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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Miss Positively

Well, I've been tagged not once, not twice, but thrice as a Blogger for Positive Global Change so I figured I should probably get around to responding :)

My thanks to Christa from Calendula & Concrete, Crazy Mumma from Towards Sustainability, and Michelle Verges from Conserve Plastic Bags.

So, I'm passing the torch to 5 of the bloggers out there who I think are making a Positive Global Change:

1. Casaubon's Book - Some might find Sharon's approach too extreme, but if we really are looking at a 90% reduction in emissions and peak oil, she's the woman to read.

2. Simple Living - Along with the writer for Casaubon's Book above, Miranda is leading many folks to a 90% reduction in emissions. This "project" is well organized and has a ton of supporters.

3. Green as a Thistle - Vanessa's one-a-day approach to reducing her impact on the environment has an addictive quality to it and (excluding the no car, no fridge) many of her new habits are easily done by the rest of us.

4. Pocket Farm - The brains behind One Local Summer (now in it's second year) and all things local food related.

5. Walk Slowly, Live Wildly - If you don't mind a Christian bent to greening the earth, this blogger has a lot of interesting things to say and has a fairly large readership with which to influence.


GreenChick said...

Thanks! Casaubon's Book is a new one for me. Im an avid reader of thistle and Walk Slowly, Live Wildly. It's sun fun getting to know each of your personalities and I'm starting to feel like I'm a part of a tight-knit eco-family.

GreenChick said...

I would really also like to suggest More Hip Than Hippie to all you blog readers out their. It is a podcast as well as a blog. I discovered it about a year ago and have been hooked ever since. 2 fun eco, chocolate loving gals serve up green information once a week.

Liz said...

Thanks so much, Crunchy!