Got a lot of blackberries? Then check out this recipe for Blackberry Mojito Fruit Leather.

I'm not a huge fan of fruit leathers, but this turned out super good! And, really, you can't go wrong with blackberries, mint and rum.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Freeze Yer Buns surprise giveaway!

Freeze Yer Buns Surprise GiveawayI know I'm supposed to be posting a book club discussion today, but this momentous occasion just couldn't wait until tomorrow.

Congratulations to Eikenberrymom, from Our Learning Journey, for being the 100th person to sign up for the Freeze Yer Buns Challenge!

As such, you are the lucky surprise winner of a $40 REI gift card to purchase yerself some super cozy socks, crazy looking Croc slippers or a pair of down booties to help stave off those chilly days and nights in Michigan. And, since we're being environmental and all, it's an e-card, so minimal waste is involved.

So, congratulations again to Eikenberrymom. Please email me your contact info at and I'll hook you up so you can get toasty before those sub-freezing nighttime temperatures start taking their toll on your tootsies.

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