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For those of you not following me on Facebook, as of the Summer of 2019 I've moved to Central WA, to a tiny mountain town of less than 1,000 people.

I will be covering my exploits here in the Cascades, as I try to further reduce my impact on the environment. With the same attitude, just at a higher altitude!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ask Dave Wann giveaway contest

Mr. David WannGot a burning question for one of the authors of Affluenza? Seeking more information about something you read in Simple Prosperity?

Well, now's your chance to ask Dave Wann those hard hitting questions you've been mulling about in your mind as you read his book(s). Submit your interview questions starting today, March 24th, for Dave to answer. You have until March 31st.

Simple ProsperityFrom the questions submitted, I'll select six entries for him to answer. From those six, I'll be drawing two winners of his new book, Simple Prosperity.

Again, here's a little more to whet your appetite: an interview with Dave on Sustainable World Radio and an article he wrote, Fabric of America is Fraying.

"Simple Prosperity reads like a well-loved novel, engaging and educational. David Wann offers creative solutions to the challenges of over-consumption and makes it a thoroughly enjoyable read." Jill Cloutier, Producer, Sustainable World Radio

Go ahead, ask away in the comments section of this post. Don't be shy!

Feel free to ask a question even if you don't want to be entered in the giveaway - just state so in your comment.


Anonymous said...

My question: What can parents specifically do to help their kids value simplicity and NOT develop the attitude that all that glitters is gold.

Thanks Crunchy for giving us access to this expert ;)

Cave-Woman said...

I believe there is much that individuals can do to "innoculate" against Affluenza. However, what would you suggest is the best course of action to get our government "on board" with the idea that overconsumption is unhealthy?

Hannah said...

You talk in your book a little about what our country and world may face in the coming years and how simplicity will help us address some of those concerns. You sound very optimistic about the future, even though you also acknowledge that climate change and oil depletion will shape that future. I very much agree that simplicity will help us postpone or prevent some problems and will help us make the transition to a new kind of world. But sometimes I panic still. Do you? What keeps you so optimistic?

tk said...

What is the best way to make my family and friends understand about the personal step to consume less without making me sound like a self-righteous yuppie? Living by example and saying nothing to judge one way or the other might be effective in keeping negative opinions down, but actively spreading the word could be more effective. Will people listen or will they only follow someone who lives the example and doesn't try to convince anyone how to live?

just ducky said...

Do you ever get discouraged by or caught up in the moment and splurge on unnecessary things as a result? What do you do personally to keep up your motivation for simplicity?

Akkire said...

Hi. I am new to this site, so thanks CC for setting up this forum for discussion. Dave, I am wondering where you live? How, in your community, do you live out your ideas and values? Do you have a support group of like minded neighbors? Do you do it alone? With your family? What are your thoughts on your ideas and their...reach? How far do you want them to go?

Well, I guess that is more than one. Thanks though!

Anonymous said...

My question is "how can we as a nation, replace the consumer-driven society with that of a sustainable society when big buisness has such a huge influence over governmental policies"

Riana Lagarde said...

Is Affluenza like Alcoholism in that if my mother-in-law has it bad, I can (or can't) intervene I get her help even if she doenst want it and denies that she has it?

My husband and I live now without being consumers and she sees me as being a know it all b*tch when she reads my blog about how we choose to lead our lives. She is critical of our lifestyles (not bathing the baby everyday, wearing hand me down clothes, not shopping). I have never told her to do anything that we do, but she feels guilty about her actions and takes them out on us.

ps. she is French, not American, Affluenza has landed in Europe too.

Anonymous said...

My question for Dave: I'm interested in your thoughts regarding the accessibility of consumer credit and how that ties into Affluenza. Do you think credit should be more tightly regulated? What changes would you like to see with respect to consumer lending guidelines?

(thanks, Crunchy!)

Jamey and Carol said...

I think that much of what you talk about (and we do too) is making personal choices to resist and lead by example. It works and it does lead to a more satisfying life - but from the outside it looks like a sacrifice.

What is your best idea for more actively infiltrating these ideas into the wider civilization?

Pen of Jen said...

I am aware of expenses and such due to my faith. I live to be a good steward with all I have. I am conscious of how hard my husband works for the money we have, and am grateful to God.

Unfortunately Affluenza has hit churches big time.

Would you ever consider writing a book in conjunction with, say a person who is on this path, not because of the belief in the green aspect(and the dire destruction of the planet) as much as through the eyes of one who lives with the stewardship aspect?

My husband and I just bought a run down farm in the desert southwest and have set the goal to not spend to fix up as much as salvage...for the barns, coops, and greenhouse and the such.

It has been an incredible few months and I cannot wait to continue and think it will be very exciting to see how little we will have spent to get up and running.

Just wondering;)

Anonymous said...

How do you find that living in Cohousing has affected your perspective on simplicity and green living? Do you find that your cohousing compatriots are on board with it all? I'm moving into cohousing at the end of the summer and am eager to develop a simple, sustainable, green community and would love any input.