long as my watch tells me I am. I really need to set an alarm.

The transportation element isn't going great, mostly because I have to drive to work, we have so many medical appointments to go to, and traffic to sit in. But, that said, I have taken no extra car trips this week beyond the "necessary" ones.

Entertainment. I watched TV during election night but the rest of the week it's been games and reading with the kids. Of course, you could count my Internet usage as entertainment, but I've been so tired, I've been going to bed really early and not even getting much personal reading time in. I swear the pile of books by my bedside is going to smother me in my sleep if I don't start giving it some of my attention.

Buy nothing: I haven't purchased anything this week except for food items. But that's usually how it goes around here.

Hopefully the rest of Pioneer Week shapes up nicely!

How 'bout you guys?

[Update: My son and I were in a car accident last night. I think the car will be totalled, so there will be a whole lot less driving going on around here. We are okay, but the dingbat that caused the accident was uninsured. Nice. Like we need more crap going on, financially and otherwise. My poor little high gas mileage Civic...]

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Jenette said...

Sorry to hear about the car accident. I have traded in Pioneer Week and decided to take the Cloth Wipe Challenge. I am a really bad cook ... so this is the best for all concerned :)

Anonymous said...

I hope the car mess is sorted soon and that no one was hurt.

I must start my update with

Forgive me Madam Crunchy for we have sinned....

Our pioneer week is not going well. I came home on Saturday and I had a mountain of washing waiting for me. It has rained a little too which meant I used the drier. We have had very simple meals but I have bought bread. I guess my planned participation in pioneer week went out the window. Oh well there is next week. Water saving and power saving are a way of life for us. I have been so good abotu using grey water and caught water on my plants. I dragged our fans out as it was hot here today (over 100. We don't have air con so I guess that is less energy intensive.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you aren't hurt...but that really stinks about the accident.

Thanks for posting the links to the recipe sites!!

Our pioneer week is going pretty well...except for last evening. But today is a new day! I've been leaving Pioneer Week updates on my blog to help keep me motivated!

This has been fun and a real eye opener about a lot of things!! :)

Jan said...

I am so sorry about your accident. I am glad no one got hurt. I follow your blog and wanted to comment on the "freeze your buns" off. We let the inside temp go down to 45 degrees mornings (started wood sove in the morning) before we turned the heat on. Too cold for us over 6os. However as soon as we turned on the heat (60 degrees) the temps changed and it has been in the 5os and 60s. Go figure!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Sorry that you got into an accident, we are really glad that you are okay.
I am doing well during pioneer week, the DOR on the other hand has eaten out twice this week (and it wasn't in the pasture with us!)
Have a good weekend

Anonymous said...

Best wishes sorting out the car- that is really frustrating news.

As for pioneer week. I'm not an official participant, but I made bread today for the third week in a row, and have resolved not to but supermarket bread. (Though there is a bakery not too far a way that might get increased patronage when I run out of time...).

Thank you for all of your posts.

Warm Regards,

Anonymous said...

um, by a miracle of dictionary magic, "but" in my previous post actually means "buy".

It's a very rarely used spelling for buy originating in the "I can't type to save my life" dialect of english.


Jude said...

Thank God you`re alive! May God safeguard you from harm.

Judy T said...

Hope all are well after the crash. The no insurance thing is frustrating.
Pioneer week here is going- not badly but not well. I'm having trouble weaning the family (husband included) off their usual entertainment. But the food has been fantastic.

Greenpa said...

crap. I'd guess the car accident kind of overwhelms other stuff right now. Those things are always a big emotional drain, no matter whose fault, etc. And a black hole for time, talking to the insurance people, wrecker people, finding a new car... We'll keep our fingers crossed that your insurance will actually wind up replacing your Civic for you.

hang in there. Hugs all around.

Stephanie said...

Hope you and your son are okay! Great that you're thinking positively -- that you can now do better on Pioneer Week. ;)

Jen ( said...

I'm very sorry to hear about the car accident! :(

Farmer's Daughter said...

I'm sorry to hear about the accident! Isn't it always the way, the person at fault isn't insured and you foot the bill.

