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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Eco cleanser roundup

Since we're discussing cleaners this week I thought I'd throw this out to you. It's been a long time since I've gotten feedback on your favorite green cleansers all in one post, so please answer the following for everyone else to reference.

For each type of cleaner:
  • name what you use
  • state how you like it (love it, like it, it's okay, hate it)
  • other comments

    What's your favorite green:

    1. dish soap (for hand washing dishes)
    2. dishwasher detergent (for machine dishwashers)
    3. laundry detergent (do you have a front loader, top loader or high efficiency machine?)
    4. bleach alternative
    5. bathroom scrub
    6. window cleaner
    7. mold cleaner
    8. floor cleaner (for linoleum)
    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors)
    10. body soap
    11. liquid hand soap
    12. shampoo
    13. toothpaste


    Crunchy Chicken said...

    I thought I'd start this off:

    1. dish soap: Planet, love it
    2. dishwasher detergent: ECOVER tablets, like it so far
    3. laundry detergent: Still searching for one for our high-efficiency front loader
    4. bleach alternative: 7th Gen. Non-Chlorine Bleach, like it
    5. bathroom scrub: Meyers, like it
    6. window cleaner: Don't have one yet
    7. mold cleaner: Concrobium, like it
    8. floor cleaner: Don't have one yet
    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors): Don't have one yet
    10. body soap: Dr. Bronner's, like it
    11. liquid hand soap: Ballard Organics, love it
    12. shampoo: Don't have one yet
    13. toothpaste: Don't have one yet

    dixiebelle said...

    (NB. I am Australian, but figured other Aussie readers might be interested.)

    1. Dish soap (for hand washing dishes) - Earths Choice, love it, efficient & good value, put some in refillable pump pack on my sink
    2. Dishwasher detergent (for machine dishwashers) - Squeak powder in sachets, like it, price OK, occ. doesn't dissolve properly, comes in individual sachets but that saves overusing powder
    3. Laundry detergent (top loader) - Earths Choice (or Hurricane, if it is on sale & cheaper), like it, good value (can buy bulk in both), efficient, easy to use
    4. Bleach alternative (clothes) - Green Care Everyday Soaker, like it, worked well enough on most stains
    5. Bathroom scrub - vinegar and bi carb (though also used Earth Choice for long time), love it, great clean, easy, cheap
    6. Window cleaner - vinegar & crumpled newspaper, diluted tea tree oil for mouldy windowsills, also used Mean Green, which seemed OK
    7. Mold cleaner - tea tree oil (diluted), works OK, find ventilation & sunlight is the best thing
    8. Floor cleaner (for tiles) - use small amt dish detergent, and elbow grease, with a mop that you can wash/ change the heads, and has a 'scrub' section on the head too
    9. Floor cleaner (for wood floors) - don't have any
    10. Body soap - Lemon Myrtle soap (exfoliating), LOVE IT, esp. the one with the lemon myrtle leaves in them, for a treat I have Toni Childs 'Love my Body' Organic Black Coconut and Vanilla, divine!
    11. Liquid hand soap - Sukin Organic (refillable pump pack), like it, thick and gel-like, sometimes little bit sticky if not rinsed well
    12. Shampoo/ Conditioner - used to use Alchemy range, but recently used Giovanni Organic Golden Wheat shampoo because I needed one for oily hair as Rosemary ones not cutting it, LOVE IT, finally a 'green' shampoo that is good for oily hair (this one is made in the USA), don't use conditioner
    13. Toothpaste - I am using a 'chemical' one, for sensitive teeth, that I don't think I can give up, ANYONE GOT ANY IDEAS?, and my toothbrush is a Silver Care (antibacterial) one, with replaceable heads (so you don't have to throw the whole brush out)though it is imported
    15. Cloth (cleaning) - using sponges, but would like to make some knitted dishcloths or grow some loofahs

    Hope that works...

    Anna M said...

    1. dish soap: Need one
    2. don't have a dishwasher
    3. Wash laundry by hand with Mrs. Meyers, Borax & Fels Naptha
    4. Bleach alternative - White Vinegar
    5. Bathroom scrub - Baking soda and Vinegar
    6. Window Cleaner - White Vinegar and newspaper
    7. Mold Cleaner - White Vinegar
    8. Floor Cleaner - Two Pembroke Welsh Corgis... (White Vinegar & Baking Soda sometimes too)
    10. Body Soap - I tend to buy this at craft fairs or on Etsy. I need to be making my own but it just hasn't happened yet.
    11. Liquid hand soap - don't use
    12. Shampoo - don't have one, buy whatever is cheapest.
    13. Toothpaste - Tom's of Maine but when it's gone we are switching to baking soda with a drop of goldeseal extract.

    My preference is for home made rather than corporate products. Dr. Bronner's is nice, I've used a few of those and I like Mrs. Meyers for a few things but Vinegar and Baking Soda really are all purpose cleaners around this house.

    Anonymous said...

    I've gotten so bad. I used to make so many of my own cleaners, but I got busy, had a 2nd baby and now mostly use Method, which I am ashamed to say has me addicted to their scents despite them being not so green. Ahem. Anyhow, I just want to give a props to my favourite toothpaste: Uncle Harry's toothpowder. It is awesome and they make one for sensitive teeth and receding gums also. All of his stuff is totally natural and most of it is based on Ayurveda. Anyway, when I run out of laundry and dishwasher detergent, I'm going to try making my own.

    Bucky said...

    This is an interesting thread.

    For me:
    1. dish soap: usually buy whatever is on sale/coupons and I can get for free or nearly free
    2. don't have a dishwasher
    3. Make my own laundry detergent and use vinegar for softner
    4. Bleach alternative - Vinegar
    5. Bathroom scrub - Vinegar/Baking Soda (kitchen too)
    6. Window Cleaner - Vinegar and newspaper
    7. Mold Cleaner - Vinegar/Rubbing Alcohol mix I make
    8. Floor Cleaner - Murphy's
    10. Body Soap - Usually whatever big name bar is currently free at the market
    11. Liquid hand soap - don't use
    12. Shampoo - Have a good friend who owns a hair salon and she gives me free samples. Short hair and only wash once or twice a week. Been using the same small sample bottle for a year now.
    13. Toothpaste - Again, whatever is going for free at the drug store.

    Anonymous said...

    1. dish soap - ecover (pricey) any suggestions?
    2. no dishwasher
    3. washing soda, borax, Fels
    4. white vinegar as a bleach alt
    5. bathrm scrub: white venegar and baking soda
    6. vinegar for windows
    7. mold - haven't had any this winter (taking suggestions for when I need something)
    8. floor cleaner - diluted vinegar, sometimes add a little dish liquid or Dr Bronner's
    9. no wood floors
    10. Dr Bronner's or coconut bar soap (I had dry skin this winter)
    11. hand soap - refill pump bottle with Dr B's
    12. hair - Whole foods "house" brand shampoo and Nature's Gate conditioner
    13. Tom's toothpaste

    I'm trying to switch to homemade one product at a time. I like the simplicity of it, along with putting less chemicals in my life.
    Thanks for any tips!

