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Monday, February 21, 2011

Urban Homesteaders Blog like a Pirate Day

Today is Urban Homesteaders Blog like a Pirate Day.

Ok, actually it's Urban Homesteaders Action Day but a lot of people are going to be blogging about it. And, since we all are committing an act of trademark piracy, I thought renaming it was apropos.

Anyway, in the process of fighting the man who's fighting the man, I've run across a bunch of other blogs belonging to other urban homesteaders. I'd like to list as many links to their posts for today as possible.

So, if you are blogging like an urban homesteading pirate let me know your blog URL and location in the comments. It's been fantastic fun finding other urban homesteading peeps in my region so I'll list everyone by state or country.

I'll start you off with the ones I know about. Come back to visit to see the list grow:

Chile Chews, somewhere spicy in AZ
Rachel's Tiny Farm, Phoenix, AZ
Sisyphean Obscurity, CA
Highly Uncivilized, Campbell, CA
Urban Homestead Diaries, Eureka, CA
Fotos by Meg, Exeter, CA
The Farm Desk, Long Beach, CA
Dragonflyhill Urban Farm, Los Angeles, CA
Mama Botanica, Los Angeles, CA
Midnight Gardener, Los Angeles, CA
Party Valley Heights, Los Angeles
RawHabit, Los Angeles, CA
Girl on Bike, Oakland, CA
Havenscourt Homestead, Oakland, CA
10 Minutes & Counting, Petaluma, CA
Undermoderated, Placerville, CA
Brown Thumb Mama, Sacramento, CA
It's All Happening, Sacramento, CA
Seeds in the City, San Diego, CA
The Itty Bitty Farm in the City, San Francisco, CA
Milk's Leap, San Francisco, CA
Settle Down Radio, San Francisco, CA
A Year of Earth Days, Sherman Oaks, CA
Dog Island Farm, Vallejo, CA
Eating More Local Chard, Ventura, CA
Fresh Dirt, Venture, CA
Simply Living, Visalia, CA
Peaceful Valley Farm, Watsonville, CA
Backyard Ecosystem, CO
The Green Grass House, CO
Eat Where U Live, Denver, CO
Farmer's Daughter, CT
Grown in the City, Washington, DC
Garden Goose, FL
Permaculture Village, FL
The American Society of Permaculture, Miami, FL
Loves Good Food, Atlanta, GA
Drowning Creek Urbane Homestaed, Commerce, GA
A Little Bit of Spain in IA, IA
My Freezer is Full, Iowa City, IA
Naturally Simple Living, Iowa City, IA
My Path to Freedom, Sioux City, IA
Buffalomary's Corner, ID
Learning on the Farm, ID
My Skinny Garden, Forest Park, IL
The Apartment Farm, Chicago, IL
Adapting in Place, IN
Bishop's Homegrown Goodness, IN
The Fraudulent Farmgirl, Indianapolis, IN
Keepin' it Real, Independence, KS
City Slick Farmer Chick, Lexington, KY
, Louisville, KY
The Romantic Seamstress, Louisville, KY
Boston Balcony Farm, Boston, MA
Fits and Starts, Somerville, MA
Heather's Homemaking, MA
Humble Garden, MA
Whittled Down, MA
Country in the Burbs, Glen Burnie, MD
Fleecenik Farm, ME
Surviving the Suburbs, ME
Adventures of a Thrifty Mama, MI
In the Garden Online, Detroit, MI
The Urban Homestead Experiment, Kansas City, MO
Homestead-Hearth, MO
Krazo Acres, MO
COMO Homestead, Columbia, Missouri
Phantom Chicken Farm, Kansas City, MO
Wolf Wood, GroveSpring, MO
Ten Apple Farm: Living with Goats, ME
The Garden, NC
Charlotte Guerrilla Gardening, Charlotte, NC
Have We Met?, Charlotte, NC
The Green Phone Booth, Raleigh, NC
Deaf Dogs and Benevolent Gnomes, ND
Where the Wind Blows, NE
Able Bodied Girl, Salem, NJ
Desert Lean-to, Albuquerque, NM
Real Food Mama, Santa Fe, NM
Sky Minded & Ever Growing, Santa Fe, NM
Fireflyskies Family Farm, Reno, NV
White Pines Whisper, Central, NY
Casaubon's Book, Upstate NY
Leda's Urban Homestead, Brooklyn, NY
Domaphile, NYC, NY
Birds and Gardens, OH
The Garden Life and Times of Justin Husher, Cleveland, OH
The Mobile Home Woman, OH
Nature Mom's Blog, OH
The Secret of Life is not a Secret, OH
Retro Housewife Goes Green, Ada, OK
Tee with Dee, Ada, OK
Hyperlocavore - a yardsharing community, OR
Gazelles on Crack, Portland, OR
Known by Name, Portland, OR
One Mom's Balancing Act, Portland, OR
Yips and Howls, Portland, OR
Stacy Six, St. Johns, OR
Funky Little Earthchild, PA
Kaleidoscope of Days, PA
Living the Frugal Life, PA
Simple Green Living, PA
Slate Hill Farm, PA
Who's Got Your Goat?, PA
Simple.Green.Organic.Happy, Landenerg, PA
The Urb@n H0m3st3@d3r, Philadelphia, PA
Cindy MoonRose, Nashville, TN
Deep Green Perspective, Nashville, TN
Romesticity, Nashville, TN
Some Call It Natural, TN
'Tis a Gift to be Simple, TN
Gaea's Box of Rocks, TN - Smokey Mountains
Under the Willow Tree, TN - Smokey Mountains
Countdown to a Simpler Life, TX
Pollinators on the Brain, Houston, TX
Rialian's Realm, West Virginia
Veggie Gardener, Hampton, VA
The Leftover Queen, VT
Half Acre Homestead, Battleground, WA
Krista and Jess, Olympia, WA
Annie's Kitchen Garden, Pasco, WA
Crowhill Chronicles, Seattle, WA
Gardening in my Rubber Boots, Seattle, WA
Grow & Resist, Seattle, WA
Northwest Edible Life, Seattle, WA
Rob's World, Seattle, WA
Vansteaders, Port Angeles, WA
Moo said the Mama, WI
Viggies Veggies, WI
Life in Small Town Wyoming, WY