I've been doing poorly with skipping TV... we only have one in the house and I can't get my husband to stop watching. I find myself drawn into it...

Other than that, we've been doing well. Avoiding excess traveling, cooking from scratch, continuing to save water and keep the heat off. It was in the 60's last night when I went to bed at 11, which is really abnormal. At least global warming is helping me to keep my heating oil usage in check.

Laura said...

That accident is too much bad luck.
I admit being a new reader of this blog and haven't had the courage to go way back up in time to read all your posts, and I've been wondering: do you carpool?

Unknown said...

Glad to hear that you're okay! I don't drive for that very reason. I live in Florida where, sadly, the majority of people have no business driving and usually don't have a license and/or insurance. It's terrifying.

Pioneer week is totally not happening for me. I got sick after waiting in line to vote early and it takes all I've got just to get up to order delivery. (I've already worked through all the things I froze ahead of time.) Maybe next year?

Cave-Woman said...

First things first: Glad that you all are well after the accident. Blessings to you and yours.

Second: Pioneer week has been going okay. We had a few "experimental" meals at home that didn't go so great---but it was nice to get out my cookbooks and start to make bread again. That part turned out well.

Staying away from t.v. has been a bit difficult, if only for the reason that I've gotten into the habit of going home, making dinner, and sitting lethargically in front of the boob tube.

However, I did cut back on my t.v. time which is a bit of a triumph. (Baby steps).
I realize that part of my difficulty with "turning off" is that I didn't have a ready list of alternatives. So, yesterday I made my list of "Fun things to do other than t.v."---and I'll be trying that out starting to-night.

First on the agenda tonight---go to the free bellydance show in town! Wahoo!
Tomorrow morning----visit my friend's yard sale and help her out, bake a fresh loaf of "No Knead bread", and do the laundry!

Keep your fingers crossed that this will be a community building experience for me---and thanks for the inspiration.

Green Bean said...

So sorry to hear about the car accident. What a complete and total bummer! Glad you guys are okay.

Okay, Ma Crunchy, things aren't going very Pioneerish. We've eaten mostly homemade for all meals except I slipped up a couple times on the kids. I haven't driven unnecessarily but I haven't done a heck a lot of walking or biking either. I obviously watched TV ALLLLLLL day on Tuesday and last night as well. Last night, I completely forgot. We've been pretty good on the energy - 1 light on at night, no heat, low water usage. So, all in all, I'm not living much different than non-Pioneer weeks except maybe a bit more homemade food and more mending (the last is purely coincidental but it makes me feel very Little House on the Prairie.)

Maeve said...

Well, at least things aren't so bad that you're the one jumping off a bridge!!

Summer said...

Oh no! Glad you guys weren't hurt in the accident!

Connie said...

How are you and Son feeling? I'm glad there weren't injuries. I am sorry about the accident and a pox on uninsured drivers.

It's been cold (highs around 34) here and so I am wimpy about walking. Turned on the furnice but have it off during the day. Also sick cat had a couple of trips to the vet far away.

We killed chickens for Crunchy Chicken Pioneer Week. Of course I blogged it.

Am reading about non-electric lighting.

Pa made some comment about there goes the TP and I said, "actually..." and DD14 looked as if she was going to look for a new family.

MissAnna said...

So sorry to hear about the car accident--glad you're ok! It amazes me that in WA state, where we are required by law to have insurance, that the two times we have been hit, both have been uninsured. Something is wrong with the system I think. Hopefully you can get it all sorted out quickly and easily. Sorry about the car...

Carpe Diem said...

Sorry to hear about the accident. I'm happy to hear you are both uninjured.

Pioneer week is going well. We have had homemade meals (except last night as we were taken out to dinner). We have had our first snow that will be staying, so we have stocked up the pantry for winter and gotten the oil lamps ready so we are prepared in case of power outages.

Chile said...

Congratulations on the parts that are going well. I agree with Greenpa that car accidents, regardless of damage, fault, etc. are very inconvenient. Even if you're able to transition to no car or another car, dealing with all the details and the post-accident stress are hard. Good luck with all that and I hope you can find a high mileage replacement.