    Anonymous said...

    Years ago in an attempt to simplify we converted over to a castile liquid soap made by Vermont Soapworks called "Liquid Sunshine".

    We use it for shampoo,we use it for dishes (we hand wash), we use it for washing the car, laundry etc. The only thing we don't use it on is the dogs. Hot water, baking soda and vinegar are the only other cleaners we use.
    Toothpaste is Eco-Dent (which I wish came in a larger container).

    Vermont Soapworks is about an hr drive from us so every couple of years I drive down and purchase two 5 gallon pails which easily lasts us a couple years.

    Bucky said...

    One addition to the list for the guys:

    Shaving Cream: I use the old fashioned soap and my grandfather's boar-bristle shaving brush. Now I just need to master the courage and art of using a straight razor.

    anna j said...

    1. dish soap (for hand washing dishes)- diluted Dr. Bronners, like it
    2. dishwasher detergent (for machine dishwashers) - don't have a dishwasher
    3. laundry detergent (do you have a front loader, top loader or high efficiency machine?) - we use Dr. Bronners in the front loaders at the laundromat, like it
    4. bleach alternative - do not use
    5. bathroom scrub - baking soda, love it
    6. window cleaner - um... if I cleaned my windows I'd use vinegar
    7. mold cleaner - I don't have a problem with mold growth in my house
    8. floor cleaner (for linoleum) - we use either Dr. Bronners or vinegar on our ceramic tile floors, love it
    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors) - white vinegar (love it)
    10. body soap - soaps given to me as a gift (like them well enough), or soap from the farmer's market (like it)
    11. liquid hand soap - diluted Dr. Bronners, like it
    12. shampoo - same as body soap, love it
    13. toothpaste - Desert Essence, like it

    Sue said...

    Don't have time for all of them, but I love citrasolv for my wood floors. Not as crazy about ecover or Dr. Bronner's. Also a big fan of Charlie's Soap for laundry (though I could be using it on a lot more stuff)

    Anonymous said...

    1. dish soap: planet...really like
    2. dishwasher: still working on it
    3. laundry: still trying stuff
    4. bleach: don't use anything
    5. bathroom scrub: Method wipes and cleaners...really like
    6. window cleaner: still using up old watered down Windex
    7. mold: still looking
    8. floor: Charlie's it but needs to be really watered down to not leave a film
    9. wood floors: Charlie's
    10: body soap: Burt's Milk & Shae...LOVE
    11: liquid hand soap: just switched to Trader Joe's after a poison control issue with the antibacterial kind...I like it but it seems to be going very quickly.
    12: shampoo: Burt's shampoo bar...really like
    13. toothpaste: Tom's mint for me and apricot for the

    In addition to greener products, I have also just tried using a lot less. I am finding for most purposes, daily cleaning, watered down does just as good of a job.

    Kathy said...

    1. dish soap- diluted mrs meyers if on sale, otherwise dilute dr bronners
    2.No dish washer
    3.laundry detergent- I presoak and then use diluted "whatever was on sale at whole foods". We also handwash a lot of items and air dry
    4.bleach alternative- white vinegar presoak or borax presoak or sunlight
    5 bathroom scrub- baking soda w a vinegar/tea tree oil/ lavendar oil "rinse"
    6 window cleaner - the vinegar solution in #5 applied with a rag and then polish with a dry rag
    7.mold cleaner - no mold since we started the vinegar solution :)
    8.floor cleaner (for linoleum)- we dilute the vinegar solution.if its really bad, I'll use a drop of dr bonners in it
    9 floor cleaner (for wood floors)- barely damp mop with vinegar
    10. body soap - I use a specialorganic oatmeal soap for skin allergies
    11. liquid hand soap- we don't use it. If we have kids over, I use a dilute dr bonners solution in a spare pump bottle
    12. shampoo- still using up commercial shampoos I recd when I worked at a fashion magazine
    13. toothpaste - experimenting with homemade recipes - latest inc baking soda, myhrr oil, tea tree oil, cinnamon oil

    Anonymous said...

    I have to admit I don't use eco much of anything right now.

    But what I do use:

    Shampoo - Shampoo bar by Chagrin Valley Soaps (
    I have used their Nettle and Neem and Tea Tea Oil - both recommended for dandruff. I found the Nettle soap to be very useful for getting rid of the itchy scalp.

    Body Soap - Chagrin Valley's Castile and Calendula Baby Soap. I LOVE IT!

    Anonymous said...

    1. dish soap -- no "eco" yet
    2. dishwasher det -- Trader Joe's powder, we think it gets the dishes cleaner then old Cascade
    3. laundry -- no "eco" yet
    4. bleach alternative -- white vinegar
    5. bathroom scrub -- baking soda mixed with dish det, makes a very nice soft scrub
    6. window cleaner -- don't have one, vinegar just doesn't get the job done
    7. mold cleaner -- don't use it
    8&9. floor cleaner for all floors -- white vinegar diluted
    11. liquid hand soap -- we like Restoration Hardware's Sweet Orange which is pricey but eco-ish

    Unknown said...

    1. dish soap: Seventh Generation, LOVE IT!
    2. dishwasher detergent: NA
    3. laundry detergent: I have a top loader and I make my own. I'm loving it!
    4. bleach alternative: peroxide, I'm still on the fence about it
    5. bathroom scrub: baking soda & water, works great
    6. window cleaner: vinegar and water, love it
    7. mold cleaner: vinegar followed by peroxide: love it
    8. floor cleaner (for linoleum): Mrs. Myers multi-purpose cleaner with a microfiber mop, like it pretty well but can leave a bit of a sticky residue sometimes
    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors): NA
    10. body soap: Burts Bees, love it!
    11. liquid hand soap: tried an avalon, not in love with it b/c it's so thick. We usually just use bar soap.
    12. shampoo: burts bees, love it!
    13. toothpaste: can't get hubby to jump on the green band wagon yet with this one. I tried a burts bees one, but wasn't thrilled.

    Bucky said...

    Thinking about the bigger issues around eco-friendly products. Until recently I was a big fan. Then my company folded and I went back to school and money is very, very tight. I can't afford the luxury of paying three-, four-, or five-times the cost for the earth happy products. I make as much as I can and use natural things like vinegar (a household's best friend) as much as possible. But there are still a few things that I haven't found a reasonable homemade substitute for.

    For example, I noticed that 7thGen just came out with dishwasher tablets. A box of 15 is almost $6. That's just 15! You can buy the regular powder for half that and do three times the number of loads. (Full disclosure -- no dishwasher, so this isn't an issue for me.)

    So it may be a great eco-lovin' product, but many of us don't have the luxury of affording to be loving toward the planet these days.

    So just a general kvetch and a wish that green(er) products weren't a specialty item and weren't so damn expensive.

    lauren said...