Bear and the Raven, ?
Bees in our Bonnets, ?
City Smallholding, ?
Farmgirl Cyn
, ?
Gluten, Sugar & Clutter Free, ?
Harmonic Mama, ?
The Homemade Life, ?
Homemade Serenity, ?
Jade Gardens, ?
Jimmy Cracked Corn, ?
Rural Living Today, ?
The Stone Cottage Farm, ?
"Sub"Urban Homesteading, ?
Truly Thankful, ?
Uncle Dutch Farms, ?
Nitty Gritty in the City, Midwest
Hippy Goodwife, Northwest Coast
Urban Homesteady, Pacific NW
Electronic Frontier Foundation

Greening the Rose, Illawarra, Australia
Making It Work, Perth, Australia
Permaculture Pathways, Queensland, Australia
Celtic Gypsy Trail, Canada
Urban Adaptation, Canada
Meat + Potatoes, BC, Canada
Sustainable Slow Stylish, Edmonton, Canada
Canadian Doomer, Ontario, Canada
Home Instead, Ontario, Canada
The Veggie Patch Re-imagined, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Unstuffed, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Backyard Farms, Toronto, Canada
Roasted Garlicious, Vancouver, Canada
Flotsam and Jetsam, Victoria, Canada
Hazeltree Farm, Wingatui, New Zealand
Simple Living in Singapore, Singapore


If you came here looking for the Urban Homesteading Giveaway Week action, you can check out yesterday's post where you can enter to win a swanky looking rain barrel I'm giving away.

Personally, what am I doing for Urban Homesteaders Action Day? I have a lot of sewing to do, a chicken coop to clean out and some greens from the garden that need to be harvested. How about you?


Unknown said...

I'm more of a suburban homesteader but I've got my urban homesteader blog post ready to go. I blog at and I'm in Houston, Texas

Girl on Bike said...

I'm an urban homesteader pirate :)


Heidi said...

another pirate. aaaargh...

Unknown said...

My post went up last Thursday:

Thanks for rounding us up!

Roasted Garlicious said...

i'm a ruralish homesteader,
but by the 'definition' of urban homesteader i'd be technically an urban homesteader...
i did
my 'rant' today...and will do a follow up tomorrow
being a rebel is a good thing ;)

April Alexander said...

