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For those of you not following me on Facebook, as of the Summer of 2019 I've moved to Central WA, to a tiny mountain town of less than 1,000 people.

I will be covering my exploits here in the Cascades, as I try to further reduce my impact on the environment. With the same attitude, just at a higher altitude!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Urban Farm Handbook review

Do you live in the city or an otherwise urban area, yet yearn for life in the country? Well, quit dreaming and start living! The Urban Farm Handbook is a necessity to prove that you can be (mostly) self-sufficient and not have to move out to the sticks to achieve your goals.

It also will appeal to those of us (my family included) who want the ideals of country living, but still have the benefits of city living - energy efficiency, improved transportation, access to the arts, excellent dining, etc.

The Urban Farm Handbook, by Annette Cottrell (of and Joshua McNichols (who, apparently, lives nearby me), will want to make you grind your own grain, raise mealworms in your house to feed your flock of backyard chickens, make your own chevre from your dairy goats (where legal, of course), dispatch your own bunnies and beyond.

I get a lot of books to review, but I cannot say enough good things about this book. You'll just have to trust me on this one. If you are interested in the local food movement, even if you do live out in the sticks (you lucky bastards), you will really enjoy this book.

Normally, I'd do a giveaway of the books I've read, but this one's a keeper. Sorry, you're going to have to buy it yourself :)


Surviving and thriving on pennies said...

Damn you lucky bastards!!
I almost bought this last time. Arg!! Will be getting this book at my next visit. Btw- did you hear Beth Terry wrote a book?? Who am I kidding you probably have it preordered on amazon already. Better yet she already sent you one. You lucky bastard!

Crunchy Chicken said...

@Surviving - Yes, yes and yes.

Unknown said...

I bought this book a while ago and plan on doing a review pretty soon on my blog ( because I loved it as well. I thought it was really well written and was just so inspiring with concrete information.

Sarah P said...

Sounds great. Have you read Deppe's Resilient Gardener? That one is my husband's favorite.