    I would love to start making my own products, but I haven't taken the time. Plus, a part of me, wants to support businesses making green choice more mainstream. I like supporting Seventh Generation because they use recycled or recyclable packaging, but I find Ecover's products more effective

    1. dish soap (for hand washing dishes): Ecover: love
    2. dishwasher detergent (for machine dishwashers): currently: 7Gen tablets; also like Ecover powder
    3. laundry detergent: Top loader, I change all the time, have used: Planet powder: like; 7Gen liquid: hate; 7Gen powder: like. I want to try Ecover powder next, and then I will make a brand-loyal decision
    4. bleach alternative:N/A
    5. bathroom scrub: Ecover; like it
    6. window cleaner: still using up some old Windex
    7. mold cleaner:N/A
    8. floor cleaner (for linoleum): N/A (I have a dirty kitchen floor, shhh)
    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors): N/A
    10. body soap: Kiss My Face olive oil soap; love it
    11. liquid hand soap: N/A; just phased that out to use Dr. Bronner's bar; fine so far, a little drying
    12. shampoo: Avalon Organics; tolerate it, would love to find a better alternative. Used to use a shampoo bar when I had shorter hair.
    13. toothpaste: Tom's Cinnamon and Clove; like it

    Elisabeth said...

    1. dish soap: Seventh Generation. Like it.
    2. dishwasher detergent: I just tried Palmolive's eco detergent and it is TERRIBLE. Hate it. Serves me right. I bought Ecover free and clear powder to try next.
    3. laundry detergent: Laundry mat, top loader. Currently using Biokleen liquid and Seventh Generation fabric softener. Like them.
    4. bleach alternative: Use regular bleach - I should stop.
    5. bathroom scrub: White vinegar and baking soda. Love it.
    6. window cleaner: Using up the rest of my Windex and coffee filters. I have used vinegar in the past and will go back to that. I love the coffee filters (they are lint-free) but won't buy them again when I run out.
    7. mold cleaner: Nothing currently - we don't get much mold in West Texas. I need to try diluted hydrogen peroxide - I've heard it works well.
    8. floor cleaner (for linoleum): Water, vinegar, baking soda, and my husbands awesome elbow grease. Love it.
    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors): Don't have wood floors.
    10. body soap: Dr. Bronner's. Love it.
    11. liquid hand soap: Nothing currently. I ran out of plain-old non-antibacterial soap and haven't found a substitute that I'm willing to pay for. Thought about using diluted Dr. Bronner's.
    12. shampoo: Aubrey Organics GPB conditioner and love it. I was using their GPB shampoo and liked it, but I just tried their Blue Chamomile shampoo and love it (the only thing I don't like is that it has corn oil in it.)
    13. toothpaste: Tom's or Nature's Gate.

    I also have a bottle of Mrs. Meyers all purpose cleaner, but I'm thinking of giving it away because it has synthetic fragrance in it, which I'm allergic to.

    Jenny R said...

    1. dish soap: Trader Joe's Next to Godliness--Love it--So I put equal parts of this into a foaming dispenser, and it works wonders. Also, I bought one bottle of this stuff a year and a half ago, and I'm only half way through, even though I have never-ending dishes in my kitchen.
    2. dishwasher detergent: Ecover Tablets--Like it
    2a. Rinse Aid--Wave Jet--Love it
    3. laundry detergent--For my front loading HE washer--Seventh Generation HE Detergent--LOVE it
    4. bleach alternative--don't use one, never got used to bleach, so i don't need an alternative, but for stains I use Ecover Stain Remover and love it
    6. window cleaner--Seventh Generation--hate it!
    7. mold cleaner --looking for a good one
    8. floor cleaner (for tile)--Seventh Generation All Purpose--Like it
    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors)--Diluted Murphy's oil soap--not sure how eco friendly this is, but I figured if you can literally drink it without having to see the doctor or go to poison control, it can't be all full of awful chemicals and what not
    10. body soap--Sappo Hill Oatmeal Soap
    11. liquid hand soap--don't use
    12. shampoo--I wash with conditioner but the once in a blue moon I use shampoo, it's Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle--it's okay
    13. toothpaste--Tom's Peppermint--Love it (except for the few moments my mouth feel on fire from the peppermint oil)

    Anonymous said...

    1. dish soap -still looking for one
    2. dishwasher detergent -still looking for one
    3. laundry detergent I have a top loader and I like Charlie's Soap or this homemade recipe made with Bubble Goddess bar soap:
    4. bleach alternative - distilled white vinegar
    5. bathroom scrub - paste of bakings soda & water
    6. window cleaner - white vinegar, water and a microfiber cloth... perfect!
    7. mold cleaner - I've never tried this, , but leaving a paper towel soaked in vinegar or lemon juice is supposed to work.
    8. floor cleaner (for linoleum) - don't have linoleum
    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors) - white vinegar and water on a microfiber towel. You can use microfiber on the head of a swiffer mop.
    10. body soap - Bubble Goddess :
    11. liquid hand soap - Bubble Goddess :
    12. shampoo - still looking for one
    13. toothpaste - still looking.

    Anonymous said...

    Oops - that link for the laundry detergent is:

    katecontinued said...

    1. dish soap - diluted biokleen, meh.
    2. dishwasher – N/A
    3. laundry detergent (for community front loaders) I make:
    Fels Naptha, Borax & Washing Soda, it’s ok. And (for my Wonder Wash manual) Maggie’s Soap Nuts, meh.
    4. bleach alternative – help – lemon doesn’t work.
    5. bathroom scrub - bon ami, it’s ok.
    6. window cleaner - diluted vinegar (newspapers, it works best.
    7. mold cleaner - vinegar, dubious, help.
    8. floor cleaner (for cork) – Dr. Bonner’s, yawn.
    9. N/A
    10. body soap - diluted Nature’s Gate, shampoo from 2 years ago . . . using up.
    11. liquid hand soap – N/A – bar soap from Christmas gift 6 years ago . . . zzzzz.
    12. shampoo – baking soda & vinegar, it works.
    13. toothpaste – baking soda, not so great with my lack of enamel.

    I am happy to be relieved of the burden of feeling I need to be overjoyed with cleaning outcomes or products - like the commercials have insisted for 50 years.

    Bucky said...


    I can give a little help with the mold problem. It was always a big issue for me here in Houston (hot and humid), mostly in the bath, shower. I tried a vinegar spray, with some success. Finally, I broke down and did the bleach for the shower tile and grout. After that I use a spray that is vinegar/rubbing alcohol/essential oil on a daily basis. Haven't had a problem with mold since.

    The vinegar seems to stop the further growth, but didn't get rid of what was already there.

    To those that want to hate me for the bleach, please don't. It is one tool in the cleaning arsenal. Judiciously used it can work wonders.

    Anonymous said...