I need to clean up my back yard for the local press that's coming to take pics of my urban homestead most likely...and we're borrowing lights for the new chicks we're picking up for our chicken coop!

Anonymous said...

I'm weeding in the garden, turning a compost pile, and moving the chicken coop...all on my urban homestead. : )

Michelle Lasley said...

I write about balancing life to be an urban homsesteader under the "green guide" tag at my blog.

Kristi said...

My Dream of being an urban homesteader pirate

Deborah said...

My post is live! I'm a novice urban homesteader, writing about the intertwined slow and sustainability movements.

Rose said...

I'm a very small time Australian blogger.

Robj98168 said...

I am sitting here frantically raising me hand yelling:



My pirate post is here!

Roz said...

I consider myself an urban homesteader...any way you want to define the word. Except as a product of the Dervaes'. I never got any HELPFUL stuff off their blog to begin with. They just seemed to want money. Hmmm....

Here's my pirate post. Thanks Crunchy!

Ten Apple Farm said...

Brad said...

RRRRrrrrr, avast!

Edible yardening, DIY, fermenting, reducing and reusing.

With all the rain, today we're probably bottling Kombucha, some other eating projects, and I'm building an LED light for the work bench.

Happy Urbin H@mesteading!

Kathy P. said...

Ahoy matey! Another pirate here in Central NY! I just posted in solidarity at:

Roz said...

Ooops, I forgot to tell you my location! East Tennessee...right near the Smoky mountains.

Tim said...

I'm technically a Rural Homesteader, I am posting this in solidarity with comrades who are upset with the recent actions of the Dervaes family in trademarking terms that they di dnot originate and can not own. Also in solidarity with the homesteaders who have had their Facebook pages shut down and businesses disrupted because of this.

My blog is at:

Rivenfae said...

I'm Rual but I'm doing the piracy thing and did my damnest to post "Urban Homestead: as much as I could in today's post!

Able-Bodied Girl said...

always admired Urban Homesteaders and will give this little tribute today!

Kristy said...

Done! My post is here

Thanks for what you are doing!

Jennie said...

:-) Here's my protest post -

I'm a little worried personally, the title I chose for my blog a few years back is "My Path to Freedom" and that's close to one of the phrases they've copyrighted.

*sigh* This whole thing is just so sad.

Farmer's Daughter said...

I'm with you all in spirit. As usual, I fight fire with food :)

Desert Lean-to said...

One from the high desert:

Jennie said...

Oh, I'm in Sioux City, IA.

Rivenfae said...

shoot I didn't think about that either, I'm GroveSpring, MO

Annette Triplett @ CoMo Homestead said...

We are urban homesteading in Columbia, Missouri:

Robin said...

Well I am THINKING about starting a blog today ;)
Well done everyone! So delighted to have found new blogs to read.

Chile said...

Thanks, Crunchita! I'm doing a 3-part series on this because our homesteading story spans almost twenty years (and almost as many moves). The first two parts are up and I'm working on paring the last part down from a hugely long, angry diatribe against bureaucracy to something people can stay awake to read.

Lisa said...

Ada, Oklahoma

Chard Lady said...

Arrrr! Don't forget me!

Robin said...

I'm so sick of the tearer-downers, and the idea of people who helped inspire a movement taking away the term that united them makes me want to vomit, frankly.

I'm in Landenerg, PA.

CallieK said...

We've got urban homesteads in Toronto Canada too!

Sheryl Dutton-Ramos said...

Urban Homesteading is a right of ALL families!!!
This is my contribution to the Urban Homesteaders' Day of Action.

Unknown said...

Very, very urban apartment homesteader in Ontario, Canada.

Someone who lives in a place where they can grow food 365 days a year AND keep goats and chickens in their *suburban* backyard is not going to define urban homesteading for me.

Kate said...

I only put the words Urban Homestead in today's post title, just in honor of the day. The content of my post doesn't directly deal with this mess, (that was last week) though everything in my blog is about homesteading in some way, shape, or form. You can add my link, or not, as you see fit. I'm in PA.

Unknown said...

I'm sorta done with this mess, too. But I did blog about it last week and today.

HotFlashHomestead said...

Arrrr. This urban homesteader in the 'burbs is hanging wash this morning, cooking bread in my solar oven, and fermenting fresh-picked dandelions into wine.

Cricket said...

Arrr, avast from St Johns, Oregon!

Cindy said...

