Got a lot of blackberries? Then check out this recipe for Blackberry Mojito Fruit Leather.

I'm not a huge fan of fruit leathers, but this turned out super good! And, really, you can't go wrong with blackberries, mint and rum.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Green Goddess Dressing post alert

I know I've been slacking on posting over at Green Goddess Dressing, but I wanted to alert you that I have a new post up over there. It's a review of Burt's Bees Aftershave for Men. Well, it's mostly a review of my husband's experience with it, not mine.

Just as a head's up, I'll be running the first Buy Nothing Challenge confessional this Sunday. And next week I'll be doing the first post for the Sleeping Naked Is Green book club. So, stay tuned!


Jennifer Bové said...

Hiya Crunchy,
I just started following this blog and am enjoying it - thanks! Wanted to mention
re: Burt's Bees that I have long LOVED their pomegranate lip balm - the subtle
color and au naturality seemed sublime. But then someone posted a comment on my
blog informing me that BBs has been swallowed up by Clorox, as part of Clorox's
new "Green Works" line of products. Call me paranoid, but I'm skeptical of
mega-corporate scruples, so I've quit the BBs lip balm, which now has variable
ingredients of questionable quality. I'm set on the idea of making my own lip lovin' goo one of these days. Maybe tinted AND peppermint flavored. Mmmmm...
As for shaking up the shaving routine, FYI, Dr. Bronner's offers some new organic gels, and there are solid shaving bars out there that ditch the plastic containers altogether.

Have a great afternoon!

Greenjoycie said...

I cannot get online this Sunday for the confessional since I will be on vacation so can you take my post now? I have been doing so well at this challenge. The only thing I messed up on was getting my bangs cut. I missed my appointment in July and had to reschedule. I couldn't think of a single thing to barter, even though my hairdresser was okay with it. I was just too busy. SO that's all. Thank you. Wish me luck on vacation next week. Tee hee