    1. dish soap (for hand washing dishes) - Ecover, love it - also really loved Williams-Sonoma winter pine
    2. dishwasher detergent (for machine dishwashers) - Ecover, love it
    3. laundry detergent (front loading high-efficiency machine) - currently using Kirkland, but it has palm oil (realized AFTER I used it); will probably go back to making my own
    4. bleach alternative - oxy-clean, rarely
    5. bathroom scrub - baking soda & vinegar; Method toilet cleanser for when things get gray
    6. window cleaner - I resent not using regular ammonia window cleaner. Vinegar is so smeary, streaky and awful, in my experience. Plus it smells.
    7. mold cleaner - YIKES! Fortunately I live in arid Colorado. No mold.
    8. floor cleaner (for linoleum) - diluted Dr. Bronner's
    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors) - very diluted Dr. Bronner's
    10. body soap - homemade
    11. liquid hand soap - currently, Williams-Sonoma winter pine (gift) - love it; previously, diluted Dr. Bronner's
    12. shampoo - Burt's Bees shampoo bar; want to make my own
    13. toothpaste - JASON PowerSmile - love it! No sodium laurel sulfate, yay - and partly organic.

    Kristijoy said...

    1. dish soap Biokleen (we buy in ulk at the co-op)
    2. dishwasher detergent n/a don't have one
    3. laundry detergent top loader, we buy bulk powder and use biokleen degreaser and borax when necessary. I thin kthe bulk powder is by biokleen too.
    4. bleach alternative H2O2 30% we dilute the molarity depending on the task.
    5. bathroom scrub bac-out, baking soda
    6. window cleaner water and vinegar
    7. mold cleaner tea tree oil, baking soda, bac out biokleen degreaser H2O2
    8. floor cleaner bac-out
    9. floor cleaner
    10. body soap oregon handmade soaps different kinds
    11. liquid hand soap biokleen dish soap diluted
    12. shampoo n/a
    13. toothpaste auromere licorice

    except for the bac-out and toothpaste, everything is bought in bulk and the brand is usually biokleen, which is made in WA.

    we make cleaners out of the vineger h2o2 baking soda and ad stuff depending on the purpose.

    Anonymous said...

    1 dish soap: homemade bar
    2 dishawasher: don't use it
    3 laundry soap: homemade bar with washing soda and borax(unless using as greywater)
    4 bathroom scrub: baking soda
    5 window cleaner: vinegar and newspaper
    6 mold cleaner: vinegar
    7 floor cleaner: vinegar and warm water
    8 floor cleaner for wood: dont use it
    9 body soap: homemade bar soap
    10 liquid handsoap: don't use it
    11 shampoo: baking soda with vinegar rinse
    12 toothpaste: tom's of maine
    13 bleach alternative: mix of water, hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice. sun drying

    Bucky said...


    Except for that Toms of Main toothpaste, you win.

    I bow before you.

    Teach me, Eco Wan Kenobi.


    Anonymous said...

    I learned about Ecover as a student years ago, and started using more of it while living in France. I was very happy to find it in Holland too. Sorry if it sounds like I'm sponsored by them... Some day I'd like to move on to vinegar and baking soda, just not there yet.

    1. dish soap: Ecover
    2. dishwasher detergent (for machine dishwashers): Ecover tablets
    3. laundry detergent: front loader, Ecover color powder
    4. bleach alternative: none
    5. bathroom scrub: Ecover all purpose cleaner
    6. window cleaner: none
    7. mold cleaner: Sonett bathroom cleaner
    8. floor cleaner: Ecover floor soap
    9. floor cleaner: Ecover all purpose cleaner
    10. body soap: body shop bar
    11. liquid hand soap: none
    12. shampoo: lush solid bar, the others use Urtekram (Danish product)
    13. toothpaste: parodontax herbal toothpaste, but the kids use Elmex

    Melinda said...

    1. dish soap- BioKleen (local company - I like it better than Planet, which I used to use)
    2. dishwasher detergent- Ecover
    3. laundry detergent-BioKleen (works with any machine)
    4. bleach alternative- hydrogen peroxide from the drug store (same as 7th gen only cheaper & more concentrated)
    5. bathroom scrub- Bon Ami or baking soda, with a white vinegar rinse
    6. window cleaner- white vinegar
    7. mold cleaner- don't have a good one
    8. tile floor cleaner- vinegar
    9. wood floor cleaner- murphy's or other oil soap
    10. body soap- Green Mountain (bulk 1 gal)
    11. liquid hand soap- Ballard Organics
    12. shampoo- baking soda, with white vinegar rinse
    13. toothpaste- Tom's SLS-free

    The Internetter said...

    I've just started looking into this, so here's all my new stuff:

    1. dish soap: Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds. I've only used it once, but it smells good and works just as well as any other dish soap I've ever used. I'm thinking about trying their bar soap, though, to avoid the plastic bottle.
    2. dishwasher detergent: don't have a dishwasher
    3. laundry detergent: Don't have a washer--I use my parents'. (And I'm not even in college! HA!) They sometimes have Planet Somethingerother, sometimes a regular earth-unfriendly one.
    4. bleach alternative: haven't tried one yet, but I've heard hydrogen peroxide is good.
    5. bathroom scrub: Haven't gotten this far yet.
    6. window cleaner: ditto
    7. mold cleaner: ditto
    8. floor cleaner: ditto
    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors): ditto
    10. body soap: Dr. Bronner's. I use the bar almond soap. Love it!
    11. liquid hand soap: don't use it
    12. shampoo: I've been trying baking soda. Working out so far.
    13. toothpaste: baking soda. also working out.

    mudnessa said...

    1. dish soap
    I am currently using Seventh Generation free and clear, have used Trader Joe's brand in the past and liked it just as much but seventh generation comes in a bigger container. I did first try Method and really disliked it, no foaming and went through it was too fast.

    2. dishwasher detergent
    I dont have a working dishwasher at the moment but I have a box of Ecover tabs that I had been using and liked them fine and I have a box of powder Planet brand that I use to clean various other things. Add a spoonful to my stainless steel coffee mug and boiling water, let it sit and coffee stains come right off. I also use it in the same manner to clean my stainless steel kitchen sink.

    3. laundry detergent
    Seventh Generation free and clear. front load machine

    4. bleach alternative
    don't use

    5. bathroom scrub
    vinegar and/or baking soda and for soap scum build up I use mr clean magic eraser or the store brand once a year, ecover all purpose cleaner sometimes too.

    6. window cleaner
    vinegar water mixture if my microfiber cloths don't do the job

    7. mold cleaner
    mostly just vinegar but I have a bottle of bleach tub something that I pull out every once in a while to clean the corner caulking in my tub, I don't want to have to pay for that when I eventually move out of the apartment.

    8. floor cleaner (for linoleum) ecover all purpose or vinegar

    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors) don't have wood floors to clean

    10. body soap
    Jason tea tree but once that is gone I am going to switch to Burt's Bees Garden Tomato Complexion Soap which I currently use just on my face but will use for my body as well

    11. liquid hand soap
    Jason tea tree, will probably look for a bar soap when I finish up the liquid I have

    12. shampoo
    just a apple cider vinegar rinse for me at the moment, works great for me.

