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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Doing the dudes

I noticed that I usually only discuss women's beauty products and rarely men's and that's because most of my readers (not all, of course) are women. There are only a few guys I feel comfortable asking about their personal "beauty" routines, so I'm fairly ignorant about what men, in general, do.

And, unless you believe what you read in Details (that currently has an online article, A User's Guide to Man Boobs, which I'm sure is invaluable for those guys sporting a fine rack), I don't have much to go off of.

So, I thought I'd ask you for the real details if you are a man and, if you aren't, gimme the scoop about the dude(s) in your life. Feel free to answer anonymously if you are concerned about giving up the secrets of your (man's) toilette:

1. What kind of shampoo/conditioner does he use?
2. What kind of shaving equipment and products does he use? Does he shave/trim his body hair, too?
3. What kind of antiperspirant/deodorant does he use?
4. Does he use a specific soap, or whatever is in the shower?
5. Does he use a facial toner and if so, what kind?
6. Does he use an aftershave lotion and if so, what kind?
7. Does he use a moisturizer and if so, what kind?
8. Does he use any hair styling products and if so, what kind?
9. Does he use any kind of facial scrub/mask and if so, what kind?
10. Would you describe him as a manly man or a metrosexual or somewhere in between?

I can't believe I haven't asked this before. It all feels so anthropological!


Krista said...

My hubby shaves his beard with my Venus razor, since I have long stopped shaving my body hair. Other than that he has a super simple "beauty" routine.

mudnessa said...

What my husband uses is totally influenced by me, previously he used whatever was cheap.

Here is what he uses:

1. He recently went no poo, a baking soda wash with a apple cider vinegar rinse.

2. He is fully bearded and uses an electric trimmer to trim anything that needs trimming which happens quite infrequently.

3. He uses Old Spice antiperspirant. I can't get him to try just a deodorant or the crystal, which is what I use.

4. He is using Everyman Jack body wash, a greener men's line of products. It's ingredient list is shorter and a bit simpler than most conventional products . Now that I think of it he does have their facial/shaving products too but not much visible skin on his face so it never gets used.

Doesn't use any of the rest of the products.

I can as his wife say he is somewhere between manly and metro but if you saw him no one would ever put any word but manly to describe him, well grizzly is better. Or scary is what kids usually call him, big, bearded, long haired, heavily tattooed.

Anonymous said...

1. Basic supermarket combined.
2. Manual razor, I don't bother with body hair.
3. Basic roll on
4. Whatever is in the shower
5. No
6. no lotion but spray on aftershave occassionaly.
7. No
8. No
9. No
10. Manly (I hope).

megan said...

My boyfriend is up for trying pretty much any product, but these are the things that have worked for him and stuck for the long term.

1. baking soda/water or The Body Shop Ginger Shampoo, if his scalp gets dry in the winter.
2. he has had a huge, full beard since well before we met. the electric trimmers come out about once a month--usually at the same time that I cut his hair.
3. Burt's Bees Herbal Deodorant (the spray)
4. we only use Dr. Bronner's Peppermint bar and liquid.
5. none
6. none
7. none
8. none
9. occasionally, he'll use my Jason scrub or whatever I have in the shower.
10. I guess I would say manly-just because his routine is so simple.

knutty knitter said...

1. baking soda mix
2. scissors - hair and beard only
3. something from "Lush" that works.
4. whatever I buy - mostly a manuka (tea tree) and honey thing we get online.
5. no
6. no I made them vanish when we first got together and they haven't returned or been missed.
10. Computer geek

viv in nz

Billie said...

1. Head n Shoulders
2. Schick disposable and scissors for shaving and trimming body hair.
3. Roll-on antiperspirant. Brand? All I know is that it is blue.
4. He uses whatever soap I buy for him. Currently - natural soap from WF
5. no
6. rarely
7. whatever I buy
8. Gel - a cheap brand
9. no
10. Manly with a hint of metrosexual

My husband does not believe that commercial products might have too many chemicals and has no concern for the environment. Therefore there is no convincing him to go with bar shampoo, natural shampoos, reusable razors or anything else. I don't actually think he realizes that the soap is chemical free.

Unknown said...

