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Monday, March 5, 2007

Speaking o' crunchy

In the spirit of eating local, I've been paying more attention to what I buy and where it's from. If it's not local I'll try to make things myself rather than buy pre-packaged food. One thing that we eat an enormous amount of in our house is granola. In particular, Quaker 100% Natural Granola.

I certainly cannot argue that it "is a lively combination of crunchy wholegrains, sliced almonds and pure natural honey all rolled up into delicious clusters that fill one's mouth with pure pleasure." That, my friends, is an undeniable fact. And we have the receipts to prove it. But, in addition to the fact that I have no idea where it's manufactured (not to mention that Quaker is owned by PepsiCo), it's mighty expensive.

This granola extravagance just tweaks my urban homesteading proclivities (which I'll entrall y'all with in a later post). So, I've taken upon myself to start making our own granola.

I've found that making your own granola is brain-dead easy. And a hell of a lot cheaper, not to mention. If you can measure, pour and stir, you are half way there. Plus you get the added benefit of being able to throw in whatever you want. Cinnamon walnut granola? No problem! Maple pecan granola? Super easy! Buying the organic ingredients in bulk adds to the cost savings.

Now I can chalk this one food item up as locally made.

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Joy said...

Hello! Have you figured out how to make granola that tastes like the 100% natural? I too love this cereal however it contains milk which my daughter and I are allergic to. If you know how to make it please share! Thanks!