    13. toothpaste
    Currently using Jason and husband is using Tom's

    Amy in Tacoma said...

    1. dish soap (for hand washing dishes) - Planet!
    2. dishwasher detergent (for machine dishwashers) - Trader Joe's
    3. laundry detergent (do you have a front loader, top loader or high efficiency machine?) -Trader Joe's
    4. bleach alternative - white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide
    5. bathroom scrub - baking soda mixed with peppermint castille soap
    6. window cleaner - Method
    7. mold cleaner - don't have one
    8. floor cleaner (for linoleum) - don't have one
    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors) - don't have one
    10. body soap - Trader Joe's peppermint castille soap
    11. liquid hand soap - Trader Joe's Next to Godliness hand soap
    12. shampoo - curly girl method, using Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle conditioner to wash and apple cider vinegar rinse
    13. toothpaste - don't have one yet

    You didn't ask about stain removers, but I want to share. I love Begley's Best (created by environmentalist and actor Ed Begley). This even removed chocolate cake batter stains from a beige rug. It's fabulous!

    Anonymous said...

    1 Dish soap - Dishmate, neutral
    2 dishwasher detergent - 7th generation, neutral
    3 laundry detergent (high efficiency) CountrySave, love it, except i just used it up so we're switching to Cheer free & clear because I can't get CountrySave at the coop anymore.
    4 Countrysave non-chlorine powder, except ditto the detergent so I switched to OxyClean
    5-8 Vinegar & water, or Women's Cancer Action all-purpose cleaner recipe, have used it for years & love it.
    9 - drop of dish soap in a bucket of water
    10-11 - bulk "Gentle Soap" from our coop, sometimes in a foamer for kid happiness
    12 - bulk "herbal shampoo" SLS free
    13 - Tom's anise, or peppermint, fluoride-free for the kiddo. LOVE.

    Comment - I'm super sensitive to smell so a lot of these choices are based on availabilit/lack of bad smell/lack of toxicity, more than on cleaning power.

    Segwyne said...

    1. dish soap: Planet, like it so far
    2. don't have a dishwasher
    3. laundry detergent (top-loader): make my own with Dr. Bronner's bar soap, borax and washing soda
    4. bleach alternative: don't use one
    5. bathroom scrub: don't use one
    6. window cleaner: vinegar and water (sometimes with a drop of liquid soap added)
    7. mold cleaner: don't have one
    8. floor cleaner: liquid soap and water
    9. don't have wood floors
    10. body soap: local brand of bar soap, don't remember the name but he makes it in VT and powers his equipment with a bicycle
    11. liquid hand soap: Vermont Soap, love it, use it for everything
    12. shampoo: Vermont Soap, love it (I only shampoo every two weeks)
    13. toothpaste: currently use Tom's of Maine, like it, but am looking for others

    Anonymous said...

    1. dish soap (for hand washing dishes): biokleen dishwashing liquid - love it.

    2. dishwasher detergent (for machine dishwashers): biokleen powder, does really well

    3. laundry detergent (do you have a front loader, top loader or high efficiency machine?): top loader, low efficiency, go between biokleen and earth friendly magnolia scent: love it

    4. bleach alternative: natural choices oxy-boost, love it!

    5. bathroom scrub: oxy boost for the mucky stuff, baking soda earth friendly parsley plus or olde tyme super pine for the rest. love 'em all, parsley plus is best for light cleaning.

    6. window cleaner: vinegar, eh.

    7. mold cleaner: oxy boost!

    8. floor cleaner (for linoleum): old tyme super pine, love it

    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors): old tyme super pine or bioshield floor soap, love 'em

    10. body soap: So.A.P. lemongrass ginger - LOVE it, they're local or dr. bronner's ecualyptus bar soap

    11. liquid hand soap: So.A.P. lavender, it's primo.

    12. shampoo: aubrey organics J.A.Y. did the apple cider vinegar / baking soda bit for a while but it left my hair/scalp too dry

    13. toothpaste: Weleda's salt toothpaste -- no other toothpaste compares! they also have a plant gel toothpaste for sensitive teeth that i would recommend.

    i've found most of these products at, they're a locally owned austin biz that's been around almost 20 years (plug, plug!) my homemade adventures have been... lacking, to say the least.

    thanks for asking!

    Anonymous said...

    1. dish soap: ECOVER, love it
    2. dishwasher detergent: don't have a diswasher
    3. laundry detergent: ECOVER, love it
    4. bleach alternative: don't use it
    5. bathroom scrub: vinegar and tea tree or lemon peel with baking soda poured in
    6. window cleaner: vinegar
    7. mold cleaner: vinegar and tea tree
    8. floor cleaner: ammonia
    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors): Don't use it
    10. body soap: friend makes it
    11. liquid hand soap: don't use liquid
    12. shampoo: it varies. right now I'm using ShiKai Gold for blond hair. I'll also use Body Time products. (local)
    13. toothpaste: Nature's Gate

    Robj98168 said...

    1 Dish Soap- I think it is 7th Generation?
    2-Dishwasher Detergent- Trader Joe's Next to Godliness
    3-Laundry Soap- Trader Joes
    4- Bleach alternative- None - don't use bleach or alternatives
    5-Bathroom Scrub- Bon Ami- hasn't scratch yet
    6-Window Cleaner- Four Monks Vineager
    7-Mold Cleaner- Don't have one
    8-Floor Cleaner- Dr Bonners Soap
    9-Wood FLoor Cleaner- Dont have wood floors
    10-Body Soap_ Dr. Bonner's 8 In 1 peppermint hemp soap
    11-Liquid hand soap- Dont use it
    12--Shampoo- Dr. Bonner's 8 In 1 Peppermint hemp soap
    13 Toothpast- Tom's of Maine

    Anonymous said...

    First of all, we have fairly hard water, and do not use a water softener. I've noticed a lot of people don't figure in the hardness of water when talking about cleaners of various sorts.

    3. Biokleen, so far so good. Just switched to it so don't have a long experience with it yet. HE front loader machine. (I do use the warm wash, cold rinse, setting for most things. And white vinegar in place of fabric softener)

    10. I don't use liquid body soap, only natural bar soap. I buy stuff that's locally or regionally made, and aim for ones that are all plant based (no animal fats etc)

    12. Avalon organics, love it. I have one that smells like lavendar.

    13. Toms of Maine. I wish they still made the licorice flavored one. Sometimes we get the colgate instead, but unless I'm really pinching every last penny I get the Toms.

    not listed (I guess because they aren't "cleaners", but I'm including because they're body products, and so are toothpaste and shampoo)-

    deodorant: kiss my face liquid rock, love it.

    hair color (when I bother with it): Light Mountain henna

    I'm wanting to try some of the Dr. Bronner's products. I'm using PineSol for a floor cleaner, but when it runs out (ditto other stuff), I plan on at least getting some samples of greener things.

    Anonymous said...

