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Saturday, December 12, 2009

NY Times handmade gift giving guide

Welcome New York Times readers!

If you are looking for posts on making your own gifts, be sure to check out the posts for my Buy Hand for the Holidays Challenge, which encourages people to spend less on commercial gifts and either make them instead or buy from local artisans.

If you are looking for ideas for last minute gifts that are inexpensive and quick n' easy to make, then I've got some great gift ideas for you here.

If you've got more time, I've compiled a list of gifts you can make yourself that look interesting, but be forewarned, some are a little harder than others to make.

When in doubt, stick to the food gifts. You'll want to make sure that your gift is something special, so skip the basic cookie recipes and try to find something a little more out of the ordinary. And, I don't mean "weird' out of the ordinary, but more "Williams Sonoma" gourmet out of the ordinary, like chocolate cookies with cocoa nibs and lime. And, if you are tired of peppermint bark, give Aztec chocolate bark (with cayenne, cinnamon and ancho chile!) a try.

Oh, and if you are looking for the recipe for my Indian Masala Strawberry Jam (with Pinot Noir and Port), look no further than my food blog. You'll find other jam recipes over there as well.

Good luck! You still have enough time to make this holiday a memorable one, while saving some money at the same time!


Renee said...

Here's the pics of the play kitchen I made for my daughter. We were going to get her one anyway, then I really liked the solid Maine made one I saw in a catalog but as going to cost twice as much. Then I decided I could build it! It took a month of late nights drawing on junior high shop class skills. We are remodeling our downstairs for a Christmas get together, so I hid the materials from my husband until they were cut. I knew he'd say I was crazy and that we didn't have time for it(and he did!). I could show you the cosmetic flaws, but it's nothing that Bridget will notice! Thanks for helping to inspire me to make more things on my own.

zsazsa said...

Looked at your DIY gift list and I didn't know where to start! They're all great ideas and looks like they're fun to make too! I'm sharing this with a friend who's into crafts and stuff. She may be able to help me create stuff from your list! I'm thinking kitchen hand soap, placemats and dog biscuits for my shih tzu! Thanks!