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Sunday, November 4, 2007

How do you heat?

Freeze Yer Buns ChallengeA lot of us are lowering our ambient air temperatures in the house this winter with the
Freeze Yer Buns Challenge
to save energy (and, ultimately, money).

With energy costs proposed to be a lot higher this winter, particularly for heating oil, it will be interesting to see how much we can save by keeping the thermostat low. So, along with all of this, I was curious to find out how you heat your home?


Patti said...

I got my first bill comparing this year's usage with last year's. I did not see the light and start trying to lower our energy usage until last April...last October we were being very wasteful. Our electricity AND natural gas usage is only a tiny fraction of what it was last year!!! We are really motivated to keep it up and do even better.

Karen said...

We have all electric here. Although we do have a fireplace insert (a heat 'n glo) that we use and it really makes the living room toasty. So we can heat up one room and hang out there. Of course, it's the room with the thermostat, so that shuts off the heat in the rest of the house. ;)
We also have a load demand meter, so most of our energy consumption is on off peak hours. That REALLY helps with the usage and, ultimately, the bill.

Anonymous said...

Our heating is all baseboard electric. Part of my incentive keeping the temp down is that, in my region, our electricity comes 66% from coal, 33% from nuclear, and 1% from other sources. Cough, gasp, choke.

QT said...

We have a pellet stove that burns corn and wood pellets. Rarely do we need to crank that thing up all the way, it keeps us pretty toasty even on a mid-level setting.

Anonymous said...

Well....I said we heat with natural gas, and we do, that is our main heat downstairs, but because of our drafty old house we also use electric space heaters. Upstairs our only source of heat (when not using a space heater) is a small wood stove. However, hubby is looking in to maybe getting a waste oil burning stove made. I have a link on my Oct. 5 blog post for "do it yourself" instructions.

Jezamyn said...

The main part of the house is with natural gas. The upstairs, which we finished when we moved here, isn't connected to the vents for some reason, so we have two wallmounted electric space heaters up there.

Greenpa said...

Hey, I'm wounded. You left me out of your poll. We're hybrid heat. Solar AND wood; neither would work for us alone. :-)

Our Lovely Life said...

We use all natural gas here. Except for the space heater that my hubby uses sometimes in the basement when he's working. It gets pretty chilly down there!!