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Friday, October 23, 2009

Hottest eco-blogger nominations

Given the popularity of the Hottest Men in Climatology from the other day (based on all the hits I'm getting from Universities around the country), and the suggestion from a particular Farmer's Daughter, I'm going to run a "Hottest Eco-Blogger" poll next week.

You may have noticed that the Huffington Post is currently running a Hot Farmers slideshow complete with submissions. And, I've done two years of Craziest Environmental Blogger (aka the Environmental Nutjob Award), so this doesn't seem too far off in left field. And it's Friday, so what the hell.

The difference this time around with the voting is that you guys will be nominating eco-bloggers and then voting on them next week. I'll have two categories, one for men and one for women, so make sure you include in your nomination a couple of each gender if you like.

How do I nominate someone?
Leave a comment on this post adding who you want to be included as the hottest eco-blogger. And add a link to their blog, just in case I don't know who they are, so I can thoroughly embarrass them next week :)

Will there be pictures?
Hopefully. I will try to contact the final list of people asking them to submit pictures of themselves (with a short summary blurb and background), otherwise I'll try to find one from their blog. If I can't get a picture of them, they may not be included in the voting.

I already have one Facebook nomination for Greenpa, but only a few of us know what he looks like. This may be our opportunity to reveal the man behind the Little Blog.

Can I nominate myself?
Of course you can! Get that self-promotion going!

How will the list be narrowed down?
Assuming I get inundated with nominations, I'll pick them dependent on the number of times they are mentioned as nominees. Again, if I can't get a picture of them, they won't get listed. And their blog has to be predominantly eco-related. Otherwise, it will be somewhat arbitrary. Sorry, this isn't the Academy Awards.

You have until Monday night (10/26) at midnight PST to submit your nominations!


Lisa said...

Can we nominate you? :)

Crunchy Chicken said...

I suppose so :)

I really shouldn't be included since I'm hosting the thing, but I am an eco-blogger so I guess I qualify.

Tyler said...

1 vote for Vanessa at and Heather at

And I bet Michael at has an Australian accent the ladies would die for.

Green Bean said...

I nominate Ruchi from Arduous. An awfully purty girl.

Crunchy Chicken said...

Well, I was in the middle of adding my own nominations last night when Blogger crapped out on me. So here they are again.

For the guys:
Steve Balogh - baloghblog
Edson - Green, Blue, Brown

For the ladies:
Vanessa - Green as a Thistle
Ruchi - Arduous Blog
Marguerite - La Marguerite

If you're all embarrassed about nominating people, just post it as anonymous...

Allie said...

David Quilty from - because he's just plain awesome, and he can rock a cowboy hat.

and Ashley Sue from - she takes the cutest photos to illustrate her posts.

Anonymous said...

Green Bean! Ruchi!

Anonymous said...

I nominate the lovely Abbie over at Farmer's Daughter. That woman can rock a pair of gum boots and a pair of high heels. Plus, she's teaching a whole other generation of environmentalists. How can you go wrong?

ruchi said...

Vanessa is HOTT. And she has great hair. I shouldn't nominate her because she'd totally wipe the floor with me, but I also adore her. So another vote for Vanessa from me. :)

Anonymous said...

Jordanne and Anais from PTF

Kim from Milwaukee said...

I nominate Anthony at, although I think he needs to bulk up for winter. :)

Kim from Milwaukee said...

And I also nominate Bentley at, just because he has alot of pictures, and now audio on his blog. He rocks!

He's got a sexy voice, too, imo.

Anonymous said...

I nominate Dorothee Royal of ( She blogs about organic food & farming and is the creator, co-producer and host of their weekly web video series. And she looks good in some eco-fashion... Exhibit A:

Renee Unplugged - said...

I nominate:
Melinda of One Green Generation
Su of Territory Earth

Farmer's Daughter said...

Aw, Amber, you're the best!

So here are my nominations:

Men- Greenpa, mostly cause I think he's hot on an environmentalist/ scientist/ back-to-the-land mentality. I've never seen him, but I can picture him chopping wood by hand or doing any other hot, sweaty manly job!

Women- I've got two...
Jena from Married to the Farm ( is a hot farmer's wife and I could see her in a tractor calendar!
Amber from since she's an e-milf (just made that up... "eco Mom I learn from!)

Who's great idea was this anyway???

Lisa said...

If they don't have to be "official" eco-bloggers but, instead, are sort of eco- just because that's what they do naturally, then I nominate:

Female: Riana over at These Days in French Life because she rocks my world on multiple levels


Male: Duane over at The Funny Farm because his indignation and activism are inspiring

Anonymous said...

Lisa at EcoYogini (, and Alex from Open Ended Question (

Jena said...

I'm in for Abbie @ Farmer's Daughter. She's hot AND a great role model for all of us when it comes to environmental issues.

Jim said...

My vote is a tie between Julia Butterfly Hill at

and our dear (and super hot) hostess: CrunchyChicken!

Jim (who used to have a blog about compost wormies and an unplugged fridge)

Green In OC said...

My votes are based on the two of the blogs that inspired me to think the most and to act on those thoughts - the blogs that inspired real change for me!

I vote for Beth (for female and best all around <-- I don't think the latter is a category but I hereby nominate the category and the blog!):

Fake Plastic Fish

and Dave at:

F365 Days of Trash

Anonymous said...

Duane at Funny Farm, as mentioned above!!!

Shopping Golightly said...

I nominate one fur the fellas:
Alan at Le Dandy

Le Dany's le doll.

Shopping Golightly said...

I nominate one fur the fellas:
Alan at Le Dandy

Le Dany's le doll.

Anonymous said...

You should also include Rob at

Greenpa said...

I'm honored to be nominated, to be sure.

Would these pictures do?

There are several pictures of my hands, my children, and one headshot (ok, from the back, but...)

Otherwise, we're out of luck. I'm not quite ready to be outed, and my face has been around enough to be somewhat recognizable.

Anonymous said...

I would like to respectfully rescind my nominations as I have come to believe this poll is inconsistent with the beliefs and intentions of the people I nominated. However, this annulment does not make either of them less hot, green, or generally fabulous.

Eco Yogini said...

I second Greenspell's respectful rescindment. Although I am honoured that she nominated myself and Alex (who has a FANTASTIC blog btw) I have never been interested in the beauty pageant-y stuff, even in high school...
This is not why I blog.

all the best to everyone.

Lisa said...

I second Beth from Fake Plastic Fish and also want to add-
Lena at Over Coffee-

e4 said...

Wow, thanks! I don't know whether to laugh self-consciously or maniacally...

baloghblog said...

I'd like to thank the academy... (oh wait, didn't win, just nominated.)

I think that you must have been thrown off by the cute baby pictures.

It's now confirmed that there is a dearth of good looking male eco-bloggers, if I'm getting the nod.

Thanks though!