1. He shaves his head, but oddly is still attached to shampoo, we use Giovanni or Alba Botanica. No cond.
2. He has a full beard, but uses an electric trimmer for his head and for trims.
3. Arm and Hammer paraben free "natural" deo. Refuses to use the stone. Former Old Spice addict.
4. Whatever is in the shower.
5. No
6. No
7. Shikai Yuzu body lotion - but only on his face!
8. No
9. No
10. He's a manly man, though he likes to be neat and clean.

CoCargoRider said...

Sorry this is coming from the man.
1. What kind of shampoo/conditioner does he use? - Same as soap
2. What kind of shaving equipment and products does he use? Straight razor and goats milk soap. Does he shave/trim his body hair, too? - Nope
3. What kind of antiperspirant/deodorant does he use? - Some natural type
4. Does he use a specific soap, or whatever is in the shower? - Goat soap
5. Does he use a facial toner and if so, what kind? - Nope
6. Does he use an aftershave lotion and if so, what kind? - Nope
7. Does he use a moisturizer and if so, what kind? - Vitamin E cream
8. Does he use any hair styling products and if so, what kind? - High and tight
9. Does he use any kind of facial scrub/mask and if so, what kind? - Nope
10. Would you describe him as a manly man or a metrosexual or somewhere in between? - Lazy

Eco Yogini said...

haha- what a great idea!

1. Green Beaver (cuz I didn't like it, and he doesn't care what kind of shampoo)no conditionner
2. electric razor
3. speed stick (yuck), this is an improvement from irish springs that i worked hard to get.
4. Dove (improvement from irish spring yet again!) he would use the more 'green' soaps, but they cost more and he hates that.
5. no facial toner
6. once a month about he uses Aveda's aftershave stuff, which has lasted him TWO YEARS (and is only halfway gone)
7. no moisturizer... although while we lived in the Okanagan I made him put my Burt's Bees stuff.
8. Aveda grooming clay (improvement from that gel stuff)
9. nope
10. ummm. video gamer cleaned up?

DramaMama said...

1) Whatever's in there. I use a shampoo bar and he's been using that lately. But if we go to a hotel and kife the free shampoo he'll use that first.
2) He uses an electric shaver w/homemade aftershave, which was his idea b/c it had rum in it!
3) He uses whatever cheap deodorant I buy him and refuses any 'treehugger' versions, as he calls them. He does not do liquid deodorant. I am actually looking for ideas on this...
4) We use Kirk's castile soap, but if he had his way he'd use something like Irish Spring or whatever that is.
5) No.
6) Yes - see #2.
7) No.
8) Cheap-o gel, if anything. We're talking the $1 Mega tub *shudder!*.
9) No.
10) Pretty manly since he doesn't really use much 'product'. Unless you count aloe vera for all the sunburn! LOL Sunscreen is just too much work..."rolling eyes*...!
I'm really glad you are posting some things about stuff for guys. Like I said, I'm doing what I can to get him to change his deodorant, mostly b/c I hate how the cheap stuff is one of the reasons he has so many pit stains! (Don't worry, he'll never read this...) I'm looking forward to reading more!

Melissa Anderson said...

As for my husband:
1) He uses whatever I buy - translate to cheap. I think he is currently using Suave.
2)He uses an electric razor. He used to use the lotion inserts with it but I can't find them anymore.
3)I buy whatever is cheapest, but it is an antiperspirant and deodorant. One time (probably 3 years ago) I mistakenly bought deodorant only, it's still in the linen closet. I don't know what to do with it.
4)He uses body wash and recently chose himself. He bought Zest energy.
7)Yes. Equate brand
9)No. I had to laugh at that one
10)He's somewhere in between. I have no idea where:)

Tara said...

Mine shaves his head too, but has very little facial hair, so only shaves weekly or so, sometimes with an electric trimmer, sometimes with a razor. If he uses shave cream, it's Herban Cowboy, which I picked out but he likes.

No shampoo or conditioner - Ivory soap head to toe.

Whatever deodorant I buy him is fine.

Rarely uses aftershave, when he does it's Burt's Bees Bay Rum.

His regimen, if you can call it that, consists of soap and deodorant and that's about it (well, and toothpaste, of course).

Manly. ;-)

Anonymous said...