    1. dish soap - Ecover. Works pretty well, but it's a little pricey.
    2. dishwasher detergent - Sadly, I haven't found anything to work as well as conventional, so Cascade it is. I've run the gamut of them too.
    3. laundry detergent - We just bought a new HE set, and I've been using Charlie's Soap for quite a few months, which I switched to when we started cloth diapering. It's ok. Lasts forever, but I think it's losing its effectiveness, so I'm on the hunt for something new.
    4. bleach alternative - Don't have one. I need one though.
    5. bathroom scrub - vinegar/baking soda paste with a few drops of lemon juice. Nothing gets my tub cleaner.
    6. window cleaner - two parts water to one part vinegar in a spray bottle. Use it on all glass surfaces. In fact I use it on ALL surfaces and it cleans great.
    7. mold cleaner - vinegar mostly, but if it's really bad, I make the hubs bleach the crap out of it with the windows open if we're out all day. I can open the windows in the summer, but in the winter, it's a little cold, so we have more of a mold issue in the winter, of course.
    8. floor cleaner - for all floors, I use a mixture of vinegar, water, and some charlies soap with some essential oil. Works like a charm.
    9. floor cleaner - see above
    10. body soap - Either 100% Pure or Bubble and Bee. Love both of them.
    11. liquid hand soap - Dr. Bronners - love it. Inexpensive and it doesn't dry my skin out.
    12. shampoo - This is my indulgence. I have horribly picky hair that knots if you look at it funny. The only thing that allows me to get a comb through it is John Masters I use the Zinc and Sage Shampoo and the Avocado conditioner. LOVE both of these products. Even if they are 40 bucks for the set. I use less, and it lasts longer, so I can justify the cost.
    13. toothpaste - Natural Dentist. Love it. Took a little getting used to, but it works great.

    Kelsie said...

    1. dish soap: BioKleen concentrated Lemon & Thyme--like it
    2. Dishwasher detergent: Seventh Generation gel--not totally satisfied, but learning to load the dishwasher better
    3. Laundry Detergent--homemade with bar soap (usually Dr. Bronner's), Fels Naphtha, Borax, and washing soda--it works just as well as any "eco" laundry soap you could buy off the shelf, and it's SO CHEAP
    4. Bleach alternative: White vinegar or peroxide
    5. Bathroom scrub: When I can find it, I really like the Mrs. Meyers powder, but far cheaper and just as effective is Bon Ami.
    6. Window cleaner: Vinegar or rubbing alcohol
    7. Mold--White vinegar
    8. Floor cleaner--Vinegar water with a little essential oil OR Mrs. Meyer's all-purpose cleaner
    9. Wood Floors--Either vinegar water or Murphy's Oil Soap (my floors are 101 years old...gotta take care of em')
    10. Body Soap: Dr. Bronner's
    11. Liquid hand soap: Don't use liquid hand soap; just a bar of homemade goat's milk soap or something I pick up at the health food store--whatever is on sale!
    12. Shampoo: Dr. Bronner's (just the peppermint soap--same as for body); no conditioner
    13. Toothpaste: Burt's Bees Lavender & Mint (I know they're owned by Clorox, but I love this stuff more than I'll ever love Tom's)

    Jen said...

    Converting as I run out of things, so things that are "don't have one yet" are things I had bought up and I'm still working my way through them.

    1. dish soap: don't have one yet
    2. dishwasher: don't have a dishwasher
    3. laundry: homemade with felsnaptha, borax and washing soda (Rhonda's recipe)
    4. bleach: still use regular
    5. bathroom scrub: baking soda and vinegar
    6. window cleaner: um, you're supposed to wash windows???
    7. mold: don't have one yet
    8. floor: don't have one yet
    9. wood floors: don't have wood floors
    10: body soap: Ivory, but want to make my own (trying to get up courage to do it)
    11: liquid hand soap: don't have one
    12: shampoo: baking soda and apple cider vinegar, and Burt's Bees grapefruit when I need it
    13. toothpaste: baking soda sometimes, but still use regular too

    kit said...

    1. dish soap (for hand washing dishes): Seventh Gen unscented - we put a little in a jar of water that our dish brush lives in and a bottle lasts for months. Works well!
    2. dishwasher detergent (for machine dishwashers) - no dishwasher
    3. laundry detergent (do you have a front loader, top loader or high efficiency machine?) - Seventh Gen unscented powder, after about a year of this we're starting to get a bit of a plain-soap odor left in our clothes. It's not terrible, but it does smell a little gross.
    4. bleach alternative - don't use bleach
    5. bathroom scrub - hot water for now since we have peeling painted tile (thanks, idiots who lived here before us) that can't take much scrubbing
    6. window cleaner - Wet washcloth. We live in a basement and unless the insides of the windows are really dirty, I never notice them.
    7. mold cleaner - don't use it
    8. floor cleaner (for linoleum) - water
    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors) - none
    10. body soap - bars of Dr. Bronners
    11. liquid hand soap - we use the small chunks of bar soap that get left in the bath
    12. shampoo - bar soap
    13. toothpaste - Tom's of Maine pepperminty stuff. I honestly don't like the natural peppermint flavor that much- it has a nasty aftertaste. Straight baking soda might be our next try.

    jenny_lucey said...

    I don't know how eco friendly it is, but I use Method's wood for good for my wood floors, and I like it.

    Anonymous said...

    1. dish soap: Seventh Generation - Love it.
    2. dishwasher detergent: Still using yucky chemically ones. Interested in your suggestions for green ones. Will have to try out
    3. laundry detergent: same as #2 except I use white vinegar as fabric softener.
    4. bleach alternative: I use toxic regular bleach :(
    5. bathroom scrub: white vingar 50/50 with water in a spray bottle, alone or with either baking soda, borax or bon ami depending on how scummy the surface is. Love it.
    6. window cleaner: White vinegar spray and dry off with newspaper. Works like magic, better than anything else I've ever used,love it.
    7. mold cleaner: white vinegar and/or hydrogen peroxide. Like it If mold is REALLY bad, bleach :(
    8. floor cleaner: White vinegar & hot water. Love it.
    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors): vinegar & hot water or murphys oil soap if in real need of some TLC. Love it.
    10. body soap: Dr. Bronner's. Love it.
    11. liquid hand soap: Dr. Bronner's liquid castille soap mixed w/ water in a foam soap dispenser.
    12. shampoo: Baking soda and organic apple cider vinegar. LOVE IT!
    13. toothpaste: Tom's of Maine - like it.

    Would love to know how to use liquid castille soap as laundry detergent in a front loader from those of you who do it. Thanks!

    Anonymous said...

    yes you're supposed to wash your windows. ;) I get the insides washed once or twice a year, and the outsides.... well that's a huge chore, so it happens more like once or twice a decade. It is *shocking* the difference it makes. I wouldn't have believed there was any point to washing windows if I hadn't gotten around to doing it a few years back. I just figured it was one of those "housewife busywork perfectionistic clean-freak" things.

