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Monday, December 6, 2010

Shaving gift set winner - make that winners!

Okay, so Anne, the owner of Seattle Sundries who is sponsoring last week's shaving gift set giveaway has been kind enough to change it up and let me choose two winners!

The first winner can choose the shaving set or they have the option of selecting three soaps in tins (if they prefer) instead. The shaving set comes with a black ceramic shaving mug, a badger hair shaving brush with a faux ebony handle, and TWO BARS of frothy shaving bliss (of your choosing).

The shaving set (or three soaps) winner is.... Marya of the blog, Fragmentary Green!

The second winner gets to choose three soaps in tins from Anne's soaps. This second winner is.... Crafty Farmer of the blog Anderson Family Nut Farm!

To select your soaps, go to the Seattle Sundries shaving kit page (to decide which two soaps you want) or the soap page to pick out the three soaps in tins and email your selections and contact information to!

And, if you are totally confused by this, email me for clarification as well :)


Crafty Farmer said...

Oooooooo! I am SOOOO excited! THANK YOU SEATTLE SUNDRIES! I already feel cleaner!

mezzmareyes said...

I literally danced around the house like Little Miss Sunshine! Thanks! (The kid I babysit thinks I'm a lunatic, but what else is new?)

Marya said...

Got it yesterday, those soaps smell wonderful! Thanks again!

Crafty Farmer said...