1. Whatever I buy from the green food/organic store
2. As few as possible. (Fully bearded. I hate when he trims it - very scratchy - and then he has to use conditioner till I let him kiss me.)
3. antiperspirant, unspecified
4. Whatever is in the shower (handmade eco-friendly herb stuff bought from local producers)
5. 6. 7. 8. and 9. No
10. In general, scruffy and grizzly (he says: lazy) In a suit: awesome (he says: I clean up well.)

Abi said...

Shampoo: Kirkland signature (no conditioner)
Soap: anything with little fragrance
Shave: nope (occasional trim at the barber)
Moisturizer: any lotion, hands only
Deoderant: nope
Everything else: nope
Verdict: Manly.

Unknown said...

1. suave shampoo cause it's cheap. no conditioner.
2. bar soap & a razer with disposable blades.
3. i don't know the brand. but it is an anti perspirant.
4. he uses whatever bar soap i buy.
5. no
6. he has an aftershave lotion but rarely uses it. don't remember what kind.
7. he uses my moisturizer when his face gets peely from sunburn.
8. he uses gel sometimes. again, i dont remember what kind. it's a blue gel.
9. no.
10. somewhere in between.

Anonymous said...

1. whatever's on sale, usually 2:1 shampoo/conditioner combo

2. shaves with manual razor & trims beard down to a nice "miami vice" scruff length about once a week. No body hair trimming (gets hair cut every 6 months or so)

3. whatever's on sale

4. generally suave body wash with little crystals in it

5. nope

6. swanky lovely smelling aftershave, but only for dates...

7. store brand baby lotion (it was on sale)

8. some sort of gel - garnier nutrisse, i think (on sale...)

9. nope

10. manly man

Greenpa said...

Highly amusing stuff! I'll just provide one factoid; I haven't shaved, anything, since 1968.

All this should provide you lots of mileage for the green show!

Rosa said...

The answer for all those questions is that he uses whatever product I buy, and shaves on a quarterly basis with an electric clippers which he also "styles" his hair with.

My man is a hairy geek whose dress code at work is "please don't stink outside your cube"

Robj98168 said...

How about I answer these myself-
1. What kind of shampoo/conditioner does he use?
I use Dr. Bonners peppermint hemp seed oil soap. SOmetimes Lavendar.
2. What kind of shaving equipment and products does he use? Does he shave/trim his body hair, too?
I use a shaving brush and preserve razors and Colonel Kons shaving soap bar. Trim? *blush* yes
3. What kind of antiperspirant/deodorant does he use?None I have no odor.
4. Does he use a specific soap, or whatever is in the shower?
see #1
5. Does he use a facial toner and if so, what kind?No- fat dont crack
6. Does he use an aftershave lotion and if so, what kind?Old spice sometimes Pierre Cardin
7. Does he use a moisturizer and if so, what kind? Nop but probably should
8. Does he use any hair styling products and if so, what kind?No shaved head
9. Does he use any kind of facial scrub/mask and if so, what kind?No
10. Would you describe him as a manly man or a metrosexual or somewhere in between? Hippie commie pinko fag

Anonymous said...

My husband Ban solid deo.; hand-milled Italian & French soaps in the shower (I give them to him in his Christmas stocking every year - he especially likes the ones with citrus scents; they last forever); H20 shaving cream - it's very pricey but whenever I find it at Marshall's when it's highly discounted, I buy it. He says it's far superior to other brands and lasts a long time. I have no clue what razor or razor blades he buys but I know he sometimes uses coupons for them. He shaves every single day - and sometimes twice because his beard is heavy. No aftershave or cologne. Uses copious amounts of handcream because he works his hands so hard. Especially likes the L'Occitane hand cream but settles for Lubriderm.

Anonymous said...

1. Whatever is in the shower; he is willing to try new things and liked the shampoo bar I bought. I had purchased about 20 bottles of shampoo when it was on a killer sale last year and we are still working our way through that so no more shampoo bars for a while I think. Plus, he travels about 4 times a month and brings home all of the soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion from the hotel.

2. He uses an electric shaver for most of his face and an electric trimmer for his mustache and goatee. This is actually much kinder to his face; he used to shave but his skin is so sensitive he would bleed every day.

3. Whatever I buy that is on sale, currently we have Degree in the bathroom and he has a Right Guard travel stick in his suitcase.

4. Whatever is in the shower, likes sandalwood soap for dates.

5. Some green stuff he puts on before he shaves, says it makes the beard stand up better.

6. No aftershave lotion. He has two colognes one of which he's had for at least 11 years and uses so seldom the bottle is still 90% full.