    If I didn't tend towards avoiding the bothersome, I'd wash my windows more often.

    flutter said...

    1. dish soap (for hand washing dishes) : Trader Joe's Next to Godliness (Mandarin Orange mmm); like it

    2. dishwasher detergent (for machine dishwashers) : haven't found one yet that works on its own

    3. laundry detergent (do you have a front loader, top loader or high efficiency machine?) : don't have a washing machine! My man uses what's available as far as I know. Do not like, but do not have a choice.

    4. bleach alternative : hydrogen peroxide; adore it

    5. bathroom scrub : lemon + kosher salt; true love

    6. window cleaner : vinegar; love!

    7. mold cleaner : vinegar + scrubbing; love

    8. floor cleaner (for linoleum) : vinegar + water; doesn't dry quickly, but effective
    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors) : don't have wood floors, but I would assume the vinegar bit would still work

    10. body soap : Hugo's Naturals; love

    11. liquid hand soap : Dr. Bronner's mixed with water and essential oil; it works, but I'm not the biggest fan ever

    12. shampoo : Hugo's Naturals; love

    13. toothpaste : Tom's of Maine SLS Free

    Vinegar, baking soda, salt, hydrogen peroxide, and lemons are all I keep around for cleaning my entire house.

    Anonymous said...


    it's oh so much about being too cheap to spend the money and being too lazy to walk to the store. if i could stand the taste of baking soda, i'd drop the tom's toothpaste too. as it stands, i use that one cos 1) where else am i gonna get fresh licorice-ishy morning breath and 2)the tube recycles. baking soda is great for so many things. a while ago i piked up some floor rugs from freecycle. the girl said that her dog had slept on one of them and so it had "a little dog smell". uh huh, he slept on it alright... right before he DIED on it! any way, a little baking soda, some peppermint extract and 12 hours later... no more eau du fido

    Anonymous said...

    1. dishsoap: Mrs. Meyer's
    2. dishwasher detergent: BioKleen
    3. laundry detergent: Smarter Laundry Laundry Dropps
    4: bleach alternative: Ecover
    5. bathroom scrub: Meyer's or Biokleen Soy Cream Cleaner
    6. window cleaner: don't have one
    7. mold cleaner: don't have one
    8. floor cleaner: Seaside Naturals Hardwood Floor Cleaner
    9: body soap: Burts Bees
    10. liquid hand soap: Ballard
    11. shampoo: don't have one yet
    12: toothpaste: Tom's of Maine

    I've found many of my best cleaning products on, which selects and certifies the best eco-friendly supplies.

    Allie said...

    1. Dish soap: Method. Love it.
    2. Dishwasher detergent: N/A.
    3. Laundry soap: No idea - I send my laundry out for $0.75/lb washing. Love it.
    4. Bleach replacement: N/A. I suppose if I had need of this, I'd use peroxide.
    5. Bathroom: Baking soda. Love it.
    6. Window: Vinegar. Love it.
    7. Mold: Vinegar. Love it. Used bleach after Ike.
    8. Flood cleaner: Vinegar. Love it.
    9. Wood floors: N/A.
    10. Body soap: Whatever bar soap my mother makes and mails me. The formula varies with her mood. Love it.
    11. Hand soap: Method. Love it.
    12. Shampoo: Vinegar. Love it.
    13. Toothpast: Aquafresh, I think. Indifferent toward it. I buy whatever is on sale.

    Christina Gilman said...

    1. dish soap - LifeTree, it's ok but doesn't seem to do so well with grease
    2. dishwasher detergent - Ecover powder - great stuff
    3. laundry detergent - Lifetree in my HE machine, works great
    4. bleach alternative - have a box of Country Save but I don't use it much
    5. bathroom scrub - currently using a dilution of AFM Concentrated Super Clean, seems to work well but could be more diluted, very sudsy
    6. window cleaner - working through ancient Windex
    7. mold cleaner - don't have one
    8. floor cleaner - I usually just sweep these, but would probably use some of the AFM Super Clean solution or dish soap
    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors) - n/a
    10. body soap - Dr. Bronner's for hands, Shikai in the shower, both bought in bulk, like them both
    11. liquid hand soap - n/a
    12. shampoo - Nature's Gate, in bulk - good stuff
    13. toothpaste - Tom's of Maine, good stuff

    JessTrev said...

    1. dish soap (for hand washing dishes) - 7th gen, fine
    2. dishwasher detergent (for machine dishwashers) - 7th gen powder or homemade (borax + baking soda) - both work fine if I throw 1/4 cup vinegar in for prerinse and in the rinse cup
    3. laundry detergent (HE top loader) - 7th gen, fine
    4. bleach alternative - hydrogen peroxide
    5. bathroom scrub - Mrs. Meyer's or baking soda
    6. window cleaner - homemade (vinegar, liquid soap, water)
    7. mold cleaner - vinegar
    8. floor cleaner (for linoleum) - homemade, same as window cleaner
    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors) - Bona
    10. body soap - bar Kiss My Face olive oil soal
    11. liquid hand soap - don't use any more
    12. shampoo - currently baking soda and vinegar rinse
    13. toothpaste - Tom's of Maine

    Anonymous said...

    1. dish soap (for hand washing dishes)Dr. Bronner's bar soap - citrus
    2. dishwasher detergent (for machine dishwashers)n/a
    3. laundry detergent (do you have a front loader, top loader or high efficiency machine?)top loader, Seventh Generation super duper concentrated liquid
    4. bleach alternative borax
    5. bathroom scrub citrisolve, borax
    6. window cleaner soap and hot water wipe with newspaper (I have no idea why this works but it does)
    7. mold cleaner citrisolve, borax
    8. floor cleaner (for linoleum)Dr. Bronner's tea tree liquid soap
    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors)same as 8
    10. body soap Dr. Bronner's bar soap lavender
    11. liquid hand soap n/a
    12. shampoo Dr. Bronner's liquid soap lavender
    13. toothpaste Uncle Harry's All Natural Tooth Whitener together with a couple of drops of Dr. Bronner's liquid soap tea tree. To help remineralize my teeth I use Tooth Swish from
    I LOVE Dr. Bronner's (can you tell)
    Tom's of Maine sold out to Colgate or some such and I gave them up.
    Janet W

    Renee. . . said...

    I'm a keep it simple, girl. Thus, mostly the same answer.

    1. dish soap (for hand washing dishes) -- Shaklee (like it fine)
    2. dishwasher detergent (for machine dishwashers) -- Shaklee (like it fine)
    3. laundry detergent (do you have a front loader, top loader or high efficiency machine?)-- Shaklee (like it fine) top loader
    4. bleach alternative -- don't use
    5. bathroom scrub -- don't use
    6. window cleaner -- Shaklee (like it fine)
    7. mold cleaner -- don't use
    8. floor cleaner (for linoleum)-- Shaklee (like it fine)
    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors)-- don't use
    10. body soap -- home-made soap from soap flakes (love it)
    11. liquid hand soap-- Shaklee (like it fine)
    12. shampoo -- shampoo-free, love it
    13. toothpaste -- Tom's of Main, love it

    Anonymous said...

