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Monday, April 19, 2010

Rosemary blossoms

My husband made an awesome lemon cheesecake for my mom's birthday over the weekend. While we were waiting for her to arrive for dinner, I showed my brother my baby asparagus growing in the backyard.

As I was poking around in the raised beds, he wandered over to our rosemary bush, which has grown enormously over the winter (I need to trim it back) and is chock full of tons of purple flowers.

He picked one of the flowers off of the plant and ate it and was surprised to find out out that, at the base of the flower, was sweet nectar, followed by a faint rosemary flavor. I sampled some of the nectary goodness as well.

Later, while we were eating dessert, we were commenting about the rosemary flowers, so my son and daughter decided to go out in the backyard and try some for themselves. They harvested a few handfuls and brought them in, which we immediately put on top of our slices of cheesecake.

The combination of the sweet nectar and the hint of rosemary really livened up the lemon in the cheesecake and made for a really pretty dessert. Of course, maybe three slices of cheesecake was a bit much. But, did I mention that my husband is an awesome baker?

Anyway, if you have a rosemary bush in full bloom, make sure you go out and sample the sweetness. It would make a lovely combination with goat cheese. Or any cheese for that matter.


JenHarper said...

Can you post his recipe? Please? ;)

Anne said...

Yum! And it makes such a pretty picture too!

Oldnovice said...

My rosemary bush has never bloomed. It's turned into a HUGE bush, though.

Farmer's Daughter said...
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meg said...

For some reason it never occurred to me to use the rosemary blooms...even though mine also is in full bloom. Awesome!

Emily said...

Sage blossoms are a similar kind of wonderful. Try with soft cheese - cream cheese or chevre...

Robj98168 said...

Never ate a rosemary blossom... never had one blossom!

dc said...

I love cooking with edible flowers, can't wait for my rosemary to bloom!

At our school garden the kids are loving the tatsoi flowers. I just tell them to be sure they don't eat a bee.