7. On his hands and feet only, he has great skin but his hands and feet get dry and cracked.

8. Mousse or gel, his gel he's also had since before we met (more than 10 years). Only before job interviews or dates.

9. No.

10. Somewhere in between.


Samantha said...

First, I have to say we live on a boat without a shower or hot water, so our primping takes place at either the hotel my boyfriend works at, or at the hotel where we have a spa/fitness membership.

1. Whatever bar soap he uses to wash his body.
2. He uses an electric Norelco shaver on his face. Free disposable razors from the hotel for anywhere else he's shaving.
3. Old Spice
4. Whatever is in the shower/free from the hotel. ;)
5. No
6. No
7. No
8. No
9. No
10. Manly but neatly trimmed

cj said...

1. What kind of shampoo/conditioner does he use? T-Gel (I think this stuff is supposed to be bad, but he has dandruff, so...)

2. What kind of shaving equipment and products does he use? Does he shave/trim his body hair, too? He uses an old fashioned shaving kit, pretty much identical to the photo in your post. I think he has spent $2.00 on shaving stuff in the past two years.

3. What kind of antiperspirant/deodorant does he use? Degree--pretty mainstream.

4. Does he use a specific soap, or whatever is in the shower? He likes Grandpa's Oatmeal soap or a plain bar of castille soap.

He doesn't use anything else. He's not metrosexual, but he's not like the Brawny guy either.

rachel said...

1. anything anti-dandruff
2. Gilette Mach 3 and sensitive skin shaving gel. He'll occasionally pluck a crazy eyebrow hair or two.
3. A&H solid
4. Has to be Dove for sensitive skin
5. no
6. Nivea for sensitive skin
7. no
8. no
9. no
10. somewhere in between

Farmer's Daughter said...

My husband is, how should I put this nicely... Low Maintenance. EXTREMELY LOW maintenance. He probably couldn't even answer some of these questions, so it's better if I do it for him.

1- Whatever kind of shampoo I buy for him. Usually something natural/organic on sale, and one bottle will last like 6 months.

2- He's a hairy guy... haha! He shaves with one of those razors with replacable blades, and shaving cream, about once a week or on special occasions. Sometimes I get to trim his ear hair for him, like if we're going to a wedding or something. He has a 5 o'clock shaddow by like 10am. I cut his hair for him with clippers and scissors.

3-Something clinical strength. Man does he sweat. Again, whatever I buy for him on sale.

4-What I buy on sale.

5-He would say "What's facial toner?"



8-Sometimes, if I'm very lucky, he'll brush his hair before putting on his John Deer cap.

9-He uses a dust mask sometimes at work. Does that count?

10-Haha! I would describe him as a country man. See my post today for further details.

Katie @ said...

We use the exact same things: Plain Jane Skin Care products, Burts Bees, and Avalon Organics. Deodorant is the crystal rock. He picks out his own low-waste razors and is still trying to use up a standard shaving cream before switching to something simpler - probably one of the products we already have.
He's big on the environment and proudly a nerdy guy.

Interesting to read what everyone wrote - it's all over the board!

Crunchy Chicken said...

Oh, goodness, this is so much fun. It's like snooping in the medicine cabinet when you visit someone's house. Not that I ever do that, of course. No, really, I don't.

Anyway... thanks everyone for answering, I know there were a lot of questions.

Anon - I like the conditioner in the beard idea!

Hairpa - I hope you've at least seen a pair of scissors.

Anonymous said...

This is fascinating...

I have a question, why are women intensely more active, and aware in personal body care than men?

It seems to me that being a culturally acceptable male according to the marketing dogma, being too sensual in the area of body care equals being less than macho. Which personally to my taste is a bunch of B.S. I shop the s--- out of the products (and ingredients) that will come in contact with my skin, hair and eyes, and especially my endocrine system.

As far as I am concerned, the vehicle that I really want to spend a lot of time getting to know, and treat right, with some TLC, is my body...

Grant said...