The Three Little Bears said...

So sorry to hear about your accident! We bought firewood and propane this week. Over $1000! It was too late in the season to cut our own. But we are going to get started on cutting some for next year which leads us to our next purchase... a chainsaw. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that uninsured varmint toppled your wagon. I guess they are taking you back to pioneer days when nobody HAD insurance. Glad you are OK, as they also had no ERs.

I too am not an official participant, but coincidentally, I have returned to baking my no-knead bread (to raves around the house) and have rededicated myself to keeping the furnace turned down, making do, eating at home and all kinds of good traditions. I am dabbling in recycling yarn from old/thrift-store sweaters and finding new ways to make and appreciate a few extra bucks.

CoCargoRider said...

Sorry about the car accident and hope all are okay. As for Pioneer week, we doing well, except for election day where we ate out and watched the election. Other than that, we have had all homemade meals, baked bread, and have been eating by candlelight which has been pretty cool.

Jen BK said...

Sorry to hear about your poor thanks, but blessings that no none was hurt.

I'm thinking I'll have my own Pioneer Week next week. This week started with my very old dog's last days which necessitated an extra trip to meet the vet at the family homestead. Losing him has flavored my whole week.
Homemade meals: I get five stars on this is the only way I cook. Go, me!
Energy: Heat is still not on as the days are still in the 70s and the nights are in the 50s (roughly).
Water Use: All fall garden watering has been done with rain water collected in barrels; however, they are low and we likely won't get much rain any time soon.
Transportation: Extra trips to meet the vet, as mentioned above and my Mom is out of town so I have to drive over (5 miles one-way) twice a day and do the farm chores. Sadly, I also have to drive the big truck to do these chores (as my hubby would kill me if I brought home buckets of donkey/chicken poop in the sports car).
Entertainment: computer and TV galore...the grief over losing my Birdman turned me into a lump of melancholy and the TV is the easiest means of entertaining a lump of blah!
Buy Nothing: haven't bought a thing...don't have a job, don't have money, don't buy anything I don't NEED to stay alive.

JessTrev said...

Sorry about yr car accident! I am not a PW participant *but* I don't have to drive anywhere (work from home), walked to a knitting group down the block last night, and made yummy homemade garbanzo beans cause I'm trying to avoid canned food. So I am (partially) with you in spirit. I can't WAIT to read about people's participation though. Such a funny idea! Hope your husband feels better soon.

Shandy said...

First, what a drag about your car! I'm glad you're both okay, however.

My husband and I have decided to reschedule our PIoneer Week. I just returned from a weeklong business trip into election madness and our best-laid plans utterly failed to materialize. We already do several of the "requirements" naturally and we're on a no-buying jag, but taking it to a greater extreme just isn't happening this week. I think we're retrying the first week in December. Good luck to everyone else, though!

Allie said...

I'm glad you guys are okay after the wreck. I am embarassed to say that although I made bagels, and have continued my normal habit of making homemade meals, I broke today. I had to get blood work done and when my boyfriend decided to take me out for BBQ as a reward for "being good at the doctor," I did not turn it down. Instead, I ate gluttonously.

Also, I have been using the TV and the internet (obviously).

Theresa said...

Oh no, sorry to hear about the collision - those suck on so many levels. I haven't officially signed up for pioneer week, but I've been doing pretty good with the home made meals.

TDP said...

Glad you and your son are ok and weren't injured in the car accident. Best of luck with your insurance company!

Pioneer week is a bust for me. I seem to do much better when there ISN'T a challenge then when I sign up to do one!

But, I haven't had on the TV at ALL. Got my election info via internet, and have been doing better about spending less time online. The temps are falling here in Phoenix, so the interior temp in my condo has fallen, the lowest the other night was 65 degrees. Woke up from a dream that icicles were blocking my door and realized I had left the balcony sliding door open! A quilt is now on the bed, and a draft catcher is in the making for the front door. When you've gotten used to an six month average temp of 95 degrees, 65 seems quite chilly!