    1. dish soap: Seventh Generation UNSCENTED
    2. dishwasher detergent: N/A
    3. laundry detergent: I make my own with one bar Dr. Bronner's unscented soap, washing soda and borax, works fine
    4. bleach alternative: If I ever use it, I like ecover
    5. bathroom scrub: Bon Ami, or baking soda
    6. window cleaner: vinager
    7. mold cleaner: n/a
    8. floor cleaner: dish soap and water and vinager
    9. floor cleaner: n/a, cant you just use wax?
    10. body soap: Kiss My Face Olive Oil soap
    11. liquid hand soap: Dr. Bronners unscented
    12. shampoo: giovanni metal
    13. toothpaste: tom's of main, with baking soda

    Sera said...

    Aaaaand from Auckland, New Zealand:

    1. dish soap (for hand washing dishes): down to earth - it is the biggest bottle (and cheapest) of "eco" dishwash at the supermarket. like it- you only need a drop. although it's not so good on oily oily oily stuff. luckily i don't have much of that!!
    2. dishwasher detergent (for machine dishwashers): don't have one
    3. laundry detergent (do you have a front loader, top loader or high efficiency machine?): we have a top loader which I use down to earth at the moment, not liking so much as what I was using previously...which I can't remember. But i remember my old one came with a cardboard scoop and was a lot softer that down to earth.
    4. bleach alternative: don't have one
    5. bathroom scrub: using ajax baking soda at the moment, but when that runs out will attempt to convert my flat mate to using vinegar and baking soda. she's quite lazy when it comes to choosing products...but we persevere!
    6. window cleaner: switching to vinegar and newspaper as of today! the last of our old budget brand blue stuff ran out.
    7. mold cleaner: don't have one...elbow grease!
    8. floor cleaner (for linoleum): don't have lino
    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors): don't have wood either!! just use vinegar on the tiles and a vacuum on the carpet.
    10. body soap: we have a cupboard full of soaps people give us...whatever's there! I used to just use the shampoo foam from my head, but I've switched to a less foamy substance now.
    11. liquid hand soap: don't use
    12. shampoo: tea tree and lavender shampoo bar from 'global soap' a small company in nelson.
    13. toothpaste: don't have a "eco" variety at the moment. did use one for a while, and it was much better than the macleans I use at the moment. I just haven't seen it the last couple of times I've needed a new tube.

    Tina Cardone said...

    I just found out about "Bar Keepers Friend" which is an all purpose cleanser/polish. It was recommended for stains on my pots/pans (which it worked wonders on) and the website says it works for "stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic tile, plastic, copper, china, fiberglass, imitation marble, tile, grout, chrome, and composition sinks." It's derived from rhubarb and biodegradable.

    I use my microfiber cloths without anything but water for kitchen/bathroom counters and mirrors/windows. Dr. Bronner's works great for body/shampoo (and for scrubbing the toilet!).

    Lisa said...

    How fun! May have to steal something like this for my blog haha.

    1. dish soap: Method, like it (loved ECOS but can't buy it around me and don't want to have to have it shipped.)
    2. dishwasher detergent: 7th Gen. I know most hate it but I like it pretty well.
    3. laundry detergent: I have a front loader and I use Method right now and love it but I'm switching to ECOS because I love it just as much and it's cheaper.
    4. bleach alternative: I make my own, you can find my "recipe" on my blog
    5. bathroom scrub: ECOS, I love it!
    6. window cleaner: Method, it smells awesome and works great
    7. mold cleaner: Tea Tree oil and water, works better than bleach.
    8. floor cleaner: Method Omop, I love the scent of the cleaner and the Omop does a great job. (I use it on tile)
    9. floor cleaner: don't have them but would at least try the Method stuff
    10. body soap: I don't use the same thing always. I'm not even sure which one I have been using lately, I just grab the bottle...
    11. liquid hand soap: Method, like it
    12. shampoo: Burts Bees, Love it
    13. toothpaste: Tom's the SLS and fluoride free kind.

    Threads of Light said...

    1. dish soap -Still working on this one. Currently use Earth brand (it's ok), with bicarb for stubborn grease.

    2. dishwasher detergent - don't use my dishwasher anymore, but when I did we used bicarb soda (=sodium bicarbonate), borax and citric acid.

    3. laundry detergent -top loader. I make laundry powder from grated pure soap, borax, washing soda, and essential oils. It works well, but I'm only brave enough at the moment to use it on coloureds. I use Green Care on whites, it works fine.

    4. bleach alternative - vinegar. Love it, and it sure smells better than bleach!

    5. bathroom scrub - bicarb soda and vinegar, love it.

    6. window cleaner - elbow grease plus a bit of vinegar when needed. Very happy with it.

    7. mold cleaner - vinegar.

    8. floor cleaner (for linoleum) - we don't have any lino, I clean our tiles with vinegar or hot water and eucalyptus oil. It's great, gets things clean and I don't have fake chemical smells in the air.

    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors) - as above.

    10. body soap - organic goats milk soap (from, it's the best I've ever tried. Fantastic.

    11. liquid hand soap - goats milk soap as above, or a mixture of bicarb soda with eucalyptus and a bit of olive oil. Feels great, gets hands really clean.

    12. shampoo - Our whole family (2 adults, 4 children) wash our hair with a bicarb soda paste, then rinse with diluted vinegar or lemon juice. I prefer the lemon juice because I have oily hair. I started doing this in mid January and love it so much, I'm not going back to regular shampoo!

    13. toothpaste - just started making a coconut oil/bicarb/peppermint oil mix, and it's great. I have sensitive teeth, so may keep my special toothpaste from the chemist and rub tiny amounts into the painful teeth as needed. Would love not to have to do this!

    I would add a couple more:

    14. Deodorant - bicarb and arrowroot (tapioca flour) 1:1 with essential oils and cardamon - this is SO GOOD I can't believe my nose, what I'm not smelling, that is! This stuff is way more effective than the aluminium laced concoctions I'd been using all my life. NEVER going back, this is brilliant stuff.

    15. Moisturizer: I use tiny amounts of coconut oil on my skin, and paw paw cream for rough heels and elbows. Love them both.

    Notwasted said...

    1. dish soap: 7th gen. scentless
    2. dishwasher detergent: don't have a dw
    3. laundry detergent: nature clean all purpose cleaning lotion
    4. bleach alternative: nature clean all purpose cleaning lotion
    5. bathroom scrub: nature clean all purpose
    6. window cleaner: vinegar and water
    7. mold cleaner: don't need one
    8. floor cleaner: hot water and vinegar or nature clean
    9. floor cleaner (for wood floors): a broom, and sometimes hot water and vinegar
    10. body soap: baby bar soap..can't remember the name...
    11. liquid hand soap: don't use one.
    12. shampoo: baby soap bar
    13. toothpaste: tom's