I'm a "dude", so I'll respond about my own routine:

1. Don't use shampoo or conditioner (I use clippers and keep my hair very, very short).
2. I use a normal Gillette Sensor razor, but only shave about once a week or so. I "manscape" my body hair using clippers, but that's about as far as that goes.
3. I use Old Spice High Endurance deodorant. I haven't found anything else that works as well.
4. Whatever soap is available is generally fine with me, though there are a few that leave me feeling "filmy", which I dislike.
5. Are you kidding me?
6. No aftershave. I've never understood the attraction.
7. I lotion my face and head after shaving or showering. Whatever my wife has lying around is what I use.
8. No hair = no hair styling products. :-)
9. Again, are you kidding me?
10. I like cars, motorcycles, guns, and breasts. Draw your own conclusions. ;-)

equa yona(Big Bear) said...

I'm a man, yes I am, and I can't help but tell you so!(Apologies to Chicago).
I shave my head in summer, grow it out for insulation in winter. I shave with a Gilette Triple Max(I think) because it doesnt cut and the blades last a long time. I shave about three times a week and usually have some kind of beard, so I use an electric trimmer.
I use the cheapest unscented deoderant I can find. I'm not too stinky so I don't need to be real fussy.
I use dandruff shampoo a lot in the winter when my skin dries out, but I am going to try the baking soda and vingar thing this winter. I also use some generic hand lotion in the winter too.
No aftershave because I don't much like scents anymore.
I use Kirk's castile soap-no animal testing, its cheap and kind to the skin. Also it is unscented.
Why would I trim my body hair? I trim my eyebrows and nose hair if that counts.

Elisabeth said...

In general, he goes with what I suggest or buy and is happy. Left to his own devices, however, he would be more likely to use whatever. He has gotten more interested and involved in his choices, though, so maybe in my absence he would make most of the same choices I do.

1. Giovanni or Avalon tea tree
2. Schick razor and electric trimmers He trims body hair when I remind him to do so :)
3. Natural deodorant-only (I'm so proud of him...he finally switched from a typical antiperspirant/deodorant on his own!)
4. I refill Dr. Bronner's liquid for him
5. No
6. Aubrey's "City Rhythms" (smells sooo yummy)
7. No
8. Aloe hair spray that I buy, some Paul Mitchell stuff he bought at the barber
9. No
10. Not at all metrosexual - he doesn't care enough. When it comes to grooming, more a manly man. Otherwise, neither.

Laura said...

I am fairly sure that my man will be good with me answering for him so, here goes:
1. What kind of shampoo/conditioner does he use? Usually whatever kind is in the shower. Pert Plus is what he used to buy. Now it's Jason or Liggits shampoo bar.
2. What kind of shaving equipment and products does he use? Does he shave/trim his body hair, too? Scissors to trim beard. Non electric razor with disposable blades if he is shaving (which he hasn't since we have been together). His beard is pretty neat and tidy around his neck so he doesn't have to do any shaving beard clean up with a razor. Body hair is au natural.
3. What kind of antiperspirant/deodorant does he use? Tom's deodorant, non antiperspirant, woodland sent I think. Used antiperspirants for a long time, but no more. He switched pretty easily. Seemed to have a much easier time switching than I did.
4. Does he use a specific soap, or whatever is in the shower? Likes Irish Spring but will use Dr Bronners peppermint bar soap if it's in the shower. Doesn't like the soap to smell too strong.
5. Does he use a facial toner and if so, what kind? Nope.
6. Does he use an aftershave lotion and if so, what kind? Nope.
7. Does he use a moisturizer and if so, what kind? Nope.
8. Does he use any hair styling products and if so, what kind? A brush! ;)
9. Does he use any kind of facial scrub/mask and if so, what kind? Nope.
10. Would you describe him as a manly man or a metrosexual or somewhere in between? Manly man who is open to metro stuff if it is easy and doesn't take too much time or effort to remember.

Recycled Cottage & Garden said...

1. palin shampoo no scent if possible
2. he has a full beard so doesn't shave, but does trim the mustache with scissors
3. unscented or old spice deoderant
4. only will use dial soap
5. no toner
6. only old spice on very rare occasions, he's very old fashioned
7. borrows my lotion on occasion, has aloe in it
8. no hair stryling stuff
9. borrows my peel off mask sometimes and uses it carefully with that beard, cucumber and aloe10. manly man, he wouldn't know what metrosexual was.

Unknown said...

