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Friday, March 23, 2007

Inoculant: Part Deux

I was at the store perusing more seed packages this morning. Like I need more. I guess I did as I bought a package of sugar pod peas. Anyway, I asked the "seed lady" if they carried bean/pea inoculant. Surprisingly, she said they didn't carry any as there is a class action lawsuit pending. Apparently, people were inhaling the inoculant and getting sick.

Has anyone heard of such a thing? I couldn't find anything on Google, but then again, I didn't spend much time on it. Or is the "seed lady" on something? Perhaps I should be referring to her as the "weed lady"?

Oh yeah, and I got another container for my blue potatoes. It's a pretty purple thing. Now if will stop raining I'll go drill holes, and plant my taters before they shrivel up on me.


Carol said...

I have not heard of any class action lawsuits related to inoculants. I used one for the 1st time last Saturday on my peas and suffered no ill effects that I know of! I ordered mine from Pinetree Garden Seeds ( It was back ordered at first, but came in plenty of time.

El said...

My inoculant says quite clearly on the pkg. to not inhale, not leave on skin, etc. but then what DOESN'T have some kind of idiot warning label on it nowadays? I wouldn't think there'd be a class-action lawsuit about it, but inoculant is a living thing. I got mine from Johnny's Selected Seeds (

Anonymous said...

Not very timely, but I looked all the hell over the place for pea inoculant (in fact, my search brought me to this entry) and eventually found two kinds at City People's Garden Store on E. Madison.