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For those of you not following me on Facebook, as of the Summer of 2019 I've moved to Central WA, to a tiny mountain town of less than 1,000 people.

I will be covering my exploits here in the Cascades, as I try to further reduce my impact on the environment. With the same attitude, just at a higher altitude!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Project Nowaste - losing it!

Project NOWASTEIt's been a while since you've done your calculations to find out how much you should weigh and, since you know your initial weight, how is everybody fairing on the weight loss aspect of Project Nowaste?

I initially lost 5 lbs, but have probably gained back about 2.5 due to porking out on garbage. Chocolate covered candied orange peels are dangerous, people! And, homemade butter? Goodness gracious, I think I'm in love.

So, all that, coupled with my husband's constant baking forays, well, I can't say there has been much success on this end. Plus, I haven't been able to exercise for the last 3 weeks due to a back injury for doing something incredibly stupid. That being, dragging an extremely heavy yard waste container up some rockery.

I, know, dumb. But, who designed our yard to have steps on both side-yards from front to back? Enough excuses...

Anyway, how are the rest of you fairing during these dark, cold, dreary days? Days full of butter, chocolate and candy? Hopefully better than I!


Burbanmom said...

I, like you, initially lost five pounds. But Valentine's Day kicked my fat ass and I gained back two of them. I'm back on the wagon, though and hope to lose the new "love" handles soon! :-)

Unknown said...

Doing pretty well here! I've lost 10 pounds so far! I got off my weight-gain-causing-galactagogues (of course, my milk has dropped a bit, but the baby is almost 1, so he can have a cup of milk a few times day) and started excersizing regularly. It's pathetic how little I'm excersizing, but getting any workout in is a feat, since the kids are feelig particularly demanding these days. On the advice of my doctor, I've also gone gluten-free and cut out refined sugar, and am limiting dairy. Losing weight is much easier when your options are so limited! Mixed blessing, I guess. Can't have the yummy cookies, but feel better than I have in years. Plus, almost all "convenience foods" are now off-limits, so I can't cheat - I really have to eat better.
Bonus - less packaging waste! I started off at 198 (ouch) and am now down to 188. My ultimate goal is 155, but I want to be at 165 by September (I'm still nursing, so don't have any illusions about those last 10 pounds going away easily)

Chile said...

Let's just say there was no weight loss going on over Valentine's at my place. Doin' great on avoiding wasting food, though. :)

Sam said...

I didn't really join Project No Waste because I was happy with my weight (normal BMI). But I went off the pill because I suspected most of my weight gain was due to the pill. And sure enough I've lost 10 lbs. When I was on the pill I was hungry all the time! Now, not so much. Small portions are satisfying. Also I think I have saved some male fish in the process of going off the pill

Anonymous said...

Oh Crunch...I have been soooooo bad. I think I've GAINED 5-7 lbs. Between my time of the month and Valentines Day was a lost cause. Burgers, fries, pulled pork barbeque, more fries, with my man gifting me a box of See's Chocolates and a bottle of Verve Cliquot. I was doomed. Doomed, I tell you.

(But it was really, really fun!)

Today is another day. Yard work burns calories. That's what I'll be doing most of this afternoon.

And hiding the chocolates from myself.

Jennifer said...

Three words... girl scout cookies. Which aren't local, not organice, not anything I try to buy in a cookie normally. BUtOHHHH!! are they addictive.

Can't wait for the snow to melt in my ard so I can start heavy manual labor again!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad we aren't the only ones snacking on Girl Scout Cookies. We haven't lost much weight but we are getting ALOT better about making sure to use things before they go bad and eat all our leftovers. We only had to cook once this week because we have so many leftovers.

Theresa said...

I haven't gained or lost any weight. There are days where I am very dedicated and eat only enough to keep myself from feeling hungry, but other days where I scarf down a bowl of popcorn with butter all to myself.

I've definitely been wasting less food though - using up what's in the fridge before it has to go in the compost.

My quest to eat more mindfully has been enacted sporadically at best. It's turning out to be really hard to just sit and eat, rather than eat and read, or eat and surf the web, or eat and watch TV.

But, like Sandy said, today is another day.

Anonymous said...

erm...i just ate half a bag of crispers while perusing your blog. *fatty*
but, like beany, i just got off hormonal contraceptives (two days ago). i've gotten so fat over the past few months - i'm attributing it to the awful canadian winter blues, quitting smoking, and hormonal contaceptives.
p.s. what is this project nowaste?

Anonymous said...

I'm doing fine on project no waste (no bread ends lingering like they used to and we're shopping to complement our overstock instead of just finding interesting recipes with no connection to what we've got in the fridge), but weight loss isn't happening. I only want to lose about 5 pounds, though, so I think that'll be tricky without some major cutting out the beer, wine, chocolate, and cheese that frankly make life as enjoyable as it is.

Frisky said...

i'm not trying to lose weight (since i spend 10+ hours a week doing roller derby these days -oy), but our waste has gone down with the food budget. when you have to watch every food dollar, you sure don't want to waste anything!

CC said...

Um... well since I'm a Pacific Northwesterner too.... I'm still eating a bit too much chocolate to get me through the dark days. But today was much better!

BTW- love your book list. Affluenza was one of my favorites!

camp mom said...

Well since starting with this challenge I have lost 8 pounds! I'mm happy-Only 14 more to go. I started walking more and got myself a new pedometer-nothing fancy just a $5.00 one that keeps track of distance and steps. Cleaned the junk off the treadmill and started walking 2 miles a day. My sister-in-law bought my youngin' and I some Fitness balls and some restence bands to use. Which we alternate days we use those. My 18 year old has also lost 8 pounds. Think alot of that was not moving and the meds she is on. We stopped grazing after 8 P.M. We're reading labels more and trying to be better shoppers. My cholesteral was getting to borderline- and so was my gluecose level...the youngins gluecose level was slightly up too. I think we are both on track for the most part.

Melissa said...

I'm only down about 3.5 lbs since starting the challenge. The evening eat-everything-in-the-refrigerator binges are definitely down, but not completely gone. Went for a walk yesterday and realized I couldn't remember the last time I had walked for that long...pathetic. With the sun finally showing up for more than 10 minutes/day I may be able to do a little more's hoping!

Anonymous said...

Okay I'm feeling smug. I've lost over 20 pounds last year. Haven't put any on because I'm watching it like a hawk. Okay, okay a hawk on vacation as I only weight myself once a week, but still...
Partially it's been the fact that I've been focused on consuming less, which most certianly includes gas to get to town, but HERE"S MY BIG CONFESSION

Crunch... I have ADD. It turns out that I've probably always had it, but no one cared to check and I'm smart so I over focus in order to compensate. So I graduated college Cum Laude in two majors, but couldn't remember to take the trash out or would leave the dishes sitting in the soapy water to be washed all day.
Now that I'm on meds I can concentrate better AND I'm loosing weight due to the meds and due to the fact that I don't eat to ease depression from what I can't get done and I can focus on necessary shopping better.

Works for me!

Crunchy Chicken said...

Oh spicy one - I'm glad you are finding something that works for you. It's awful that it took so long to get diagnosed, but we all tend to overcompensate for our "issues" so it's easy to have them slide.

My son has ADD (among other things) so I know what you mean!