1. Dr. Bronner's tea tree oil soap
2. Manual razor on facial hair; is contentedly fuzzy elsewhere
3. Arm & Hammer unscented
4. Whatever is in the shower, though he's allergic to SLS so he'd get something different if I used something with that in it
5. Nope
6. Something kind of expensive actually, but I don't remember what it is. I think he mostly uses it because his mom bought it and it actually does work nicely to take off razor burn.
7. The unscented kind that the co-op grocery has in bulk
8. Does he use any hair styling products and if so, what kind?
9. Occasionally a smoother of some variety; again a relic of his mom wanting him to pay more attention to such things.
10. Geek

jewishfarmer said...

1. What kind of shampoo/conditioner does he use?

- The cheap kind that I get at the coop, that comes in bulk.

2. What kind of shaving equipment and products does he use? Does he shave/trim his body hair, too?

- He uses an electric shaver about twice a month to trim around the formal beard, in those areas that tend to get creeping face ivy ;-).

If he shaves or trims his body hair, it is news to me.

3. What kind of antiperspirant/deodorant does he use?

- Baking soda, and that only on hot days. He really doesn't stink, or else I've learned to like his stink ;-).

4. Does he use a specific soap, or whatever is in the shower?

- Whatever is in the shower - usually homemade, but not always.

5. Does he use a facial toner and if so, what kind?

- I don't even know what a facial toner is, so I'm pretty sure he doesn't use one.

6. Does he use an aftershave lotion and if so, what kind?

- I once bought him one that smells vaguely like pipe tobacco (a smell I love, even though I don't have any desire for him to smoke), and he wore it twice, about 10 years ago, out of love for me. Does this count?

7. Does he use a moisturizer and if so, what kind?

- He has extremely dry skin, so he does throw a little Vaseline Intensive care on when things get cracked. Not on his face, though.

8. Does he use any hair styling products and if so, what kind?

- He sometimes runs his slightly sweaty or dirty hands through his hair and makes it stand on end - does this count? I don't think anyone would want to bottle this if they could, however.

9. Does he use any kind of facial scrub/mask and if so, what kind?

- Are you kidding?

10. Would you describe him as a manly man or a metrosexual or somewhere in between?

- I don't think you are allowed to be metrosexual on a farm. The other farmers will kick your ass.


Alex said...

I am a man, age 30:

1. shampoo/conditioner: Whatever my wife has around
2. What kind of shaving equipment: electrical never changing the blade for years, sometimes hand razor with water no product
3. antiperspirant/deodorant: axe at the moment.
4. specific soap: no specifics in shower, hand soap is Dr. Bonners (Sp)
5. facial toner: What is that?
6. aftershave lotion : none
7. moisturizer: yes, it is so dry here my elbows become sandpaper. whatever lotion my wife has around
8. hair styling products: only when dressing in costume
9. facial scrub/mask: nope
10. manly vs metro: I hate football and clothes shopping, so neither.

Anonymous said...

1. Suave for men, 2 in 1
2. Electric shaver for face, electric trimmer for other
3. Right Guard Sport
4. Axe Body Wash
5. N/A
6. N/A
7. N/A
8. Axe Hair Cream or Bumble & Bumble
9. N/A
10. Somewhere in between

Tor said...

1. Cheapest Shampoo every other shower.
2. Mach 3, the blades are far apart, so it's easier to get hairs out. Shave every other day(ish).
3. Mitchum occasionally.
4. Shower
5-9. No
10. Smelly?

Spice. said...

Anon 10:19

The answer to your question is a book. Literally. I wrote it up as a proposal for my anthro degree once. The proposal itself was twenty pages.

Basically women are considered the weaker and therefore must be maintained.
Part of this is the hours they spend grooming.
Also it's a method of control in society. If women are required to spend hours grooming, into often uncomfortable clothes, make-up, adornments... then they have less time and ability to control their lives.
It's a sign of status as the rich man can afford the wife who grooms and has maids.
Finally it's a method of controlling your personal eternity as the well groomed female is more likely to be chosen by an alpha male to reproduce

I can go on. But those are the highlights.

I'm weird, but not that weird. Greenpa loves his barber scissors and I would frown on excess hair sticking out even mthough I love the beard. Also FYI he's also been balding since '68!

Crunchy Chicken said...

Spice - I was starting to worry that, after 40 years of old growth, Greenpa would be sponsoring some sort of spotted owl habitat by now.

Anyway, I'm glad you aren't spending romantic evenings with Growpa braiding his nether-regions.