Mine is posted on our bee blog:

Hippy Goodwife said...

argh....a smallish contribution from me....

Unknown said...

EFF gets onboard! Look at their post:

Unknown said...

Urban homesteading as an evolutionary process that will leave old paradigms in the dust.

Thanks for doing this!

cherise said...

Started the woodstove, checked the chickens, collected the maple sap and cooking from scratch for dinner. Urban/suburban homesteading in PA today.

Maureen said...

My two cents on the subject...

...from Exeter CA

April Alexander said...

WOW!! The magnitude of these blogs is blowing me away!! GO urban homestead bloggers!!

Shana said...

Thanks for the round-up!
One more:

From British Columbia, Canada.


ccpo said...

Permaculture Pirate!

Judy T said...

We started our Urban Homestead 15 years ago but we moved to a rural/suburban homestead 2 years ago. We are in Iowa City, IA. But we're still pirates with all of you.
Judy at My Freezer is Full

Laura said...

I'm in the process of becoming an urban homesteader with my wife. My blog is more about the food we cultivate and less about the farming aspects.

I blogged my urban homesteader pirate pride at

We're in Los Angeles, less than 5 miles from those who shall not be named.

Nicole @ Some Call It Natural said...

I am not actually a homesteader, but I am all about rights. I do not feel it is right to trademark something like urban homesteading! Here is my blog addy:
I'm in Middle TN.pol

fitsandstarts said...

Well, I wouldn't say the journey is complete, but I'm a (wanna be) Urban Homsteader!

LF said...

Hey there- here's mine

LF said...

Forgot to mention, I'm in Sherman Oaks, CA

Deanna said...

We live in the country (Ada, Oklahoma) but I'm an urban homesteader in spirit and solidarity. :) Here is my blog post on the subject:

Anonymous said...

Atlanta, Georgia here, and some thoughts on the terms there:

Amy Mullen said...

I'm the Fraudulent Farmgirl in Indianapolis, Indiana, and you can check out my urban homestead at

Kitty Sharkey said...

Aaarrrr! We come to take back 'r own!

Anonymous said...

I blogged about this at

I'm giving away a copy of "The Urban Homestead" book by Coyne and Knutzen.

Rialian said...

Sandy said...

I think I qualify: a small city dweller who is a goatherd/gardener/forager/locavore even though the only actual land I own isn't much larger than my pick-up truck. I still grow my own herbs and salad veggies on site, and am branching out into cultivated mushrooms. I volunteer at an agricultural education center to meet my earthy needs. Here's my blogsite:

Rialian said...

===Ah, forgot to put the area down...I am in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. Not an urban homesteader, but have every respect for folks doing it in an urban setting.

Pam said...

Yo~ho~ho! I just posted like a pirate at: in Watsonville, CA.

CountryintheBurbs said...

Great post! I am an Urban Homesteader! Here is my link to my blog -

I live in Glen Burnie, MD.

John Ludi said...

I'm kind of a "Doomsteader" and my place is in the woods, but I stand in full blogging support of the Urban Homesteaders (the non-trademarked ones).

Anonymous said...

Hi Crunchy,
My house is named Petunia; we are in Eureka, California. Our house is sort of "ex-urban homestead" as I have moved my gardening to a sunnier location. Nevertheless, there are still artichokes and strawberries in the raised beds, a shack built from reused victorian old growth lumber that I harvested myself from a railroad house in a nearby town, and a bunch of freaks living there. We heat with wood in the winter and are currently blog-free.

Anonymous said...

and just so my neighbors make the list (they are very busy) (and totally rad) here is a link to their blog:

"Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County (DUHC - pronounced "duck") is a community organizing group located in Humboldt County, CA. We work locally and across the country to help ordinary Americans reclaim our power from corporate rule."

Kate said...

Arg matey!

Carolyn said...

Not an "urban" homestead, but a homestead with urban friends & family. Keep spreading the word!

By blog is:


Adam Robin Kinsey said...

rachelbess said...

Added it to the FB comment just now, but thought I'd add my url here too for good measure, I'm pirating around the urban homestead in central Phoenix...:

Tony R said... out of Reno Nv

Kevin said...

You missed us somehow, but thanks for fighting the good fight! Arrrgah!

Kevin said...

Oops, here is the link. Keel haul those scurvy trade-markers!

southphl said...

