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Friday, September 24, 2010

WindowDry laundry rack winner!

And the winner of the WindowDry Indoor Drying Rack is...

PamG, who stated, "This would sure be a help. I live in a seniors' mobile home park that won't allow clotheslines. (But I sneak and use one sometimes anyway!)"

Go, Pam, you rebel, you!

Please send your mailing info to and I'll have it sent to you. Congrats!

For the rest of you, be not depressed. I will be having a different rack giveaway next week for October's Hang 'Em Dry Challenge. Stay tuned!


Gigi said...

congrats Pat G... I am a little jealous - but heading out to Ikea now so I can join in on the challenge!

Karina said...

Congrats, Pam! I just bought a clothesline for my basement, and a drying rack for my good clothes for this winter.

Sherry said...

Sign me up! I've been doing this for most things already, and I've got clothesline strung all over the basement so I don't include me in the laundry rack drawing. Is it cheating to do a 5-10 minutes "wrinkle release" on some stuff to get rid of the stiffness?

galagwyn said...

My last IKEA drying rack just gave up the ghost last week. :-/ Need to replace it ASAP!

mimi said...

Please pick me. I would love to have it. My 'hood won't allow clothes lines outside.