Spice said...

LOL not really up for that. Although if he follows your advice he could tack up residence with a population of silverbacks. I know they love playing with each others hair, parasites and nether regions.

So guys that go bald in the front are intellectual. Their brains just burn the hair off. Guys that go bald in the back are sexy. The hair gets rubbed off in bed.
Guys that go bald in the front and the back just think they're sexy.

Actually he's very good at maintaining his own grooming. He's low mantainance, but prefers natural when it can be found.

Jennifer said...

1. Same as me... a bar of locally produced solid shampoo.

2. He has a Gillette 3 blade razor that he shaves every other day with, with oatmeal based shaving cream. Doesn't do anything about any other body hair (though there isn't a whole lot of other hair).

3. He doesn't really use this, but has a really old bar of Old Spice in his basket. Doesn't smell, either.

4. Same as me... a bar of local, no packaging oatmeal soap.

5. Nope. Neither do I.

6. Nope. Hates the stuff.

7. Nope. Neither do I.

8. Not unless you count wetting it down with water in the morning.

9. Nope.

10. Well, he carries a purse and is DAMN proud of it. Won't let anyone tell him it's a manbag. He's pretty effeminate all around and comfortable with it. I suppose that large men (6'4") get to be effeminate comfortably, as no one will argue with them. At the same time, he's very skilled in manual labor, and very willing to get down and dirty in any job, and doesn't really care if his clothes are ironed, his hair is perfect, or his nails are trimmed! He's definitely NOT a "metrosexual"!

Anonymous said...

What fun! We are lucky enough to have separate bathrooms. Oo, guess I shouldn't admit this on a green space but we make up for it in other ways.

1. Neutrogena, preferably.
2. An electric Braun that I got him years ago, before I got the green religion; and occasionally some disposables. Regular shaving cream.
3. Degree...?
4. He requests glycerin soap, hates it when I give him anything else although will grudgingly accept castille.
5. No toner.
6. Jason, Bay Rum, or Old Spice
7. Clinique for Men.
8. Some sort of gel, usually.
9. He would if I got it for him.
10. I would have to say more metrosexual. He's a bit of a dandy, actually, it's very cute.

Unknown said...

My SO spends more time getting ready than I do- and that is when I have a faux hawk and make up on!

Shampoo is bulk- usually a costco type. I use whatever he is using or sometimes no poo depending on how my hair is feeling.

2. Electric and regular razor

3. No idea, but he wears one and I don't bother with deodorant (though to be fair he spends a lot more time exercising than I do too!)

4. Soap is whatever is in the shower or sometimes a liquid soap from a local company. Prefers bar soap and scrubbie though.

5-7. No toner or moisturizer, I can't even usually get him to wear sunscreen unless we are on the water where the sun is super intense. He doesn't burn like i do.

8. Uses gel. I use whatever he uses and versus- we both have short hair.

9.He uses a facial scrub pretty much daily, whereas I use one only occasionally- they tend to hurt my face.

10. Def. Metro but in a brawny built sort of way.

Anonymous said...

1. Mostly soap, rare Neutrogena poo.
2. Electric clippers on scalp/beard, electric shaver to trim beard, straight razor to straiten everything out every now and then.
(Expect scissor and razor eventually).
3. None
4. Neutrogena
5. Nope
6. Nope
7. Nope
8. Nope (what hair?)
9. Nope.
10. Silly labels, whatever. Probably viewed as middling, leaning "manly."

Unknown said...

1. Chagrin Valley superfatted solid shampoo bars, apple cider vinegar rinse, Yes to Carrots conditioner - influenced by me.

2. Disposable, 4-blade cartridge, grocery store razors, and an electric razor for shaping. He plucks the occasional dark hair on the shoulder, but does not remove body hair "where it's supposed to be". On shaving supplies he resists influence.

3. Whatever's cheapest (Old Spice)

4. Whatever I buy/is there.

5. Not unless some new product catches his eye (Gillette, etc)

6. See #5

7. No

8. Whatever's cheap for hairspray, mousse, or gel. He steals mine if he thinks he can get away with it (organic hair oil, high silicon content salon gel for styling/heat protection). I think he will be influenced by me after his cheapo supply runs out.

9. He will occasionally use mine if he's frustrated with a pimple.

10. In between, I guess. Slightly fussy about his appearance, but not much else.

die Frau said...

