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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hang 'Em Dry Clothing Confessional #3

This weekend wraps up the third week of October's Hang 'Em Dry Challenge where you can pledge to line or otherwise air dry all your laundry for the month.

Since I know it's unrealistic to completely line dry all of your laundry on some days, I'm letting you all do a weekly confessional so that, if you do end up caving in and using the dryer, you can confess, get it off your chest and start up again instead of feeling like you're a cheater and just quitting altogether. We all have issues that crop up and sometimes using the dryer is a necessity.

This week we ended up using the drying for a little bit longer at each "fluff" just because it's been relatively cold during the day even though it's been sunny. Mid-week I had my first experience of the weather going from dry to pouring rain and I may have been taking a nap and didn't notice it. So, the clothes that were out there got a good soaking for about 10 minutes before the rain woke me up and I ran out to bring them inside.

Total dryer time used: 50 minutes
Total dryer time saved: 400 minutes (6.5 hours!)

How's the challenge going for you? Feel free to blog and post a link here, or just say how it's going in the comments!


equa yona(Big Bear) said...

We ahve had a fabulous October so far. Sunny, warm and it only rained once and that was at night. We are a month and a half late for frost based on average frost dates. I have sheets on the line right now and a second load to get out, better do it now.
No fluffing, no dryer time.

historicstitcher said...

Still "hanging" in there! haven't used the dryer yet since late September!

And on a related note, I drove to Lehman's, the non-electric store, and bought a new indoor drying rack to replace/augment my ancient dying one, and an outdoor umbrella-style rack for hanging laundry outside! I also found the coolest concentric-ring-with-clothespins-attached rack for hanging socks and underwear indoors!!

I've been hanging sheets indoors from the basement ceiling, folded in half and clipped to old pants hangers. It's working well, and solved my biggest problem so far...but then, I haven't tried washing the quilts yet.

Adrienne said...

The shared, coin op, apt. dryer is broken, so zero dryer minutes for me this week. Total for the month still at 56 minutes.

Anonymous said...

I have about 45 minutes of dryer time to confess. I pulled my stuff out of the washer and a pair of my work pants along with a t-shirt and some hoodies were covered in little wet shreds of paper. All of the non-papered clothes got hung up to dry, but the others went in the dryer to get all the little shreds off. (It worked at least...)

Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

I confess. I used my dryer. My dryer broke down and had to be fixed when it was rainy here in Oregon. My laundry was piled up and I couldnt keep up with the laundry. I do laundry for 6 people and 4 of them are children so you know how that goes. So $75 later my dryer is fixed and I had to catch up on all that laundry.

owlfan said...

I had 2 instances of dryer use this week. First my son decided that he needed his pajamas clean for PJ day at school. He didn't tell me until evening. I got them washed and hung in the house, but they needed about 8 minutes in the dryer in the morning. Then I bought some fabric and needed to pre-shrink in the dryer - about another 6 minutes. I also had my usual 2-3 minutes of fluff time, times 6 loads this week. So, I'll say 25 minutes of dryer time.

I CAN do without the fluff, but DH's work clothes really need ironing if I don't fluff. and I HATE to iron.

Christine F. said...

I had been doing so well, even though we have had cold and cloudy weather on a a lot of my drying days this month I had zero dryer time. I have to confess I used the dryer for 20 mins tonight. My 3 year old has been all of a sudden regressing to night time (or first thing in the morning) accidents creating a lot of extra laundry. I had a load of wet stuff I forgot about in the washing machine after a hectic day. After dinner I realized my mistake and that I need 3 of the things for her bed, so I stuck them in the dryer for 20 mins. SIGH! OH well. At least we haven't started up the all of our heat yet. The fact that we have been living in 56-58 degree temps in the main part of the house surely makes up for the 20mins of dryer use, right? LOL! I better go and sign up for freeze your buns ;)

Mrs Mallard said...

I had about 20 minutes this week, air fluffing the diapers and ten minutes for some shirts that needed to move it along so I could hang the diapers.

I usually just dry stuff on the rack inside, but I couldn't resist putting the racks outside this weekend. Even at 60 degrees, the sun made quick work of two loads of drying in one day. I'm sure the breeze helped quite a bit, too.

Also started moving the racks around the house more often to chase the sunshine as it comes in the windows on super chilly mornings.

karen hanrahan said...

bless me crunchy for i have sinned and used my dryer once this october

Jenette said...

It went better last week I bought the plastic thing from IKEA and it is taking care of almost all the little things. Rain and overcast forced all drying inside. Towels and cotton diapers were dried in the dryer (2 load of wash stuffed in the dryer with wool dryer balls)... total dryer time this week 45 min :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for good stuff

DK said...

I went on a road trip and left my fiance at home by himself this weekend. I came home to find that he had, indeed, washed some laundry and it was waiting in the dryer when I got home. I don't know just how many loads of laundry he washed, probably 2-3, but the dryer was definitely used on them so I'm gonna go with about 120 minutes of dryer time.