Drove unnessarily - could have taken the bus to work or walked but too putzy, ran out of time and used the car (4 miles round trip.) Bought lunch out EVERY DAY -food that didn't even exist during Pioneer days!Even baked a previously purchase frozen pizza. But didn't buy anything except food, and it was all cash on the barrelhead.

Well, there is still time to redeem myself, so here goes!

Did the cloth wipe challenge most of the month of October. That worked well enough for me perhaps do it permanently, starting today.

Robj98168 said...

Found out that Nellie and Co are just wanton bitches (at least in Finland)
Water conservation- Goes pretty good- I take 5 or less minute showers (thanks to Crunchy domestic goddess)
And I repaired on of my rain barrels that was leaking (the hose came off)
energy business- I sam following the edict of the Crunchy freeze your butt off challenge so good there too
transportation- About the same as you- I only mount my trusty steeds when needed and actrually walked to the grocery and drug stores!
Entertainment- Been reading books, being back at work I am tired so sleep becomes my entertainment
Cooking- been eating homemade soup all week and some pb&j's witha few salads about it. And yes I made my peanut butter

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about your accident. I was rear-ended by an uninsured driver last year. I hope you get it all straightened out more easily than we did.

Pioneer Week
It is going okay, I posted a couple of updates on my blog

mechiko said...

Oh no, I'm glad to hear you are okay. Car accidents are way too scary.
I'm the same way about showers, if I ever get to take one sans toddler I'm in there forever... maybe it has to do with it being the only "mommy time" I get - hmmm...

Unknown said...

To echo the ones who went before, I'm so sorry to hear about the accident. It's scary enough but to have a child in the car with you raises the fear and the "what if" factor.

We did do pioneer week. We ate at home, made bread and yogurt, walked to vote while discussing what Laura and Mary would do and kept to the rule of only one light on at a time (thanks to a persistent 9 year old.) We limited our driving but still drove and it was warm here so we didn't even use the heat until today. We limited our television but didn't eliminate it. Next year we'll do pioneer week during t.v. turnoff week and get it all done in one fell swoop.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're ok!

I have been so busy lately that I didn't dare try the Pioneer Week Challenge. But I realized that without trying, we did it anyway!!

Our normal life isn't much different than Pioneer Week: I only drive once/week now, to go visit my grandfather and take he and his wife to lunch. I have lost a lot of weight by walking everywhere! We keep our water and electric usage way down, don't have tv (though occasionally watch a dvd here and there), we make 90% of our meals from scratch, and rarely buy anything but essentials. We've even done better over the last week.

We even watched tv on election night with a whole group of people, so I consider that the equivalent of carpooling or taking the bus.

Huh - well, count me in retrospectively! ; )

Gretchen said...

SO sorry to hear about the accident. I pray that you and your son don't have any injuries to be found later. I also pray that you will find a good solution for transportation, and find it quickly.

Wanted to add one suggestion, if you don't already know it: when I make homemade Manicotti, I can never fill those dang tube-shells. Instead, I found a method that useds the flat lasagna noodles (Barilla). You put boiling water in a 13x9 pan and put the noodles in for about 5 minutes to soften them. Then, lay them on a countertop and put about 1/4 cup filling on top of each and spread it out, then roll it up (think: hostess ho-hos). Then pour out the water and put the manicotti roll-ups back in the pan along with the sauce. It has worked SO much better for me. Hope that tip helps.

Crunchy Chicken said...

Hey Texan Mama - Thanks! That's actually exactly what I do, except that I make the lasagna noodles myself and roll 'em up. It's waaaay easier that wrestling with those darn tubes.

Doyu Shonin said...

Sorry 'bout your car but we are glad we still have you and yours!

risa b

Maddie Can Fly said...

There must be some weird karma going on against out Civics. My beautiful Honda Civic was also totaled a few weeks ago by an idiot that thought he could dash across 2 lanes of traffic without looking our way. No injuries but I'm so upset about the car -- I bought it knowing it would last me over 10 years and now it's in a junkyard after only 3.5 years.

Anonymous said...

Here is how our week went...