1. He doesn't have a whole lot of hair, but he either uses my shampoo (Avalon organics, Kiss My Face) or Head n' Shoulders. No conditioner as far as I know.

2. A Gillette razor and water

3. Old Spice

4. JASON Tea Tree liquid soap

5. No

6. No

7. No (I bought him toner and moisturizer. They're now about four years old and virtually untouched)

8. None needed

9. No

10. He's surprisingly metrosexual for someone who's 6'5", 290lbs, and likes football and tailgating as much as he does. A manly man who listens and is a snappy dresser.

Anonymous said...

1. Whatever is in the shower.
2. Clean shaven, uses a Gillette disposable (the four-blade kind) and shaving gel. Sometimes uses an electric razor. No other manscaping going on.
3. Old Spice.
4. He uses whatever is in the shower, which is handmade soap that I make.
5. HA HA HA HAHHAA, oh sorry - what? no.
6. No.
7. No.
8. No. (this is getting redundant)
9. No.
10. I guess somewhere in between. He's a low-maintenance, get-it-done-with-minimal-fuss-while-still-looking-presentable kind of guy. He buys all his own clothes, does he get extra credit for that? And by the way - my answers would be identical. I also go for minimalist beauty routines.

Lisa said...

1. EO shampoo and conditioner.

2. He has a Preserve razor but hates it when he has to shave his head so he uses some other razor, not sure what it is. He is looking in to a straight edge razor but this things cost a ton!

3. The salt kind. He loves it. He also has so organic spray that works as deodorant that he uses sometimes because it is scented.

4. He has Everyman Jack soap.

5. He has some Everyman Jack face wash stuff.

6. He has something that is organic but it's new so I don't remember what it is.

7. I think he has some from Everyman Jack.

8. He shaves his head so no need haha.

9. haha just the Everyman Jack face wash.

10. Manly! He likes to smell good and look good but he is not metrosexual at all!

Anonymous said...

1. What kind of shampoo/conditioner does he use? Whatever he can find that's cheap (UGH)
2. What kind of shaving equipment and products does he use? Does he shave/trim his body hair, too? He's addicted to the cheap razors from Costco - the 52 pack... I have tried to switch him to a less wasteful razor, and he'll use it on vaca, but he loves the disposables.... He also has an electric beard trimmer for his goatee, simply because his scissor use is questionable.
3. What kind of antiperspirant/deodorant does he use? Arid... won't even try the "hippie" kinds
4. Does he use a specific soap, or whatever is in the shower? Gloriously, whatever I put in the shower, he'll use!
5. Does he use a facial toner and if so, what kind? Not any more
6. Does he use an aftershave lotion and if so, what kind? nope..just his Edge shave gel...
7. Does he use a moisturizer and if so, what kind? nada
8. Does he use any hair styling products and if so, what kind? He found a good deal on an organic hair goo and bought several containers... when those are gone, he'll go in search of the next, best, cheapest goo.
9. Does he use any kind of facial scrub/mask and if so, what kind? not any more
10. Would you describe him as a manly man or a metrosexual or somewhere in between? Somewhere in between for sure... but sometimes the metro sure does come out!

Anonymous said...

1. Aveno - I swear his shampoo costs more than mine

2. he actually uses a traditional razor (not electric or straight), the kind you need shaving cream and a brush for. Trims some of his hair for comfort.

3. Tom of Maines (same for toothpaste)

4. He buys his own kind of soap because I happen to prefer a cinnamon/clove soap (can't remember brand from local health food store) and he dislikes cinnamon scent. He uses some citrus/green tea milled stuff from trader joes

5 -7 he was complaining so bad about breaking out, last year I dragged him to a store and showed him the men's product section. I'm regretting this because as a "facial routine" newbie, he's convinced brand matters. I'm in the process of showing him he doesn't need fancy shmancy stuff except for maybe the stuff you dab on zits.

8. aveno stuff, but in his defense, he has super bodied hair. I wish I had his hair.

9. see 5-7.

10. He's in between, but he's a professional so his appearance counts (thus the never ending complaints about breaking out until I introduced him to a skin regime).


Anonymous said...


"The answer to your question is a book..."

Spice, thank you for these insights! It is appreciated. I found a sympathetic view in reading Naomi Wolf.