I told my friend the International Talk Like a Pirate Day webwench about your post and she replied that you should go for it, because unlike certain other people they have no intention of ever trademarking "like a pirate."

southphl said...

P.S. Here's my blog, created all special for the occasion:

Zoƫ said...

This is wonderful. Thank you for the roundup! Here's my contribution:

Bethany @ Uncle Dutch Farms said...

Today I got started on my new chicken coop! And I also posted a somewhat ranty thing about the Dervaes... lol

Anonymous said...

I live in Canada, and sometimes have a hard time calling myself an urban homesteader (mostly because I feel like I don't do enough), but I'm weighing in as well today.

Nicole said...

Growing my apartment urban homestead! Louisville, KY

windhaven farm said...

I am an urban homesteader...


We're urban moby pirates!!! Rrrrr!

Green Bean said...

Ohhh, lots of good stuff to read. :)

brad said...

Hi Crunchie! I added my comment yesterday but can't find me on the list - maybe because I forgot to put that we're in...

Campbell, California!

Urbane Homesteading and (arrrr!) blogging at

Thank you!

Dmarie said...

wow, I cannot wait to check out those blogs!! I've hit the urban homestead/blogger mother lode here!

working toward the concept myself but not there yet. so much to learn!

Unknown said...

I'm working away at becoming an urban homesteader. I will be using this label. Perhaps I should get an eye patch?

Mat said...

Blogged the hell out of it over at

Ottawa Gardener said...

I blogged on Monday:

Ottawa, Canada

Aimee said...

As I said on the FB page, I was too busy doing homesteady things to post yesterday! =) But I'll try to get something up soon. I hope this works out because I don't want to change my blog name! (the url is different than the name - I changed the name two years ago).
I'm Adventures in Urban Homesteading!

Lee said...

Well, I seem to have missed the "day" as we sort of got sidetracked by an earthquake over here in New Zealand :-(

But today, weather permitting, I'll be cutting up secondhand roofing iron for a set of 18 beehives we're building for our sustainable cities programme. We've built the hives, now we need to roof them and them it will be bees all round the city in Spring!

I'd love you to add me - Leanne at Hazeltree Farm in Wingatui, New Zealand.

JT said...

Seeds in the City
San Diego, CA

Cerumen said...

Decided the time had come to consolidate my homesteading thoughts on a single new site as opposed to randomly on my various blogs...My blog is:

Gina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gina said...

Thanks for the list! I'm making my way through them. Here's the link to my blog post "Dervaes Family Jumps the Shark. My blog is My Skinny Garden. I'm from Chicago, IL.

Anonymous said...

Mine is up, too! I'm in LA, CA:

Party Valley Heights said...

Wow, check out how long that list is. Thanks for starting all of this.


Marie said...

The Harmonic Mama blog post was about my little slice in the sun in Media Pennsylvania. I don't blog, so she thought it would be fun to blog about my garden to honor the Urban Homestead day of action!

Wendy said...

I'm a subURBAN Homesteader on a quarter acare in southern Maine blogging at Surviving the Suburbs.

Of course, it's the same sorts of stuff - bees, "city" chickens, ducks and rabbits, small space gardening, container gardening, permaculture. When it's all boiled down (like maple syrup, which we also do), what's left is that we're all just trying to make our futures just a bit more secure, and the last thing we need to worry about is being sued over our choice of words.

Sharoney said...

This list is fabulous, and a great service to those of us who care about food and where it comes from.

Bookmarked. Thanks!

Autism Mom Rising said...

Hi. Just found you. I'm taking on some suburban homesteading here soon and seeing who else is out there. My blog has mostly focused on Autism but will expand into homesteading into the next year.

KnowledgeCloset said...

mostly time I found blog but I naver gain lots of information but this blog have lots of important information abt this and I got lots of imformation on it . Thanks

Jana said...

I love the blog list you have here. I have spent way too much time checking out the blogs and borrowing cool ideas. I tried to check out the Eureka, CA lobg, Urban Homestead Diaries, but its gone. Have you heard about it going down? I really hope it wasn't over the trademark crap that was happening.

Chris @ Hen Houses said...

There is some great blogs listed there!

jerri said...

Just found your blog, can't wait to get your book. Kudo's to you for all your efforts. Love Homesteaders... great community.

Seb said...

I'm a bit late, but thanks for a great list.