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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Project Green Search voting now open!

The voting for your 10 favorite women in the Project Green Search environmental spokesperson contest is now open and runs all week, ending on Friday, October 16th. If you are interested in voting for who should be the next "green it" girl/woman, saunter on over and check it out.

There are about 130 people in the contest and there are a number of beautiful, intelligent and environmentally aware women who have entered. If you want to vote for me, you can do so by clicking here and clicking on the stars. Five stars is best, but all votes count for something.

I'd appreciate your support since I believe that having a spokesperson for the green movement who is educated in the issues that go beyond just the surface of green living is critical if we want to educate the public about what is necessary to stop the devastation that can occur from neglecting the impact we have on the environment. This includes not only issues of consumption, carbon output, deforestation, energy use, factory farms and population, but it also extends to building local food, communities and other resources and dealing with peak oil and additional energy demands.

Anyway, if these issues are important to you and you feel that public education must go beyond just reusable grocery bags and switching out lightbulbs. If you feel that there are more important things at stake than doing what's become trendy and that it needs to be in a much more public light through mainstream media then you should be interested in this project.

If you would like to know who I'm voting for, here are my top 5 picks because, not only are these women stunning, highly educated, and intelligent but it looks like they know their shit. Why does education matter? Well, there are lots of pretty faces out there, but a spokesperson with the background to be able to understand the issues will be far more valuable than another talking head. We have enough of those already.

  • Bianca Alexander
  • Zion Francis
  • Ginna Kelly
  • Nadine Weil

    Oh, yeah and me:
  • Deanna Duke

    So, g'head and vote!

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    Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

    woohoo! so glad you took my advice and entered the contest. best of luck to you, deanna! :)