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For those of you not following me on Facebook, as of the Summer of 2019 I've moved to Central WA, to a tiny mountain town of less than 1,000 people.

I will be covering my exploits here in the Cascades, as I try to further reduce my impact on the environment. With the same attitude, just at a higher altitude!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Are you green curious?

For those of you coming over from the article on CNET, here's a little teaser on what's going on at Crunchy Chicken.

Book clubs - I have two book clubs going. I post discussion questions every Tuesday (alternating books every other week). We are reading Affluenza, by John DeGraaf and David Wann, and In Defense of Food, by Michael Pollan. Reading the book is not required to participate, but it certainly helps. At the end of the book club, I host a book giveaway, so if you didn't get a chance to read the book with the bookclub you'll get a chance to win it.

Challenges - There are two challenges underway. Freeze Yer Buns where the goal is to lower your thermostat over the winter to help save energy and money. There's also Project Nowaste, which just started last month, where the focus is to reduce your food waste as well as your food consumption. Most of my challenges have giveaways, to keep you on your toes.

My Own Projects - I try to post what things I'm working on to lower my footprint such as making my own toothpaste, making butter, growing my own food, frugal living and whatnot.

Polls. Lots of Polls - Every Sunday I post a poll, generally environmentally related, to give you an idea of what other people are doing, how they feel about a topic or how they are doing with a challenge.

Sheer Insanity - Just to shake things up I'll put up posts that have some sort of environmental bent, but are generally just silly. You'll find that this blog isn't exactly serious, but sometimes it gets downright nutty. If you are in dire need of a laugh, check them out.

Finally, for a list of the goals I set out for this blog for 2008, check out my New Years post.


Anonymous said...

My fiance and I have slowly been realizing the negative impact we have on our environment and how we can change that. We already have a hybrid and buy recycled paper products but we know we could do more. We look forward to being part of this community since we know we will need the support and sense of humor! We started our blog today so we truly our newbies. Good Luck with all your goals!

Chile said...

Perfect post demonstrating why I nominated you for an Excellent Blog Award, Crunchy Chicken.